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Tales of the Divine

This book contains stories about the prime deities of Arbressian. They are shortened and often simplified versions of religious texts and history to be easy to read for the general public. It is illustrated with artistic renderings of some of the events from the stories, though the gods are either pictured without faces or with symbolic imagery.   If people want to read more in depth versions of the same texts they can be found in other separate books about the respective deities and are mostly available in the temples to the gods in question. Books that go more in depth about the evil gods are not available to civilians but are kept safe in some archives.


When schools and books became more accessible for a larger part of the population and teaching was no longer focused on a specific thing and instead covered a variety of subjects, a few acolytes of Ioun thought that it would be a good idea to have a more condensed version of the religious texts of all prime deities. That way more people would be able to learn about the history of the gods and the creation of the world.

Document Structure


The tales are divided first in chronological order and then according to what gods they are most focused on.

Publication Status

Accessible to all.

Historical Details

Public Reaction

Most children are bored by it when they are forced to read it in school, but it does catch the interest of some of them and send them on the path of a life serving at least one of the gods. Others treat it more like fairytales rather than something that actually occurred even though they have the classification of being a retelling of historical events. Some like it just because of the illustrations.
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