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Medieval Job Glossary


  Abbess (Mother Superior)—Head of convent   Abbot—Head of a monastic house   Abbot Primate (Abbot-General)—Head of a monastic order   Able Seaman—Sailor on a merchant ship   Academic—Scholar at university   Accoucheur—Professional obstetrician medical doctor   Accountant (Accomptant, Actuary, Administrator, Bookkeeper, Comptroller)—Handles business accounts   Accouterments Maker—Makes military accessories   Acolyte—Highest rank in minor order clerics or young person in a religious order or a witch in training   Acrobat (Tumbler)—An entertainer   Actor (Mummer, Player, Thespian)—Theatrical performer whom acted in mystery plays,   Administrator/Rix—Directs affairs of others   Admiral—Commands a fleet of ships   Advowee—Nobleman who has the right to grant parish to a cleric   Agister—Oversees forest’s pigs and cattle with four agisters per woods; administers pasture land for others   Alabasterer—Alabaster carver   Alchemist—Medieval chemist   Alchemist’s Assistant (Lungs, Neophyte)—Duty is to fan the fire   Alderman (Ealdorman)—Head of a shire guild or town ward   Alderman’s Assistant (Scabin)—Alderman’s assistant rural   Ale Seller (Ale Draper)—Ale merchant   Ale Taster (Ale Founder, Ale Conner)—Official who inspects ale and beer   Ale Tunner—Fills ale casks tuns   Ale-House Keeper—Owns a tavern pub or inn   Ale-Wife—Woman keeps an alehouse or tavern   Alien (Foreigner, Outsider, Stranger)—   Almoner—Distributes alms or charity to the poor   Alnager—Inspector of woolen goods stamps them with town seal town official   Amanuensis—Scribe who does dictation   Amber & Jet Cutter—Cuts and polishes amber and jet for jewellery   Amber Cutter—Cuts ambergris for perfumer   Ambler—Breaks in horses   Anchorhold—Cleric walled into a church for life   Anchorite/Ress—Solitary religious person   Anchorsmith—Makes anchors for boats and ships   Angle Iron Smith—Makes angle iron   Anilepman—Sub-tenant on a smallholding   Animal Controller (Pinder)—Officer who impounds stray dogs, cattle, etc,   Animal Trainer—Aka animal handler animal master   Ankle Beater (Junior Drover)—Young person who helps drive cattle to market   Annato Maker—Manufactures dyes for paint or printing   Anvil smith—Anvilmaker   Apostle—One of Jesus’ twelve original followers   Apothecary (Herbalist, Pharmacist, Simpler, Simples Gardener)— produces and sells medicine   Apparitor—Court usher who serves summons and execute orders or mace bearer or beadle of a university   Appraiser—Estimates value of land   Apprentice (Prentis, Tyroe)—Young person learning a trade to become a journeyman   Apprentice Mage (Famulus, Neophyte)—   Aquafortist—Etches or engraves with aqua-fortis nitric acid   Aquavita Seller—Sells unrectified alcohol brandy, etc,   Arch-Baron—Baron of two or more baronies   Arch-Deacon—Assists priest may be married a priest in minor orders   Arch-Priest—In the Eastern rite, not the Roman rite   Archbishop—Bishop over two or more bishoprics   Archbishop Ad Personam—   Archbishop Metropolitan—Archbishop with his see in a city   Archdeacon—Oversees church properties for bishop   Archduke Palatine—Sovereign archduke   Archduke/Archduchess—Noble usually of royal class   Archer (Balister, Bowman, Foot Archer, Infantry Archer, Longbowman, Rover, Shooter)—   Archers Of The King’s Body Guard—Answers to the captain of the Yeoman of the Guard   Archil Maker—Makes violet dye from lichen   Archimage (Archimagus, Magister)—Powerful senior mage of exalted stature   Architect—A designs buildings bridges etc, usually a mason   Arkwright—Makes wooden chests, coffers or arks   Armiger—Entitled to bear heraldic arms being armigerous   Armorer (Armorsmith)—Builds metal armor   Army Deserter (Bummer)—   Artillerist—Military ranged specialist   Artist (Artist, Dauber, Delineator, Fresco Painter, Illuminator, Limner, Lluminater, Lymner, Muralist, Painter, Stainer, Steiner, Steyner, Teinter, Tinter)—   Ashman (Dustman)—   Assassin (Slayer)—Professional murderer   Assayer—Assesses metal content in ore   Assessor (Affeeror)—Assesses monetary penalty and collects taxes and dues   Assistant Churchwarden (Sidesman)—Assisted the churchwarden   Assistant Glassmaker (Mold Boy)—   Assistant Groom (Horse Knave)—   Assistant Huntsman—Answers to the huntsman   Assistant Lacemaker (Lace-Drawer)—Child assistant in lace work   Astrologer (Claker, Weather Spy)—Creates horoscopes   Astronomer—Studies the heavens   Attorney (Advocate, Barrister, Grimbribber, Lawyer, Master Of The Law, Pleader, Proctor, Procurator,Solicitor)— Trained in the inns of court   Auctioneer (Canting Caller, Outcrier)—Dealer of goods at auction   Auditor Of The Imprests—Officer in the exchequer   Auditor Of The Receipt Of The Exchequer—Works for the treasurer   Auger Maker—Makes carpenter’s augers   Augustinian Monk (Black Canon)—Priest in the Augustinian order   Augustinians Friars—Friars in the Augustinian order   Avowry—Lord of the manor   Axe-Maker (Billier)—   Axle Tree Maker (Axle Tree Turner)—Makes axles for coaches and wagons


  Bachelor Knight—Landless knight who fights under his lord’s banner   Badgy Fiddler—Military boy trumpeter   Bagger—?   Bagniokeeper—Operator of a bathhouse or brothel   Bailer—Bails hay and wool   Bailiff (Bailie, Foreman, Gaffman, Grieve, Reeve)—Manorial or town official kept borough courts similar to a steward;   Churchwarden; or administrator   Bailiff Of The Hundred—Answers to the sheriff   Baker (Backmann, Backster, Baxter, Beck, Becker, Furner, Pistor)—Makes bread and other baked goods   Balance Maker—?   Ballard Master (Ballast Heaver)—Loads ballast into empty ship holds   Baller (Baller Up)—Assisted the potter by measuring out the balls of clay   Bandit (Boothaler, Brigand, Highwayman, Marauder, Plunderer)—Thief who preys on travelers   Bandster—Binds wheat sheaves after harvest   Bang Beggar—Parish officer who drives off unwanted strangers   Bannerette Knight—Knight who rides under his own banner   Barber (Hairdresser, Poller, Powler, Shearer, Tooth Drawer, Tooth Puller)—Cuts hair and gives shaves   Barber-Surgeon—Combination of barber and surgeon cuts hair pulls teeth performs minor surgery   Bard (Minstrel, Poet, Writer)—Type of druid in pagan times or an honored literary figure   Bargeman (Barge Mate, Bargee, Hoy Barge Crewman, Keeler, Keelman, Raft)—Works on or owns a barge boat or dredge   Barkeeper—Toll keeper or tavern keeper   Barker—He advertises at show’s entrance or makes public announcements   Barmaid—Female tavern worker   Baron/Baroness—Minor noble   Baronet/Baronetess—Non-hereditary noble above knight but below baron   Barons Of The Cinque Court—   Barton—Runs a monastic farm or grange   Basin-Beater—Metal basin maker with relief decoration   Basketweaver (Ripper, Rippier, Trug Maker, Trugger, Willow Plaiter)—Makes baskets and truggers   Bast Dresser—Dressing fibre or matting   Bath Attendant (Bather)—Attendant bather or bath owner   Batter Out—Sliced a short cylinders of clay a bat from a "pug" and threw it onto a mold shaped for the face of a ceramic plate   Battledore Maker—Battledore maker   Bawd—Woman in charge of brothel   Bayweaver (Baizeweaver)—Weaves bay textiles   Bead Piercer—Drills holes in beads   Beadle—Church ushers who preserve order at sermons     Bear-Ward—Owns a performing bear   Beater—Cleanses and thickens cloth by treading it with fullers earth   Beauti—Saint responsible for two miracles after death   Bedwevere—Made webbing for beds quilter   Beekeeper (Apiarian, Apiarist)—Keeps bees   Beer Brewer—Beer maker   Beer Seller—Beer merchant   Beeskepmaker (Skelper, Skepper, Skepperne)—Makes and sells beehives & beeswax products   Beggar (Badger, Bairman, Bareman, Cadger, Harlot, Licensed Pauper, Pauper, Rogue, Vagabond)—Lives by generosity and alms of others   Beghard/Beguine—Member of certain lay brotherhoods and sisterhoods   Bell Hanger—Installs bells in churches   Bell Toller (Knoller)—Tolls bells   Bell-founder (Belter, Billiter, Campaner)—Makes large church bells   Bellmaker—Makes small bells   Bellows Maker—Makes bellows   Beltmaker (Belter)—Makes belts   Benedictine Monk—Monk in the benedictine order   Berserker (Bare Sark)—Warrior who fights in a state of brutal rage   Besswarden—Parish official who oversees animals   Beverage Maker (Bever)—   Bill Man—Pole arm infantry   Bill Poster (Billboarder)—Posts notices signs and advertisements   Binder—Binds books hats, etc   Bird Boy—Scares away birds from crops   Bird Catcher—Catches and sells birds   Bishop—Diocesan bishop and head of a see   Blacksmith (Ambiht-Smith, Forge Worker, Forger, Hammerer, Hammerman, Smiddy, Smith, Vulcan)— works iron and steel   Blacksmiths Assistant (Striker)—   Blade Grinder (Grinder)—Knife sharpener   Bladesmith—Makes sword or knife blades   Bleacher (Quister, Whitener, Whitester, Whitster)—Bleaches cloth or paper   Block Engraver—Engraves blocks used for printing   Blockcutter (Blocker)—Makes wooden blocks used in the hat trade   Bloodletter—Bleeds patients for supposed benefits   Board-Hewer—Produces joists and beams   Boatman (Bargeman, Ferryman)—Crewed boats and barges or hires out boats   Boatswain (Bosun)—Ship's officer in charge of riggings and sails   Boatwright—Boat builder   Bodicemaker (Bodeys, Body Maker)—Makes bodices for women’s garments   Bodyguard—Guards client from harm   Bondager—Cotter bound to render certain services to a farmer   Bone Button Turner—Turned bone on lathe for buttons   Bone carver (Schrimpschonger)—Carves in bone ivory or wood makes knife handles and scrimshaw   Bone Lace Maker—Makes pillow lace   Book Gilder—Decorates books with gold leaf   Bookbinder—Bookbinder   Bookseller (Stationer)—Book merchant also sells paper and writing implements   Boot Catcher—Servant at inn who pulls off traveler's boots   Boot Polisher—   Borreler—Makes borrel textile   Bottom Maker—Molded the bottoms for saggers for pottery   Bouncer—Doorman at an inn or tavern   Bounty Hunter—Professional man hunter   Bowdler—Expurgitates iron ore   Bowler—Makes bowls dishes and the rounded part of spoons before casting   Bowlminder—Oversees wool washing vats   Bowyer (Artillator, Bowyer/Fletcher, Longbow Maker)—Makes bows and archery equipment   Bracermaker (Braeler)—   Brazier (Brownsmith, Latoner, Lattener)—Worker in brass and latten   Brewer/Ster (Malster)—Beer maker   Brick Baker (Brickendon, Bricker)—Brick maker   Bricklayer—Brick mason   Bridger—Bridge dweller   Broker (Curretter)—Various types of merchant and agents   Bronze Sculptor—Bronze sculptor   Bronzefounder—Smelts bronze   Bronzesmith (Brownsmith)—Bronzesmith   Broom-Maker (Besom Maker, Broom Squire, Broom-Dasher)—   Brothel Keeper (Baud, Stewholder, Stewsman)—   Brother—A monk in a monastic house who has not been ordained   Brotherhood of the Bridge (Bridge Brother)—Built bridges in France   Brushbinder—Makes brushes   Buckle Tongue Maker—Makes tongues and points for buckles   Buckle-smith (Buckler)—Makes buckles   Buckler Maker (Bokeler)—Makes buckler shields   Buckram Maker—Makes buckram textiles   Bullion Dealer—Bullion merchant   Bum-Bailies—Officer who arrests debtors   Bumboat Man—Meets ships at anchor with goods for passengers and crew to purchase   Burgess—Holds land or a house within a borough represented a borough at official levels   Burglar—Thief who breaks into houses to rob   Burgomaster—Magistrate or one employed in city government   Burl Clothmaker (Burelier)—Makes burl textiles   Burneman—Carries barm or water for brewers   Busker—Street performer   Butcher (Carnifax, Fleshmonger, Shambler, Slaughterer, Slaughterman)—   Butler (Bottler)—Oversees household buttery   Button Burnisher—Button polisher   Button Maker (Butner)—   Buyer Of The Great Wardrobe (Purveyor Of The Great Wardrobe)—  


  Cabin Boy—Attends to the ship captain   Cabinetmaker—Makes cabinets   Caddie—Does odd jobs errand boy messenger, etc,   Cadger—Carries frame for birds of prey on a hunt   Cain Weaver (Caner)—Makes cain furniture   Calciner—Burns bones to make powdered lime   Calculator—Exchequer official who answers to the comptroller   Calligrapher—Writes in decorative fonts   Camp Cook—Military cook   Camp Follower—Follows an army   Canal Bank Ranger (Towpath Warden)—Polices locks barges canals and licenses   Canal Boat Worker (Canaller)—   Canal Lock Maker (Pumpmaker)—   Candle Maker (Candler, Chandler)—Wax candle-maker or inspects eggs with a candle   Candle Taper Weaver—Candle wick maker   Cannon smith—Cannon maker   Cannoneer—Artillerist who fires cannons   Canon Lawyer (Advocate, Decretalist, Ecclesiastical Lawyer)—Cleric with legal degree   Cantor—Beggar who employs a cant to draw attention or church choir leader   Canvas Weaver (Canvaseer)—   Capillaire Maker—Makes capillaire syrup   Capital Pledge Presenter (Compurgator)—Personal guarantors in leet court   Capmaker (Capper)—   Captain Of The Castle—Commands a town or castle answers to the privy council   Captain Of The Yeoman of the Guard—Officer who commands the Yeoman of the Guard   Caravaner—Outfits and runs caravans   Carder—Combs out wool   Cardinal—Belong to college of cardinals vote for new pope   Cardinal Bishops—Bishop in the college of cardinals   Cardinal Deacons—Deacon who belongs to the college of cardinals   Cardinal Priests—Priest who belongs to the college of cardinals   Carman—Boatmen who steal wine and replace it with water from the vessels they have charge of,   Carmelites Friar—Friar in the Carmelite order   Carpenter (Ambiht-Smith, Boardwright, Cafender, Chip, Chippie, Foister, Foisterer, Framer, Housewright, Joiner, Joyner)—A carpenter who uses nails   Cart Wheeler—Makes cart wheels   Carter (Carman, Carrier, Cart Driver, Cartier, Charman, Coach Driver, Coachman, Donkey Boy, Donkey Man, Drayman, Dragsman, Muleskinner, Muleteer, Subtler, Teamer, Teamer Man, Teamster, Teemer, Wagoner)—Drives a cart or vehicle to transport goods or a carriage for passengers; or officer in the stable answers to master of horses   Carthusian Monk—Monk in the Carthusian Order   Cartographer—Mapmaker   Cartwright—Makes carts & wagons   Caster—Makes small bottles for sprinkling salt, pepper, sugar, etc   Castle Guard—Soldier hired to guard castle   Catchpole (Catchpolla, Chicken Catcher)—One who finds and brings in debtors is a sheriff or bailiff’s assistant   Caterer (Aceter)—Especially on ships   Cattle Attendant (Bullocky)—Attends to cattle's’ daily needs   Cattle Merchant (Cattle Jobber)—   Cattle Rustler (Abactor, Cattle Thief)—Steals livestock especially cattle   Caulker—Caulks cracks or seams in ships or windows   Ceiler—Installs wooden floors and ceilings   Cellarman (Cellarer)—Manages stocks of beer wines and spirits in a household or tavern   Census Collector (Enumerator)—   Chainsmith—Chain maker   Chaloner—Chalon cloth textile maker   Chamberlain (Camerarius)—Oversees a household office or court; cleric who is pope’s main assistant; or a private bedchamber attendant   Chamberlain Of The Lower Exchequer Of Receipt—Exchequer official   Chambermaid (Bower-maiden, Burmaiden, Lady-In-Waiting, Tire-woman)—Female house servant dresses others a lady's-maid   Chancellor—Household secretary or notary or head of a university   Chancery Clerk—Secretary   Chandler—Candle seller grocer provisioner associated with provisioning ships   Chantry Priest (Beadman, Bedeman)—Priest paid to pray for the dead   Chanty Man—Chanty-leading singing sailor   Chape Maker—Makes chapes and metal fittings for sheaths   Chaplain—Cleric in chapel court college military who keeps relics; or a priest in a militant monastic religious order   Charcoal Burner (Charbonnnier, Collier)—Burns charcoal for smelting burns charcoal for smelting fuel   Charlatan (Bunko Artist, Con Artist, Con Man, Confidence Man, Hustler, Mountebank, Quack, Racketeer, Raconteur, Snake-Oil-Salesman, Straw Man)—Dishonest peddler   Chartularius—Officer who writes charters to free serfs   Chaser—Makes low-relief metal decoration from the backside of the surface   Cheese Monger (Cheese Factor)—Cheese merchant   Cheeseman (Whey Cutter)—Cheese maker   Chicken Butcher—Butchers chickens   Chief Baron of the Exchequer Of Pleas—Exchequer officer   Chief Butler—Oversees butlers   Chief Constable—Head of a hundred, enforces curfew   Chief Cook—Oversees kitchen/larder   Chief Justicier Of The Bench Of Common Pleas—Judge for Court of Common Pleas   Chief Justicier Of The Court of the Exchequer—Judge for the Court of the Exchequer   Chief Justicier Of The King’s Bench—Judge for the court of the king’s bench   Chief Keeper Of The Forests—Oversees all the king’s royal forests   Chief Mate—Assists ships captain or skipper   Chief Pantler—Oversees great hall’s pantry   Chief Pledges—Assisted law enforcement, later developed into the parish constable   Chimneysweep—Cleans chimneys   Chinglor—Roof tiler who uses wooden shingles   Chippers Laborer (Chip, Chippy)—Assistant to a shipwright or ships carpenter   Choir Singer (Chorister)—   Church Father—Saint or apostle who helped found the church   Churl—Poor freed farmer with no land   Circus Performer—Entertainer   Cistercian Monk—Monk in the Cistercian order   City Guard—Patrols and protects town or city   City Surveyor (Liner)—Officer who surveys city boundaries   City Warden—Official who oversees a city ward   Civil List Advisor—Assists the intendant of the civil list   Clairvoyant—Entertainer   Clan Chief—Chief of a clan and all its septs   Clansman/Woman—People born into an extended clan   Clay Slapper (Slaper)—Prepares clay potters   Clayman (Cleyman)—Waterproofs brick buildings with clay and sources clay for bricks   Cleaning Professional (Charwoman, Fower)—Professional house or street cleaner   Cleric (Clark, Clericus, Clerk, Graffer, Notary, Noterer, Reever, Scribe, Scrivener, Secretary)—Priest or monk those in minor orders or a student, Covers a wide range of church educated people and administrators,   Clerk Of The Drawbridge Of The Bridge Trust—London bridge official   Clerk Of The Lower Exchequer Of The Receipt—Exchequer official   Clerk Of The Pells—Officer in the exchequer   Clerk Of The Pipe (Ingrosser)—Officer in the exchequer   Clerk Of The Stables—Answers to the master of horses   Clerk Of The Wardrobe—Oversees transporting the king’s wardrobe place-to-place   Clerk Of Works Of The Bridge Trust—London bridge official   Clipper—Shaves down coins for profit   Clockmaker (Horologist)—Clockwork maker   Cloth Dubber (Dubbere)—Raises the nap of cloth   Cloth Linter (Cloth Picker)—Removes unwanted threads and lint from finished textiles   Cloth Shoemaker (Below Cobbler)—Makes cloth shoes   Clothesman (Clothman, Draper)—Traveling clothes salesman   Clothier—Clothing merchant   Clothiers In Silk & Velvet—Silk clothing merchant   Clothing Mender (Renovator)—   Clothworkers—Textile workers   Cluniac Monk—Monk in the Cluniac order   Co-Emperor—Undivided ruler of multiple sovereign nations   Co-King—Royal with half-sovereignty in a kingdom   Coachman—Coach driver   Coadjutor Archbishop—Assistant archbishop   Coadjutor Bishop—Assistance bishop   Coarse Salt Maker (Waller)—   Coastal-Pilot—Pilot who conducts vessels along coast     Cobbler (Clower, Cordiner, Cordwainer, Corviner, Corviser, Laster, Shoemaker, Shoesmith)—Shoemaker   Cobleman—Fisherman who uses a flat-bottomed boat   Cod Placer—Loads kilns for potters   Cofferer—Chancery official who oversees king’s money and plate or a craftsmen who made chests   Cofferer Of The Wardrobe—Wardrobe official   Coffin Maker—Builds coffins and caskets   Coinsmith (Coin Stamper, Coin-Maker, Coiner, Die Smith, Mint-Master, Minter, Moneyer)—   Collar Maker—Makes shirt collars or makes horse collars   Collier—Coal miner coal merchant or worker on coal barges   Color Man (Colourator)—Made and sold dyes or a house painter’s assistant   Colpoerteur—Religious books merchant   Combmaker—Makes wool combs or hair combs   Commandant Of The Royal Palace—Assists the intendant of the civil list   Commander Of The Realm—Command a large region of a military monastic order   Commissioner—Official answerable to the privy council   Commissioner Of The Peace—Oversees policing answerable to the privy council   Commissioner Of The Sewers—Oversees sewers answerable to the privy council   Commoner—Social class below imperial royal noble and gentry or a university student who pays his own meal ticket   Compass Smith—Makes compasses   Comptroller General Of The Exchequer—Officer in the exchequer   Comptroller Of The Bridge Trust—London bridge official   Coney Catcher—Rabbit hunter   Confectioner (Flauner)—Candy maker   Confessional Saint (Exemplar)—Sainted for their pious lives   Confessor—Priest authorized to hear confessions or saint who survived his martyrdom and died of natural causes   Conner (Conder)—Oversees the steersman; oversees fish resources for inshore fishermen; or a general inspector or tester   Constable (Beagle, Castellan, Lagreatman, Law-Rightman, Tipstaff)—Local constable who polices a city ward; official of the stable or oversees the lord’s dogs and hawks; or empowered to oversee a royal property   Contortionist—Entertainer   Controller Of The Wardrobe—Answers to keeper of the wardrobe   Cook (Kitchener, Master Cook, Trencherman)—Oversees the kitchen and larder and prepares food   Cooper (Backmaker, Barrelmaker, Cask Maker, Couper, Cuper, Drycooper, Tubber, Tupper, Wood Breaker)—Makes backs vats casks tubs buckets and barrels   Coper—Dishonest horse dealer   Coppersmith (Brass Worker, Brightsmith, Brownsmith, Copper Beater, Coppersmith, Greensmith, Copperbeater, Latten Worker, Redsmith)— works with copper brass and latten   Copyist (Clerk, Notary, Scribe, Scrivener)—Copies documents writes up legal documents   Coracle Maker—Makes coracles small round fishing boats   Cordwainer (Corvesar)—Cobbler who makes shoes from fine cordovan leather   Cork Sock Maker—Made insoles to keep feet dry and comfortable   Corn Miller (Badger, Melder)—   Coroner (Crowner)—Makes sure the king’s assessments are paid reports cause of death   Coroner’s Clerk—Coroner’s assistant   Corporal (Lance Corporal)—Military officer who leads a small squad of five to ten soldiers   Corrodians—Pensioners who live in monasteries for their retirement   Corset Maker (Corsetier, Stay Maker)—Makes corsets stays and undergarments   Corviser—Makes fine leather   Costermonger/Wife (Fruit Seller, Fruiterer, Fruitestere, Green Grocer)—Fresh fruit sellers   Cottager (Catagman)—Peasant who leases his cottage but owns little or no land   Cotton Tape Weaver—   Cotton Weaver (Cotton Webster)—Cotton weaver   Council Of The Order—Governing council in a militant monastic religious order   Councilor—Town or city official or an advisor of the court   Count Palatine—Sovereign count   Count/Countess—Nobleman whose rank corresponds to that of a British earl   Courier (Estafette, Messenger, Sandesman)—Ambassador; a mounted courier; special courier for speedy delivery   Court Astrologer—Diviner who makes horoscopes for his lord   Court Jester—Fool who entertains at court   Court Musician—Musician who entertains at court   Court Sorcerer—Official who advises lord on magical matters and provides magic assistance   Courtier/Courtesan—Minor official or hanger-on at royal court   Coven Mistress—Pagan sorceress who heads a coven of twelve witches   Cow Leech—Cattle veterinarian   Cow-Keeper (Neatherd)—City person who keeps one or more cows in his back yard; or one who cares for cattle   Cowherd (Cattle Driver, Coward Drover, Grazier)—   Craftsman (Faber, Fabricator)—Skilled workman for different crafts; or a type of craftsman who produces equipment in a military monastic order   Cratch Maker—Makes cratches mangers cribs or hay frames   Criminal—Breaks the law   Crimper—Member of navy press gang   Crockery Merchant (Bowlman/woman)—   Crofter—Tenant on a small piece of land   Cropper—Tenant sharecropper   Crossbow Maker (Atiliator)—   Crossbowman (Alblastere, Arbalestier, Balistarius, Balister)—Soldier who fires an arbalest or crossbow   Crown Equarry (Marshal)—Administers the king’s stables   Crown Prince—Prince with kingdom’s inheritance right   Crozier Bearer—Bears the cross before the archbishop in church or during travels   Crusader—One who travels to the holy land to claim it for Christians   Culdee—"servant of god " Irish/Scottish preservers of old Gaelic customs   Cunning Man (Hedge Wizard, Warlock)—Village mage who practices folk magic   Cup-Bearer (Birele)—Servant who fills and serves wine   Curate—Priest in charge of a church   Curer—Cures ham fish, etc,   Custodian Of The Coast—Answers to the privy council   Customs Officer (Boarding Clerk, Boarding Officer, Coast Waiter, Custom-House Officer, Customer, Customs Agent, Gauger, Jerquer, Landwaiter, Searcher, Surveyor, Tidesman, Tidewaiter, Townswaiter, Waterguard, Weigher)— Customs officer who oversees the offloading goods on the coast; collects taxes on imports and exports; searches ships; calculates custom duties; searches ships baggage, goods, etc for contraband, fights smuggling, weighs cargo   Cutpurse—Thief who cuts money purses off    


  Dairy Seller—Milk and cheese merchant   Dairyman/Dairymaid (Dey Wife)—Works at or owns a dairy farm or sells dairy products such as butter or cottage cheese   Damster—Builds dams for logging   Dance Master—Dance instructor   Dancer (Hoofer, Mummer)—   Deacon—Assists the priest is likely a priest in training   Deacon (Perpetual)—Lower order priest who never enters the priesthood but remains in the church,   Dean—Head of the chapter of a cathedral or a collegiate church or bishop’s personal representative; or the titular head of a college   Dean Of College Of Cardinals—In charge of the college of cardinals   Defense Attorney (Narrator, Pleader)—   Definitor—Deaneries are divided into definitoines and the definitor is the priest over that subdivision   Demonologist (Diabolist)—Expert who summons or banishes demons   Dentist—Tooth care specialist pulls teeth treat abscesses, etc,   Depater—Refines precious metal   Deputy Chamberlain Of The Lower Exchequer Of Receipt—   Deputy Clergyman—Vicar   Deputy Justicier—Answers to the justiciar   Deputy Justicier Of The Bench Of Common Pleas—   Deputy Justicier Of The King’s Bench—   Deputy King—Assistant king perhaps the heir to senior king   Deputy Master Of The Great Wardrobe—   Diamond-Cutter (Diamantaire)—   Diploma—One who has earned a diploma   Diplomat (Ambassador)—Negotiator   Dish Turner—Makes wooden dishes and bowls   Disher—Potter who makes dishes   Dispenser—Household officer who answers to the butler   Distiller—Distills hard liquor   Distiller (Rectifier)—Alcohol distiller   Distributer—Parish official attached to the workhouse/poorhouse who looks after the secular needs of the poor   Ditch Warden (Scavelman)—Keeps waterways and ditches clear   Ditchdigger (Banker, Delver, Dikeman, Ditcher, Dykeman, Trench-Digger, Trencher-Man)—   Divine Emperor—Rules multiple nations by divine right   Dock Master—Oversees a dockyard   Doctor—One who earned a doctorate at university   Doctor Of Law—Has taken a university doctorate in law and juris prudence   Doctor Of Medicine—Has taken a university doctorate in humoral medicine   Doctor Of Philosophy—Has taken a university doctorate in philosophy or science   Doctor Of The Church—Saints who made major contributions to the faith’s theology/liturgy   Doctor Of Theology—Has taken a university doctorate in theology   Dog Leech—Dog veterinarian   Dog Trainer—Trains dogs   Dog-Whipper—Official who drives stray dogs away from village   Domestic Steward—Answers to lord steward of the household head of privy council   Dominican Friar—Friar in Dominican Order   Don—Tutor authority over university undergrads   Dowser (   Water Witcher)—Detects water underground   Dragman—Fisherman who uses a net   Drainer—Makes drains   Draper—Clothier; or sailcloth maker   Dream Interpreter (Oinimancer, Redar)—Interprets dreams   Dredgerman—Locates and sells goods fallen off ships   Dresser—One who dresses another person; one who dresses food for presentation   Dressmaker (Mantuamaker, Sheptster)—Makes dresses   Dressmaker’s Assistant (Pinner Up)—   Drift Maker—Makes drift nets for fishing   Droppings Collector (Pure Gatherer, Pure Finder)—Collected dog droppings for leather tanning   Drover—Drives sheep or cattle to market   Drummer—Plays drums usually in military context   Dry Martyr—One who died for his faith but didn't bleed   Dry Salter—Dealer in pickles dried meats and sauces   Dry Stone Waller (Drywaller)—Assembles drystone walls   Dubbere (Cloth Dubber)—Raises the nap on cloth   Duke (Royal)—Monarch’s younger brother   Duke Palatine—Sovereign duke   Duke/Duchess—Often drawn from royal family high-level nobles     Dung Carter—Carts dung     Dustman—Removes domestic refuse   Dwarf—Someone born unusually short often becomes a licensed fool   Dyer (Archil Maker, Color Man, Lister, Tinctor)—Dyes cloth    


  Earl Constable—Military officer in charge of cavalry   Earl Marshal (Seneschal)—Military officer appointed by sovereign over kingdom’s military   Earl/Countess—Highest non-royal noble below duke and above baron   Earth Stopper—Plugs up animal holes   Ebonite Turner—Works ebonite or vulcanite making combs ornaments or jewelry   Ecclesiastical Porter—Third highest rank in minor order clerics   Eel Trapper (Sniggler)—   Egg Dealer (Egg Factor, Eggler)—   Elector—Sovereign ruler with voting rights to choose next emperor   Embalmer (Streaker)—Prepares bodies for burial   Embellishment Mason—Also called a sculptor or carver carves the delicate tracery and statuary   Embezzler—Bookkeeping thief   Embosser—Embosses carves molds or raises designs   Embroiderer (Broderer, Broiderer, Brotherer, Browderer)—Decorates fabric with stitched designs   Emperor (King-Emperor)—Rules multiple sovereign nations   Enameler (Ginour, Mailer)—Enamels goods   Engraver (Etcher)—Etches decorations into materials   Eparch/Exarch—Type of eastern orthodox priest   Epiciere—Carry spices to the table   Episcopal Vicar—Chosen by bishop to handle an activity or area of the see   Escapologist—Entertainer   Escheator—Oversees and collects royal escheats   Estate Steward—Oversees estates non-household holdings such as lands resources, etc,   Ewerer—Officer in charge of lord’s bath   Exchequer—Officer who oversees the king's revenue   Exchequer Court Barrister (Tubman)—   Exchequer Of The Jews—Exchequer officer in charge of jews   Exciseman—Excise tax collector   Excitedor—Awakens monastics for devotionals   Excitedor (Waker)—Wake people for morning work   Executioner (Deathsman, Hangman, Headsman)—State-sanctioned executioner   Exorcist—Lower rank minor order cleric   Eye Doctor (Oculist, Ophthalmologist)—    


    Fabricshearer—Trims the nap and makes pleats   Factor—Person authorized to do business for another   Fagot—Hired to fill a vacancy in a military company on a muster day   Falconer (Accipitary, Fawkner, Hawker)—Breeds trains and hunts with hawks   Falconet—Artillerest who fires falcons light cannons   Fancy Pearl Worker—Mother-of-pearl worker   Fanwright—Makes fans   Farmer (Animal Husbandman, Colonus, Husbandman, Planter, Seedsman, Tiller, Tillerman)—Agricultural worker   Farrier (Farrowsmith, Ferrour, Horseleech, Shoesmith)—Shoes horses and provides veterinary services   Fat Dealer (Dripping Man)—Collects and sells fat dripping off cooked meat   Faucet Maker (Fossetmaker)—Makes faucets for ale-casks, etc   Faux Marbler—Applies marbling to paper or creates imitation marble by painting on veins   Faux Pilgrim (Victoriouser)—Pilgrim who pretends to have been to the holy land   Fear Nothing Maker—Fearnought aka dreadnought weaver   Featherman/Wife (Feather Beater, Feather Dresser, Feather Driver,)—Cleans and sells feathers   Felt Hat Maker (Beaver, Planter)—   Felt Maker (Felter, Fewtrer)—   Femme Sole—Woman in business for herself in her own right   Fence—Trades in stolen goods   Fencer—Practices and teaches the art of defense both armed and unarmed   Fencing Ancient Master—Fencer with highest honors   Fencing Free Scholar—Graduate fencing student   Fencing Master—Fencer with great experience teaches fencing   Fencing Master-At-Arms—Collects & invents fencing techniques writes and illustrates fighting manuals; manages military personal on large estate   Fencing Novice—Novice fencer   Fencing Provost—Fencing teacher   Fencing Scholar—Advanced fencing student   Fencing Traveling Master—Freelance itinerant fencing educator   Ferreter—Makes and sells ferret tape/silk tape   Ferryman—Operates a ferry   Fiddler—Plays any bowed and stringed instruments; or removes flashing from cast clay forms   Field Marshal—Regional military commander   File Cutter—Cuts and sharpens files   Fine Linen Weaver (Cambric Maker)—   Fine Tailor (Fine Drawer)—Tailor who does invisible mending to restore cloth   Fire-eater—Entertainer   Firewood Dealer (Fagetter)—Made up faggots into bundles sells firewood   Fish & Seafood Merchant (Bummaree)—   Fishdryver—Sells dried fish   Fisherman (Fisher, Kedger, Peterman)—Catches fish be it in freshwater ice or saltwater   Fishmonger/Wife (Chowder, Fish Fag, Fishdryver, Jouster, Pessoner, Ripper, Rippier)—Fish merchant   Fishtrap Keeper (Garter, Garthman)—Maintains a garth fish trap   Flasher—Specialist glass worker   Flatman (Floatman)—Works on flat-bottomed boat used for transport   Flatulist—Farts as entertainment   Flax Beater (Scutcher, Swingler)—Beats flax to soften the straw and remove woody parts   Flax Dresser—Prepares flax prior to spinning   Flax Spinner—   Flax Weaver (Hemp Heckler)—   Fletcher (Arrow Tipper, Arrowsmith, Tipper)—Makes and fletches arrows   Flint Knapper—Dresses and shapes flints into stone tools   Florist—Grows and sells flowers   Flour Dealer (Mealman)—Dealer in meal or flour   Flower Woman/Girl—Flower street vender   Flusherman—Cleans out water mains   Focarius—Child you tended the great hall’s fire   Food Taster (Taster)—Checks food for poison   Foot Maiden—Female servant   Foot Messenger (Cokini, Courier, Footman, Foot-Post, Letter Carrier, Messenger, Post Person, Trotman, Trotter)—Messenger who delivers messages on foot or the mail   Foot Sergeant—Armed as a knight, or more lightly, for fighting on foot,   Footpad—Ambush thief who robs pedestrians   Forest Keeper—Royal forest official   Forest Ranger (Forester, Foster, Game Warden, Woodsman)—Not part of the royal forest administration   Forest Regarder—Forestry official twelve total   Forest Warden (Forest Keeper)—Forest official overseeing two or more forests   Forestaller—Buys goods outside business hours to sell at a profit illegal   Forger—Counterfeits documents   Fortune Teller (Cartomancer, Scryer)—Entertainer   Foundryman (Founder)—   Fowler (Fogler, Fugler, Vageler, Vogelaar,   Vogeler, Vogler, Vowler)—Keeps or catches birds wildfowl hunter   Fox Hunter (Todhunter)—Parish fox hunter   Franciscan Friar—Friar in the Franciscan order   Franklin—Wealthy landowner the class below landed gentry   Freedman—Emancipated slave   Freemason—Sculpts fine or finished stonework   Freser—Makes rough plaster frieze   Freshwater Man (River Sailor, Riverman, Waterman)—Boatman on freshwater lakes and rivers works on a river or lake boat   Friar (Lay Brother)—Friar in a mendicant order itinerant preaching cleric who begs for sustenance   Fueller—Charcoal and fuel wood merchant   Fuller (Beater, Felt Maker, Walker)—Cloth worker who shrinks beats and presses cloth   Fuller’s Assistant (Burler)—   Fur Trader (Furrier, Pelter, Skinner, Trapper)—Fur skin hide and pelt merchant   Furbisher (Frobisher, Furber, Furbour)—Polishes and removes rust from armor and weapons as well as weapon fit and finish   Furniture Maker—Builds furniture   Fustian Weaver—Fustian or corduroy maker    


  Gaffer—Crew foreman in glass workshop   Gager—Official who collects liquor taxes   Galley Oarsman (Galley Rower)—Rows a galley   Gallowglass—Celtic heavily armed infantryman   Galoche Maker (Clog Maker, Pattenmaker)—Makes wooden shoes/patens or strap on soles   Game Beater (Battuere)—Drives game from cover during the hunt   Gamekeeper—Manages wildlife   Gardener (Leightonward)—Kitchen gardener   Garlic Merchant (Maderer)—Gathers and sells garlic   Gatekeeper (Gater, Watchman, Yatman)—Town security   Gatherer (Gatherer’s Boy)—Assistant glass worker   Gelder—Gelds livestock especially horses   Gemcutter (Jeweler, Lapidary)—Cuts gems for jewelry   Genealogist—Tracks and memorizes genealogy usually a herald or historian   Gentleman Of Leisure (Idleman)—Gentleman of independent means   Gentleman Of The Bedchamber—Close personal attendant to the king   Gentleman Of The Horse—Chief Equerry   Gentleman Usher—Guarded door announced guests   Gentleman/Gentlewoman (Gentry)—Social class below barons but above commoners, it includes knights and their families   Geometer (Geometrician)—Master of euclidian geometry   Gilder—Applies gold leaf to books ornaments jewelry pottery etc   Girdlemaker (Brailler, Girdler)—Makes belts and girdles of leather   Glass Seller—Glass merchant   Glassblower (Glassmaker, Glasswright)—Makes and mends glassware   Glasspainter—Glass painter who baked hues onto glass   Glazier (Quarrel Picker, Verrier)—Window glass installer   Glover (Gaunter, Glovemaker, Wet Glover)—   Gluttonous Fool—?   Goatherd (Gatward)—Goat herder   Gold & Silver Wire Drawer—Makes gold and silver wire   Gold Leaf Maker (Giltworker, Gold Foil Maker, Goldbeater)—Makes gold-leaf   Goldsmith (Aurifaber, Redsmith)—Worker in precious metals gold silver etc   Goliant—Itinerant clerical poets students satirists and tricksters   Gong Farmer (Cess-Pit Cleaner, Honey Dipper, Jakes-Farmer, Necessary Woman, Night Farmers, Night Soilman, Privy Cleaner, Sewer Cleaner)—Cesspit and latrine pit emptier   Gooseherd—Goose herder   Gorse Dealer (Gorzeman)—Gorse or broom merchant   Governor—Top civic official in city or town   Grain Merchant (Boothman)—Corn or grain merchant   Grain Winnower (Fanner)—Separates grain from chaff husks straw   Grainer—Paints wood to make it seem more exotic   Grammar Teacher (Abecedarian)—Teaches the alphabet & grammar   Granary Keeper (Carner)—   Grand Almoner—Official who gave alms to the poor   Grand Duke/Duchess—Sovereign duke royal   Grand Master Of The Hunt—Aka royal huntsman leads hunts for the king   Grand Prior—Oversees multiple preceptories in a militant monastic religious order   Grand-Master Of The Order—Head of a militant monastic order   Grange Farmer (Granger)—Monastic grange farmer   Gravedigger (Bedman, Burye Man, Undertaker)—   Graverobber—Grave robber   Great Councilman (Monarch’s General Council)—Great council composed of 12 lords and 12 priests   Great Seal—Important household officer   Grocer (Grosser, Wholesaler)—General items merchant usually refers to comestible goods   Groom (Equerry, Henchman, Hensman, Holster, Horse Attendant, Horseman, Litterman, Stable Hand, Stableman)—Cares for horses or is a stables official; horse care and accommodation at inns   Groom Of The Stool—Groom of the king's close stool to the king king’s close personal attendant   Guardsman (Town Guard, Watchman)—   Guide (Avant-Courier, Dragoman, Laadring)—Hired guide or interpreter   Guildsman (Artificer, Artisan, Craftsman, Faber, Fabricator, Tradesman)—Part of a trade union, see apprentice journeyman master and warden, Gunner—Artillerist specializing in firearms   Gunpowder Maker—   Gunpowder Maker—Gunpowder maker   Gunsmith (Gonne Smith)—Gun maker    


  Haberdasher—Dealer in small wares; tapes pins needles thread linen men's clothing and accessories   Hack—Hires out for any paid writing work   Hacker (Hackney Man)—Rents out horses or hoe-maker   Hackler (Hackman, Hatchler, Heckler)—Separated flax or hemp with a hackle   Hafter (Haft Maker, Tool Helver)—Makes handles and hafts   Hair Dresser (Friseur)—Makes wigs and dresses hair curls tassels bows etc   Hairweaver (Hairman)—Weaves horsehair   Halberdier (Halbert Carrier)—Soldier armed with a halberd   Hand Flowerer—Embroider flowers or similar designs on muslin or cambric   Handle Sticker—Put handles on cast ceramic cups pitchers, etc   Handmaid (Handwoman)—Female attendant   Harbor Pilot—Directs or steers ships into harbour   Harbormaster—Dock or harbor administrator   Harness Maker—Makes horse harnesses   Harper—Harp player   Harpmaker—Harp maker   Harvest Custodian (Messer)—   Hatchler—Combs out or cards flax   Hatmaker (Chapelar, Hatter, Milliner)—Makes sells and repairs hats   Hay Binder—Binds hay during harvest   Haymonger (Avenator)—A hay straw and forage dealer   Hayward (Hedge Looker)—Official over hedges fences enclosures commons and impounds stray cattle   Head Cattle Drover (Topsman)—   Heather Dealer (Hetheleder)—   Hedge Priest—Unaffiliated wandering preacher   Hedge Trimmer (Dikeman, Dykeman, Hedge Cutter, Hedger, Plaicher, Plasher, Platcher, Pleacher)—Trims and weaves hedges   Heel Maker—Makes shoe heels   Helmet Maker (Heumer)—   Henchman (Hensman)—Squire page servant groom footman or personal attendant   Herald (Whiffler)—Heraldry official genealogist tournament judge   Herdsman (Coward, Cowherd, Goatherd, Gooseherd, Grasiere, Grazier, Preacher, Shepherd, Swain, Swineherd)—   Hereditary Knight—Heritable knighthood   Heretic (Erite)—   Hermit (Eremite)—Religious recluse   High Chancellor Of The Realm—Aka chief baron of the chaple, oversees holy relics candles altar, usually a cleric   High King (Over King)—A senior king among other kings   High Sheriff—Royal official who oversees other sheriffs   Historian (Calendar   Chronologist)—Records official events   Hobelar (Hobbler, Hobilar)—Light cavalry that fight on foot but rides to combat on hobby horses   Hodsman—Apprentice mason carried bricks or mortar in a hob   Hooper (Tanqueter)—Makes hoops for barrels and casks   Horn Blower—Answers to the royal huntsman   Horn Worker (Horner)—Works in horn makes spoons combs and musical instruments   Horse Butcher (Caddy Butcher)—   Horse Courser—Race horse owner and horse merchant   Horse Thief (Prig Napper)—   Horse Trader—Trades horses   Horse Trainer—Horse trainer   Horse-Capper—Buys worthless horses   Horsehair Merchant (Hair Seating Merchant)—   Hosier—Hose garters stockings socks gloves and nightcap merchant   Hospitaller Of St Thomas Of Canterbury—A cleric   Hourglass Maker—Hourglass maker   House Painter (Colour Man)—   Housewright (House Joiner)—House builder   Hunter—Hunts game animals   Huntsman—Answers to the head huntsman   Huntsman (Venur, Venator)—   Hurdle Man (Hurdle Maker, Hurdler)—Made wattled framework fences   Hurer—Makes bristly or shaggy hats   Hush Shop Keeper—Unlicensed beer merchant   Hypnotist—Stage hypnotist entertainer    


  Iceman—Ice merchant also delivers ice   Illuminator—Paints in the margins of illuminated books paints stylized first letters   Illusionist (Legerdemainist, Prestidigitator)—Performs sleight of hand a stage magician entertainer   Imitation Marble Maker (Scagliola)—   Imperial Knight—Knighted by the holy roman emperor   Impresario—Land broker   Infirmarian—Male nurse oversees the welfare of the sick and elderly in the infirmary   Inlayer—Does inlaying and marquetry   Inner Barrister—Young law students not yet trained to plead in court   Innkeeper (Boniface, Hosteler, Hostler   Inman, Ordinary Keeper, Ostler, Piper, Publican, Stabler, Victualer)—Runs an inn later a boy that looked after horses at an inn   Inquisitor—Church inquisitor who roots out heresy   Intendant—Business director   Intendant Of The Civil List—Manages the material financial and human resources of the king's household   Interfactor—Murderer   Interpreter—Translates languages on the spot   Investor (Annuitant, Fundholder, Investor, Jobber, Shareholder, Stockholder)—Engaged in arbitrage and trades in bank notes   Iron Founder (Bloomer, Iron Master, Smelter)— foundry manager or owner   Ironer (Presser)—   Ironmonger (Ferroner)—Iron hardware merchant   Irrigation Manager (Drowner, Floater, Waterman)—Irrigation expert who floods land to regulate marshes fields and watermeadows   Ivorist (Iver Carver)—Make combs boxes billiard balls buttons and keys for pianofortes   Ivory Merchant (Elephants Teeth Dealer)—Elephant ivory merchant    


  Jack—Young male assistant   Jack-Smith—Makes lifting machinery   Jailer (Gaoler, Jail Keeper, Prison Warder, Turnkey)—   Jester (Buffoon, Clown, Fool, Licensed Fool)—Entertainer by humor and satire sometimes a dwarf   Jeweler (Gem-Cutter, Lapidary)—Makes jewelry   Jobmaster—Hires out horses carriages and drivers   Joiner—Carpenter who uses glue not nails   Journeyman (Jorman)—Guildsman with credentials may have a shop and apprentices of his own   Journeyman Shoemaker (Snob)—   Judge (Dempster)—Officer of the court who issues binding decisions   Judicial Champion—Professional surrogate fighter standing in for claimant   Judicial Vicar—Ecclesiastical judge appointed by the bishop   Juggler—Entertainer   Junior Barrister (Stuff Gowsman)—J   Jurat—Aka sworn man alderman’s assistant portman or wardman   Jurisconsult (Advocate, Jurist)—Non-practicing law teachers and legal experts   Justice In Eyre Of The Bench Of Common Pleas—Circuit judge   Justice of the Peace—Local judges   Justiciar—Senior judge in the royal judicial system   Justicier Of The Bench Of Common Pleas—Steward of the bench of common pleas   Justicier Of The King’s Bench—He answers to the chief justicier of the king’s bench  


  Kabalist—Practices kabbalah or gematria   Keeper—Attendant guard warden or gamekeeper   Keeper Of The Forest—Forester in the royal forest regime   Keeper Of The Great Wardrobe—Major household official   Keeper Of The Hanaper—Minor household official   Keeper Of The Heads—London bridge official   Keeper of the King’s Peace—Knights who served as extra peace keeping for rough areas   Keeper Of The Prince's Wardrobe—Minor household official   Keeper Of The Privy Wardrobe—Minor household official   Keeper Of The Privy-Seal—Major household official   Keeper Of The Queen's Wardrobe—Minor household official   Keeper Of The Rolls—Minor household official oversees scrolls rolls and papers   Keeper Of The Wardrobe—Major household official controlled king’s personal expenses   Kennel-man (Fewterer, Whipper-in)—Cares for the king’s dogs or handles an estate’s hounds   Kettle Maker—Makes kettles   Kiddier—Skins young goats and sells their skins   Kifemaker (Knifesmith, Matchet Forger)—   Kilner (Lime-Burner, Quicklime Burner)—Limeburner in charge of a kiln makes quicklime   King Of Arms—A nation’s chief herald   King’s Armorer—Minor household official armorer   King's Bailiff—Manages a royal estate house castle or bailey   King's Champion—King’s judicial champion   King’s Confectioner—Minor household official confectioner   King’s Pavilioner—Minor household official pavilioner   King’s Remembrancer—Official in the exchequer   King's Tailor—Minor household official tailor   King/Queen—Seated sovereign monarch   Kipper—Burly man with club who collects armor/horses for winning knights at tournaments in the early days   Kisser—Makes cuishes tassets and thigh armour   Kitchener (Cook, Master Cook, Trencherman)—   Knacker—Harness-maker and buys old or dead horses “knackers”     Knapper—Flintworker dressed and shaped flints into required shape and size   Knife Cutler (Cotiler, Grinder, Knife Grinder, Knife Sharpener)—   Knife Thrower—Entertainer   Knifeman—Footman trained to disembowel horses from below during battle   Knight Errant—Derisive term for a poor country knight who lives by selling his services   Knight Of St Lazuras (Leper Knights)—   Knight Of St, John Of Jerusalem (Knight Hospitaller)—   Knight Of The Garter—Noble in the order of the garter   Knight of the Holy Sepulchre—Militant order to protect the holy see   Knight Of The Shire—Noteworthy commoner two per shire represented in house of commons   Knight Of The Temple (Knight Templar)—   Knight/Dame (Cavalier, Chevalier)—Heavy cavalry of the gentlemen class; a knight in a militant monastic religious order   Knitter—Knitter    


  Lace-Master (Laceman)—Farmed and collected lace-making piece work out lace merchant   Lace-Runner—Embroidered patterns on lace   Lacemaker—Makes lace   Laceman—Lace merchant   Lacquerer (Varnisher)—   Lady In Waiting—Personal attendant to a lady   Lady Of The Queen's Bedchamber—Close personal attendant to the queen   Lagger—Sailor who installs lagging   Lamp Wright (Lantern Maker)—Makes lamps and lanterns   Lance Maker (Lancier)—Lance maker   Lancer—Cavalryman armed with a lance   Landlord (Tenant-In-Chief, Tabler)—Lord or institution holding land directly; rents rooms to boarders   Lardner—Keeps the cupboard or larder   Large Councilman—Member of the king’s large council   Laster—Shaped shoes on wooden lasts   Lathe Worker—Turner   Launderer (Lavender, Tucker, Wash Lady)—Washes clothing   Laverer—Hand washer   Lay Brother/Sister—A monk/nun who serves the greater monastic community as a lay worker   Layman—Non-ecclesiastical member of the church congregation   Lead Worker (Plumber, Plumber Man, Plumbum)—   Leather Armorer—Leather armor maker works in cuir bouilli     Leather Bleacher (Taweror, Tawyer)—Taws bleaches skins; a makes white leather   Leather Bottle Maker (Bottelier, Bottiler)—Make leather bottles and containers   Leather Cord Maker (Braider)—   Leather Currier—Finishes and dresses tanned leather   Leather Glove Maker (Gaunter)—   Leather Lace Maker (Thonger)—Makes leather straps or laces   Leather Seller—Leather merchant   Leather Worker—Makes leather goods such as belts backpacks straps, etc     Leather Worker (Semi Lorer)—Makes leather   Leather-cutter (Bender)—   Lector—Second highest rank for minor order clerics     Leech (Sawbones)—Physician or doctor   Legger (Horse Marine Man)—Pushes flatboats through narrow canal tunnels where horses cannot be used   Lens Grinder—Lens crafter   Librarian—Oversees a library   Lieutenant (Leftenant)—Military officer in charge of around 100 men and assists captains   Light Cavalryman (Argolet, Armati)—Lightly armored cavalryman   Lighterman—Ferries goods from ship to shore on a flat-bottomed boat   Limeburner (Kilner)—Burns lime for quicklime   Linen Armor Maker (Merchant Taylor)—Makes aketons and gambesons   Linen Merchant (Linen-Draper, Linener)—Merchant of linens and calicos   Linen Spinner—Spins linen   Linen Warehouse Keeper (Childbend)—Hires out clean linen   Linen Weaver (Linen Webster)—   Liner (Lyner)—Makes or puts in linings; or a flax dresser   Linkman (Lantern, Linkboy, Torchbearer)—Carries a torch or lantern for others at night or underground   Lister—A dyer or a preaching friar or rector   Litter Bearer—He bears a litter   Lock Keeper—Oversees canal locks   Locksmith (Lockier)—Makes and repairs locks   Lodge Warden—Oversees a hunting lodge   Longbow String Maker (Stringer, Stringman)—Makes bow strings   Longshoreman (Dock Walloper, Dock Worker, Dock-Hand, Docker Lumper, Stevedore)—Unloads and loads ship cargoes   Lord Chamberlain Of The Household—Important household official   Lord Great Seal—Important household official   Lord High Chancellor Of The Realm—Important household officer   Lord President Of The Council—In charge of the king’s large council   Lord Privy Seal—Important household official   Lord Secret Seal—Important household official   Lord Signet—Important household official   Lord Steward Of The Household—Top household official, the king’s second in command and assistant   Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports—   Loriner (Lorimer)—Makes bit bridle but not spurs   Lute Player (Lutenist)—   Lutemaker—Lute maker   Luthier—Makes and repairs wooden stringed musical instruments    


  Machinist (Iron Turner)—Turning iron brass and bronze   Mage (Ceremonial Mage, Mage, Magician, Magus, Ritualist, Wizard)—Practitioner of high magic; practicing occultist casts magic spells or exempla   Magistrate—Tax collector excise man or judge   Maid (Maidservant)—Female domestic servant   Maid Of Honor—Unmarried lady attending a queen or princess or daughter of knight or gentleman   Maille Maker (Linkster)—Weaves maille   Maise Maker—Makes measures for weighing herring catch   Maltster—Malt brewer makes or sells malts   Man-At-Arms (Sergeant-At-Arms, Esquires, Vavasseur)—Non-knightly commoners who were armed and fought like a knight   Manciple—Provisioner for large household or institution   Mangler—Wrings out clothing with a mangler   Mapmaker (Cartographer)—   Marble Quarrier (Marbler)—Quarries and finishes marble   Marcher Lord—Noble with frontier holding   Marine—Soldier trained to fight at sea and for sea landings   Market Inspector (Leavelooker)—Officer who examines food on sale at market   Marl Digger (Marler)—Digs marl   Marley Woman—Makes marli a type of fabric   Marquis/Marchioness—Peerage member below a duke and above earl   Marshall (Chief Equerry, Stabler)—Master of the horse avener oversees stables; Military officer in charge of an army or 5 battalions or cavalry appointed by the earl to oversee campaign; Military commander in a militant monastic order; Or a military official oversees all aspects of travel and supply trains   Marshman—Administers marsh lands and grazing rights   Martyr—One who dies for his faith   Mashmaker—Makes the mash-vats or mashels used for mixing malt   Mason (Freemason, Quarrier, Stone Worker, Stonecutter, Stonemason, Wall Mason, Waller)—   Masseuse—Massage expert   Master—Guildsman graduated from journeyman who has made his masterpiece; or masters and graduate students at university   Master Builder—Usually a master mason   Master Gardener—Official who designs and maintains estate or plaisance formal gardens   Master Mason (Chief Architect, Freemason, Master Builder)—Overall architect manager and engineer on large building projects   Master Of Ceremonies—Arranges and oversees seating and etiquette   Master Of Hounds—Oversees kennels   Master Of Squires—Oversees training of squires   Master Of The Hunt—Lead huntsman   Master Of The King’s Works—Usually a freemason in charge of large royal projects   Master Of The Order—Head of an order of friars   Master Of The Revels—Official in charge of court entertainment   Master Or Keeper Of The Rolls—Household officer answers to chancellor   Masterless Man—   Masters Of The Bench (Benchers, Court Pleaders)—The governing body at inns of court   Matchmaker—Finds suitable spouses for clients   Mathematician—Mathematics experts   Mayor (Procter, Provost, Town Chamberlain)—Top city official usually chosen from heads of merchant or craft guilds   Mazerer (Mazer Maker)—Makes maple wood cups   Meat Carver (Carver)—Carved the meat for lords   Meat Server (Dapifer)—Brings meat to the lord’s table   Mechanician (Apron Man, Artificer, Engineer, Gadgeteer, Machinist, Mechanic)—   Melter—   Mentalist—Mind reader entertainer   Mercenary (Filibuster, Freebooter, Freelancer, Marauder)—Professional soldier for hire   Mercer—Dealer in fine linen and expensive clothing silk etc   Merchant (Entrepreneur, Mercator, Reseller, Wholesaler)—Member of the merchant adventurers’ guild buys and sells goods   Merchant Prince—Merchant with extreme wealth and influence   Mesne Lord—A lord by subinfeudation, owing allegiance not directly to the king but to the main tenant   Metal Caster—   Metal Cutter (Metal Shearer)—Metal puncher   Metal Refiner—Metal refiner   Metropolitan Archbishop—Urban bishop over two or more bishoprics   Metropolitan Bishop—Urban bishop with cathedral in city   Midshipman—Officer on a ship   Midwife (Abestetrix, Accoucheuse, Baby Catcher, Grace Wife, Howdie, Howdy)—Woman who delivers babies   Militant Monk—Militant monk enrolled in fighting order   Militant Monk Grandmaster—The head of a military order of knighthood   Military Captain (Lieutenant General)—   Military Engineer (Miner, Pioneer, Sapper, Sapper/Miner, Siege Engineer)—Military specialists; artillerists; experts at undermining walls; digs roads trenches and erects palisades   Military Scout (Outrider)—Military scout   Military Trumpeter—Communicates battlefield commands by trumpet blasts   Militiaman—Commoner who owes about 40 days of military service to his lord per year a part-time soldier   Milkmaid—Female servant who milks cows   Milkman—Milk merchant   Miller/Ess (Corn Miller, Melder, Multurer, Swailer)—Grinds grains into flour   Millitisa—Woman knight   Millpeck—Sharpens mill stones   Millwright—Designs & builds mills or mill machinery   Mime—Entertainer   Mimic—Mimic entertainer   Miner (Groover, Hewer, Pitman, Strip Miner)—Digs mines or strip mines for minerals   Miniaturist—Paints miniature portraits   Minister Of The House Of Commons—Two per shire chosen two from each city   Minister Of The House Of Lords—Aka the upper house all seated peers   Minstrel (Cantabank, Circler, Gleeman, Harpist, Jongleur, Minnesinger, Poet)—Itinerant poet singer musician and entertainer   Mirrorer—?   Mole Catcher—Catches moles   Molecatcher (Want Catcher, Woont Catcher)—Official in charge of mole control   Mondayman—Works for landowner on mondays in lieu of rent   Moneychanger (Cambist)—Exchanges money of different currencies   Moneylender (Gaveller, Usurer)—   Monger—Suffix that identifies a dealer   Monk/Nun—Clerics who join monasteries and live by a monastic rule   Monopolist—Person awarded a monopoly by a sovereign power   Monthly—Assists women during the first month after giving birth   Mortician (Streaker)—Prepares a corpse for its funeral   Mosaic Layer (Terrazzo Grinder)—Makes mosaics   Mother-Of-Pearl Worker—Works with mother-of-pearl   Moulder (Brickmaker)—Molds bricks   Mounted Archer—Can fire from horseback while riding   Mower (Mawer)—   Muffin Man—Muffin maker   Mug Seller—Sells cups mugs   Mule Driver (Muleskinner, Muleteer)—Carter who uses mules   Musician (Musicker)—Plays music for events halls taverns, etc, an entertainer   Mystic—Religious visionary who communes with god directly    


  Nagsman—Schools horses   Nailsmith (Clouter)—Makes nails   Naker Player (Nak, Nakerer)—   Napier—Manages royal linens   Narrow Weaver—Weaves ribbons tapes, etc   Navigator—Mariner who sets the course for ships barges etc, for the helmsman   Necessary Woman—Empties and cleans chamber pots   Necromancer—Wizard that practices sorcery or evil magic   Nedeller—Makes needles   Needle Crafter (Needleworker)—   Needle Holer (Eyer, Holer)—Makes eyes in needles   Negotiator (Chafferer)—   Net Maker (Wakeman, Netter)—   Night Watchman (Bellman, Charley, Nightwakeman, Nightwalker, Waitman, Watchman)—Urban peacekeepers during the night who rings a small bell and carries a lantern, Drawn from the community,   Noble—Member of the peerage   Notary (Noterer)—   Novice—A potential entrant into a monastic community being assessed for worthiness   Novitiate—Accepted into an order of friars   Numerologist—Practices numerology entertainer   Nun (Sister)—Female monk   Nurse—Cares for the sick   Nursemaid (Nanny)—Looks after small children    


  Oblate—Child raised in a monastic community to become a monk   Oilman (Ellerman, Elliman, Elymaker, Oil Maker, Oil Merchant, Oynter)—Oil-merchant who sells oil used for lamps   Old Clothes Dealer (Fripperer)—Old clothes merchant   Organ Maker—Builds organs   Organist—Organ player   Orice Weaver—Lacemaker   Ornamental Feather Maker (Plumassier, Plumer)—Makes ornamental feathers   Osier Peeler—Removes bark from willow rods   Ostiary (Usher)—Monastery or church doorkeeper   Outer Barristers (Utter Barristers,Apprentices Of Law)—Advanced students of juris prudence   Outlaw—Person wanted by the law outside the protection of the law   Outworker—Piece-worker who operates outside his home   Owler—Sheep or wool smuggler   Oxen Driver (Bullwhacker, Whacker)—Carter who employs oxen   Oyster Dredger (Oyster Raker, Oysterer)—Works on an oyster fishing boat    


  Pack Handler (Packer)—Loading and unloading beasts of burden   Page—Knight in training ranked below squire   Painter Of Glass—Stained glass worker   Paintress—Woman who hand-paints or glazes pottery   Paladin—Charlemagne’s knights   Paling Man—Eel merchant   Palmer—Pilgrim who's been to the holy land   Pantler (Panter)—One who supervises or keeps the pantry   Papermaker—Makes paper   Paralegal—Does procedural legal work   Parchmenter—(Parchmenter, Perchemener) Parchment merchant   Parchment Maker (Whitear)—   Pardoner—Sells indulgences   Parish Constable (Parish Titheman, Petty Constable)—   Paritor—Church officer who executes church orders   Park Caretaker (Palister, Parker)—   Parson (Parsona)—Priest of an independent parish church   Passage Keeper—Kept passages and alleys clean   Pastor (Curate, Parish Priest, Parochus, Shepherd)—Priest who leads a congregation   Pastrycook (Pasteler, Pastry Chef, Patisser)—Makes pastry and cakes   Patriarch—Head of the eastern rite church   Pattern Maker (Pricker)—   Pavisers—Shield bearers who protect crossbowmen   Pavoir—Road paver   Pavyler—Pavilion raiser   Pawnbroker (Fulker)—   Peasant—Urban commoners   Peddler (Bagman, Ceapman, Chapman, Copeman, Door-To-Door Salesman, Drummer, Duffer, Farandman, Fogger, Haggler, Hawker, Higgler, Huckster, Itinerant Salesman, Packman, Petty Chapman, Sutler, Tranter, Traveling Salesman)—Common traveling merchant   Peel-maker—Makes peels a long handled shovel or paddle to retrieve bread from an oven   Peer—A member of the noble class aka the baronage or an equal   Pensioner—University student who pays his own meal ticket commoner pensioner   Pepperer—Pepper merchant   Peregrinator—Itinerant wanderer   Perfumer (Parfumer, Parfumier)—Makes perfumes colognes and incense   Pessoner—Fishmonger   Petty Jobber—A trickster   Petty King—King of small or inconsequential kingdom   Pewterer (Brightsmith, Pewter Worker, Whitesmith)—Makes pewter utensils   Philosopher—Studies philosophy and by extension science   Phlebotomist—Bloodletter   Phrenologist—Divines character by bumps on head entertainer   Physician (Archiater, Empiric, Internist, Physic   Physicker, Piss Prophet)—Drinks patient’s piss to determine health proscribes drugs but no surgery practices humoral medicine   Pickpocket (Diver, Thief)—Thief who robs pedestrians pockets   Pie Seller—Pie merchant   Pigeon Keeper (Culver)—   Pigman—Official in charge of swine; or a crockery merchant   Pikeman—A miner who works with a pike or crowbar; a keeper of a turnpike gate; a soldier armed with a pike; or a miller's assistant   Pilgrim (Palmer)—Has made the pilgrimage to the holy land   Pilot (Coxswain, Helmsman, Steersman)—Ship or boat’s helmsman   Pimp (Fancy Man, Procurer)—Hires out prostitutes   Pimpmaker (Bavin Maker)—Bundles waste wood to sell as fuel or kindling   Pinner—Pin maker   Piper—Strolling pipe player or bagpiper   Pirate—Mariner actively involved in raiding other vessels or coastal communities   Piss Man—Urban man with a privacy cape and a bucket for those who need to relieve themselves   Plague Doctor—Doctor who treats plague victims   Plaid Maker (Playderer)—   Plain Worker—Seamstress who does plain sewing or needlework as opposed to embroidery   Relief Plasterer (Pargeter, Pargetter, Plaisterer, White Limer)—Does ornamental plaster reliefs   Playwright—Writes plays   Plowman (Ackerman, Acreman, Clod, Earer, Hopper,Oxherd, Ploughman, Tiller, Tillerman, Tillman)—   Plowwright (Sucksmith)—Makes or repairs plows   Plural Sheriff—Sheriff of two or more shires   Pluralist Priest—Holds two or more unconnected parishes simultaneously   Poacher—Hunter who illegally poaches prey   Poet (Meterer)—Poet entertainer who writes and recites poetry   Point-maker (Pointsman)—Lance point maker   Pointer—Sharpens needles or pins or a lace maker   Poldave Worker—Makes poldave fabric   Pole Sitter (Stylite)—Religious pole sitter   Pole-turner—Makes polearms hafts   Polisher (Burnisher, Metal Polisher)—Polishes and burnishes not a furbisher   Pope (The—Bishop of Rome Holy Father Patriarch of the Roman Catholic Church   Port-Reeve—The chief magistrate of a mercantile town   Porter (Door Keeper, Doorman, Doorward, Gatekeeper, Guard, Janitor, Usher)—Guards the door   Porter (Sumpter)—Hauls goods   Portrait Painter—Paints portraits   Post-Novitiate—Friar ready to take final orders   Postillion—Rider on the near front horse when four or more horses are teamed   Postulant—Adult who wishes to join a monastic community or first stage of being accepted into an order of friars   Pot Mender—Mends pots   Potboy—Collects dirty pans or chamberpots at an inn   Potter (Ceramicist, Crocker, Disher, Potter, Thrower)—Makes or sells pottery   Pouch Maker—Pouch maker   Poultry Dealer (Polentier, Poulter, Poulterer)—Sells poultry   Precentor (Succentor)—Lead chanter and music director in a church   Preceptor—Head of a preceptory in a militant monastic religious order   Preceptress—Female instructor or teacher   Premiere Baron—Senior baron among the baronage   Premonstratensian Monk (White Canon)—Monk in the Premonstratensian order   President Of The Council—Royal household officer   Pricker—Skirmishers whom ride unarmored light horses   Priest (Pastor)—Secular or collegiate priest in charge of spiritual care of his congregation   Primate—Bishop over two or more archbishoprics   Prime Minister Of The House Of Commons—Drawn from among the house of commons   Prince—A royal; king’s son; or a sovereign monarch in his own right   Printer—Makes books with woodblock or moveable type   Prior—Head of friary or assists the abbot in a monastic house   Prior Provincial—Head of a province for an order of friars   Privy Great Counciler—Aka great councilman royal officers twenty-four in number   Privy Seal—Important official in the royal household   Privy Small Counciler—Aka small councilman royal officers eight in number   Proctor—University official or an attorney   Professional Hermit—Hermit hired to inhabit a picturesque hermitage on estate grounds or in a plaisance   Professional Mourner (Weeper)—   Professor—College lecturer   Prophet—Mouthpiece for god   Propman—Cuts and fits bracing “props” to shore up mine shafts   Prospector—Searches for valuable natural resources   Prostitute (Fancy Woman, Gamester,Harlot, Street Walker, Whore)—   Provisioner—Provides supplies   Prudhommes—Top urban citizens in power or qualified to assume authority   Pseudo-Cleric—One who has taken minor orders; a student clerk or attorney, etc,   Puisne Baron of the Exchequer Of Pleas—Four in number officer of the exchequer   Puppeteer—Entertainer   Purse Maker (Purser)—Makes purses and pouches   Purser—Ship's officer in charge of provisions & accounts   Pursuivant—Heraldic officer ranking below herald assistant herald   Purveyor—Official whom commandeers supplies for an itinerant court king or army   Pyrographer—Pyrographer    


  Quarryman (Quarrier, Stone Getter)—Digs & cuts stone works in quarry   Quartermaster—Mariner responsible for ship supplies   Queen Mother—Former queen mother of the current king   Quilter—Quilter    


  Rabbit Breeder (Warrener)—Breeds rabbits and other small game   Rag & Bone Collector (Bone Picker, Bunter (F), Caffler, Rag-And-Bone-Man, Ragpicker)— rubbish reseller who collects rags and bones and dog dung for tanning   Rag Cutter—Cuts up rags for making paper   Real Estate Merchant (Impresario)—   Reaper (Riftere, Sickleman)—   Rector—Collegiate priest who serves a parish but is paid little   Reed Collector (Reeder)—For hedging or thatching   Reedmaker—Made the comb used in tapestry weaving or makes flutes and other wind instruments   Regent—Exercises power during the minority absence or disability of the sovereign   Registrar—Registers events such as land purchases births deaths marriages etc or   Regrator—Middle men or re-seller   Relieving Officer—Officials who assessed the poor for assistance   Religion Teacher (Catechista)—   Rent Collector (Rent Man)—Collected rent for landlord   Renter Of The Bridge Trust—London bridge official   Repousser—Makes low-relief metal decoration from in front   Restauranteur—Owns or runs a restaurant   Ripper—Brings fish inland from the coast to market   Rivener—Cleaver renderer   Riveter—   Road Builder (Pathfinder, Pioneer, Way-Maker)—   Road Surveyor (Wayman)—   Road Warden—Polices and inspects roads   Roadmender—Mends roads   Robber Baron—Baron turned to brigandry and highway robbery   Robber Knight—Knight turned to brigandry and highway robbery   Rocksalt Miner (Rock getter)—   Roofer—Makes and repairs roofs   Ropemaker (Roper)—Makes ropes and nets   Rotisser—Roasts food   Rough Mason—Packs walls with rubble cores   Rough Mason ( Scappler)—Roughs out stonework for the freemason to finish   Royal Barber—Household officer cuts king’s hair   Royal Beekeeper—Household officer keeps king’s bees   Royal Falconer (Grand Falconer)—Household official   Royal Forest Eyre—Forestry judge   Royal Huntsman—Household officer   Royal Purveyor—Official who requisitions goods for a traveling king and his court   Royal Squires—Answers to the master of squires in the king’s household   Royal Treasurer (Chief Baron Of The Exchequer)—Important household official administers king’s wealth and the Royal mints   Royal Yeoman of the Guard—Archers who serve as royal bodyguards   Rug Merchant (Rugman)—   Rug Weaver—Rug weaver   Rumormonger—Collects and sells rumors    


  Sacristan (Sacrist)—Oversees a church’s relics and religious items, or acts as church usher and bellringer   Saddler—Makes repairs or sells saddles or other horse furnishings   Saddletree Maker (Fewster, Fuster)—Makes frames for saddles for saddler   Sage—Person of great knowledge and expert   Saggar Maker (Shrager)—Made the fireclay containers for pottery firing   Sagger Makers Assistant (Bottom Knocker)— in the pottery industry   Sail Maker—Sail maker   Sailor (Buccaneer, Canvas Climber, Freshwater Man, Jack, Lagger, Mariner, Pirate, Seaman, Shipman, Waterman)—   Saint—Deceased holy figure and divine intercessor responsible for three or more miracles after death   Salable Rubbish Merchant (Raffman)—   Salt Seller—Sells salt   Salter (Drysalter, Salt Boiler)—Makes salt or fine grain salt by boiling sea water   Sargent-At-Arms—About 100 men-at-arms per company   Sauce Cook (Saucier)—Sauce maker   Saw Sharpener (Gummer)—Sharpens old saws   Sawyer—Saws timbers to boards   Say Weaver—Makes say cloth   Scabbard Maker (Sheath Maker,Sheather,Vaginarius)—Makes scabbards   Scholar (Academic, Sage, Savant)—   School Teacher (Lector, Pedascule, Schoolmaster)—Teaches basic education   Scop—Entertainer   Scrimer (Dance Master)—Skilled fencer his teachings can be showy and useless   Scripture Reader—Scripture reader during services   Scrivener (Clerk, Copyist, Graffer, Notary, Scribe, Secretary)—   Scullion (Kitchen Boy, Scullery Maid, Wafer Maker)—Performs menial tasks   Sculptor (Graver)—Carver   Scythe-smith—Scythe maker   Seamstress (Sempster, Sewster)—Sews clothes   Seaweed Harvester—Seaweed harvester   Second-Hand Clothing Merchant (Botcher)—Mends and resells old garments   Secret Seal—Royal household official   Secular Canon (Regular Priest)—Monk in a monastic house who has been ordained friar who has been ordained; priest who lives monastic order of priests often attached to a cathedral   Secular Priest—Ordained priest not part of a monastic order   Sedge Man—Applies sedge as roofing material   Seer (Diviner)—Prognosticator   Seneschal—Assisted the grand master of a militant monastic order   Sept Chieftain—Chief of a clan subdivision   Serf (Adscripticius, Servi)—Unfree rural laborer tied to the land   Sergeant—Lay brothers in a militant monastic religious order; he commands a unit of soldiers; a holder of inalienable duties to the monarch, seen as a great honor   Sergeant-At-Law (Man Of Law)—The aristocrats of lawyers   Servant (Claviger, Indentured Servant)—Menial household laborers   Server (Sewer)—Serves food at table, seats guests at table   Seward—Officer of parish swine   Sewer Repairman (Sewerman)—Keeps sewers from clogging   Sewing Clerk—Collector of clothing piecework   Sexton (Bedman)—Church employee who digs graves rings bells upkeeps property   Shagreen Worker—Works with shagreen or similar granulated leather   Shank Maker—Makes woolen shanks   Shanty Man—Leads ship crew in singing shanties   Sharecropper—Tenant farmer paid with a portion of his crop   Shear Grinder—Sharpens shears and scissors   Shearman—Aka sheaman trims the loose wool from the cloth   Sheepshearer (Cutter, Shearman, Sherman)—   Sheet Metal Maker (Plattner)—Beat out sheets of metal   Shepherd (Ewe Herd, Sheep Drover, Sheepman)—Sheep herder shepherd   Sheriff (Shire Reeve)—The king’s top judicial officer in each shire   Shield Maiden—Scandinavian warrior women   Shingler—Roof tiler who used wooden shingles   Ship Husband—Repairs ships in harbor   Ship Provisioner (Ship-chandler)—Ship provisioner   Ship Trimmer—Trims a ship by re-arranging its cargo   Ship’s Blockcutter—Laid down blocks on which a ship’s keel was laid   Ship’s Captain (Master Mariner, Skipper, Sea Captain)—Ship’s captain or master mariner   Ship’s Graver—Dockside worker who burns and tars ship hulls   Ship's Pilot—Aka loadsman steers the ship   Ship’s Rigger—Hoist tackle worker works on a ship's rigging   Shipwright (Boatwright, Chip, Chippie, Ship’s Husband, Shipwane)—Builds and repairs ships   Shopkeeper (Apron Man, Aproneer, Merchant, Trader)—   Shrimper—Shrimp fisherman   Sieve-Maker (Siever)—Makes sieves   Signet—Royal household official   Silk Spinner (Silk Twister)—   Silk Weaver (First Hand, Sarcinet Weaver, Settere)—Silk weaving outworker   Silk Winder (Windster)—   Silk-Binder (Silker)—Sewed the ends of the fabric to prevent the layers from separating   Silk-Dresser (Silk-Carder, Silk-Dyer, Silk-Maker, Silk-Mercer)—Silk weaving outworkers; or prepared the silk for weaving   Silk-Dyer—Dyes silk   Silk-Maid (Silkwoman)—Makes silk items   Silk-Mercer—Silk goods merchant   Silk-Snatcher (Bonnet Thief)—   Silversmith (Whitesmith)—Silver worker   Sin Eater—Relieves the dead of sin   Singer (Canter, Chaunter)—Street entertainer who sings ballads, an entertainer   Sizer—Applied sizing to cloth   Skinkster—Tapster in an ale house or usher   Skinner (Butcher, Flesher, Fleshewer)—Tanning specialist who removes flesh from skin for tanning   Skirmisher—Soldiers used to harass enemy movements   Slate Tiler (Hellier, Hillard, Hiller, Hillier, Slater, Tiler)—Roofed houses with slate   Slave—Unfree person   Slave Dealer (Venalitii)—Slave dealer   Slave Overseer (Slave Driver)—   Slaver—Slave merchant   Slaymaker—Makes slays for loom   Slinger—Uses a sling to hunt or fight   Slopseller—Cheap clothing merchant   Small Councilman—King’s close advisors eight in number   Small Holder—Middle class peasant more land than cottager less land than a villein   Smallware Maker—Makes smallware tapes and braids   Smelter (Bloomer, Boom Smith,, Bowdler)—Refines raw ore into pure metals   Smuggler (Messenger, Runner, Trover)—   Snuffer Maker—Makes candle snuffers   Soap Maker (Soap Boiler, Sopere)—   Sodalist Knight—Knight inducted into a civilian order   Sojourner—Traveling clothes salesman   Soldier—Armed military man   Sorcerer (Necromancer)—Uses black magic   Sovereign Prince—Prince that rules in his own right   Sparrow-Hawks Keeper (Sperviter)—   Speaker Of The House Of Commons—   Speaker Of The House Of Lords—   Spearman—Soldier armed with spear   Spectacle Makers—Spectacle maker   Spice Merchant (Spicer)—Grocer or dealer in spices   Spoon-Maker (Spooner)—   Spurrier (Spur Maker, Spurner, Spurrer)—Makes spurs   Spy (Intelligencer)—   Squire (Esquire)—Knight in training at least 14 years old; one born to knightly estate but not knighted; or a knight in training in a militant monastic religious order   Stable Clerk—Officer in the royal stables   Stained Glass Worker—Makes stained glass   Stall-Man (Handseller, Lot Seller, Pedler, Street Seller, Street Vendor)—Keeps a market stall   Standard Bearer (Ensign)—Military officer who uses it to signal troops in battle   Statesman (Statist)—Politician   Stationary Maker (Stationer)—Copyist papermaker   Steward Of The Household—Monarch's assistant and second in control, royal household officer   Steward/Chatelaine (Bailiff   Castellan, Foreman, Greeve, Grieve, Majordomo, Overseer, Property Manager, Provost, Seneschal, Sheriff)— Administers a large household or custodian of an appointed duty or post; senior steward at the manor   Stillroom Maid—Cares for pregnant women   Stitcher—Does decorative stitching   Stockinger (Knitter, Weaver)—Dealer in stockings Stone Picker—Removes stones from fields before planting   Stone Sorter (Rubbisher, Rubbler)—Sorts small stones in the quarries   Stone Workers—Works with stone   Stonemason (Mason, Waller, Brick-Layer)—   Storeman—Responsible for stored goods   Storyteller—Entertainer   Straw Hat Maker (Plaiter, Straw Plaiter)—Makes straw hats or makes straw braids for the hat industry   Street Cleaner (Dung sweeper, Raker)—Street orderly   Stringer (Stringfellow)—Longbow string maker   Strong Man—Entertainer   Student—Studies at a university   Stuff Weaver—Wove stuff the coarse part of flax   Sub-Deacon—Assists priest or deacon may be married a priest in training   Sub-King—Secondary king within a greater kingdom   Sub-Prior—Assists the prior in a monastic house third in command   Sub-Prioress—Assists the prioress in a nunnery third in command   Subdean Of College Of Cardinals—Assists the college of cardinal’s dean   Subtlety Chef (Warner)—Makes edible works of art for feasts   Suburban Cardinal Bishop—Bishop who belongs to the college of cardinals   Succentor—Lead chanter and music director in a church   Suffragan Archbishop—Assistant archbishop with right of inheritance to see   Suffragan Bishop—Assistant bishop with right of inheritance to see   Summoner (Apparitor, Hender, Henter, Sumner)—Official who summoned witnesses in the ecclesiastical courts or officer of the court who serves subpoenas in civil courts   Surgeon (Barber-Dentist, =Barber-Surgeon, Bonesetter, Chirurgeon, Leech, Sawbones)—Performs surgeries not an internist sets fractured and dislocated bones provides battlefield surgery and first aid   Surgeon’s Assistant (Dresser)—   Surveyor (Arpenteur, Land Meter, Rodman, Rope Stretcher, Stone Warden)—   Surveyor's Assistant (Poleman, Rodman)—   Swashbuckler—Wears a sword and buckler   Sweeper (Broom Man)—Professional sweeper     Swineherd (Foreman, Hoggard, Muggler, Pig Drover, Pig Keeper, Pigherd, Pigman, Swineyard)—   Sword Swallower—Entertainer   Swordsmith (Bladesmith, Sword Cutler)—    


  Tableclothier—Royal household officer   Tabour Player (Taborer)—   Tacksman—Leased a large piece of land and sublet it in small lots   Tailor (Cissor, Sempster, Sewster, Sissor, Sorter)—Fixes and makes clothes or minor household official helps king dress   Tailor’s Assistant (Bushelman)—Tailor's assistant who repaired or altered clothes   Tallow Chandler—Tallow candle-maker and seller   Tallyman (Tallier, Tally Clerk, Tallyfellow)—Sold goods that were paid for in installments; account keeper using tally sticks; keeps records of goods arriving or departing from warehouses docks on notched tally sticks, etc   Tan Bark Stripper—Strips tree bark for tannin used in leather production   Tanner (Barkman, Basil Worker, Cuhreaur, Cunreaur, Currier, Barker, Leather Maker, Tanney)—Cures leather   Tapestry Weaver (Tapicer)—   Tapster (Barmaid, Bartender, Innkeeper, Tapley)—Serves ale or puts taps in ale casks   Tassel Maker (Tasseler)—   Tavern Owner (Vinter, Vintner, Vintager, Vineroon, Viniculturist, Winemaker)—Tavern owner or wine merchant   Taverner (Ale Wife, Belhoste, Tapster, Tavern Keeper, Tippler)—Operates a tavern   Tax Collector (Excise Man, Gabeler, Magistrate, Revenue Officer, Revenuer, Taxman)—   Teacher—Educator   Teller Of The Receipt Of The Exchequer—Officer in the exchequer   Temporary Member—One who joins a military monastic religious order temporarily   Tenant (Inholder)—A renter   Tenders Of Mews—Cares for hawks   Tent Maker (Tentsman)—   Teutonic Knight (Knight Of The Cross)—Militant monastic order   Thatcher (Roof Thatcher, Straw Joiner, Thacker)—Makes thatch roofs   Theologian—Scholar specializing in god and his doctrine   Thief (Cutpurse, Pickpocket, Piller, Puggard, Robber)—Robber   Thimblerigger (Sharper, Thimbler)—Professional sharper who runs a thimblerig   Thread Winder—Winds thread onto shuttles   Threadmaker—Makes thread   Thug (Local Muscle, Street Tough, Tough)—   Tide Gauger—Official monitoring tide levels   Tightrope Walker (Aerialist, Funambulist)—Entertainer   Tile Maker (Tile Burner, Tile-Maker)—Forms clay into tiles and bricks   Tiler (Hellier, Hillier, Theakster, Tile-Theeker, Tyler)—Roofs with tile   Timber Rafter—Rafts timber downstream to market   Tinker (Clouter, Tinkerer, Tinman, Tinnier)—Repairs tin pots & similar items or is a nail-maker Tinsmith (Spalder, Spallier, Tin Worker, Tinner, Whitesmith)—Tin worker who performs menial tasks or tin worker who makes repousse   Tithing Man—   Titular Archbishop—Archbishop with no see   Titular Bishop—Bishop with no set see   Titular Cardinal Bishop—Titular bishop who belongs to the college of cardinals   Toll Bridge Collector (Tavers)—   Toll-Keeper (Toller, Tollgate Keeper, Tollie, Tolman, Turnpike Keeper)—Collects tolls   Tool Maker—Tool maker   Top Sawyer—Upper man in saw pit   Topman—Sailor who works in the ship's rigging   Torturer—Tortures prisoners for information   Town Crier (Announcer, Beadle, Bedel, Bedell, Clapman, Harker)—Proclaims official news and public announcements   Town Militia Man—Part-time soldier who defends his town   Toymaker—Makes toys   Tracker—Tracks animals or people   Trader (Barterer)—Trades merchandise for a profit   Trapeze Artist (Aerialist, Aeronaut)—Entertainer   Traveling Tutor (Bearleader)—   Treasurer (Hordere, Cofferer)—Chief financial officer of the realm and senior officer of the exchequer   Treasurer Of The King’s Civil List—Assists the intendant of the civil list   Treasurer Of The Upper Exchequer (Chancellor Of The Upper Exchequer, Chancellor In Fee)—An officer of the exchequer   Treenail Maker—Makes wooden fasteners ships   Trencher Maker—Makes wooden platters for serving food   Trinitarians (Mathurin)—Red friars   Tripe Dresser—Prepares tripe for sale   Troubadour/Bairitz—Noble-born minstrel from souther France sing’s occitan   Trouvère—Troubadour from northern france   Trumpet Player—Helped signal the time in towns and cities   Trunk Maker (Male Maker)—Makes leather trunks and containers   Turnspit (Quistron)—Operated the spit handle   Tutor—A private teacher   Twine Maker (Twine Puller)—    


  Under-Constable (Third-Borough)—   Under-Sheriff (Deputy Sheriff)—Answers to the sherif   Undergarment Dealer—Sells undergarments   Undergraduate—University student who has not graduated   Unguent Seller (Unguentary)—   University Fellow—University graduate with bachelors degree   University Fellow-Commoner—University student who eats with fellows   University Servitor—Undergraduate who performs menial duties in exchange for tuition assistance   Unskilled Laborer (Casual Worker, Classman, Day Man, Esne-Workman, Farmhand, Farmworker, Guinea Pig, Hind, Hired Man, Menial, Piner, Servant, Shuffler, Yardman)—Laborer who took work that required little or no skill   Unskilled Laborer’s Assistant (Tenter)—   Upholsterer (Aphosterer, Upholder)— upholsterer or second-hand goods merchant   Upholsterer—Soft furnishing maker   Urban Cardinal Bishop—Metropolitan bishop who belongs to the college of cardinals   Urchin—Unclaimed urban child   Used Garment Dealer—Sells used clothes   Usher (Door Attendant, Doorman, Huissher, Verger)—Royal household officer or ecclesiastical court summoner or ecclesiastic usher or pew opener assists priest    


  Vagrant (Gentleman Of The Road, Millstone Inspector, Peregrinater, Piker, Stravaiger, Tramp, Tramp, Vagabond)—Gambler masterless man   Valet (Attendant, Body-Servant, Personal Servant)—Personal attendant for a nobleman gentleman or important personage   Valet Of The Chamber—Royal household officer   Valuator—Values objects   Vassal—Holds land and authority granted from another usually a lord a reciprocal relationship   Vellum maker (Fell Monger)—Cleans hair or fur from leather to make vellum   Venerable—Saints responsible for a single miracle after death   Venerer—Butcher prey animals in the field during hunt   Ventriloquist—Voice thrower entertainer   Verderer (Gamekeeper)—Royal forest official   Vermin Controller (Rat Catcher, Ratoner, Rattener)—Urban rat controller   Vestment Maker—Make priestly gowns for clerics and churches   Vicar—Clergyman paid to substitute for the parish priest   Vicar General—A bishop’s substitute bishop when needed   Vice Admiral—Assists the admiral   Viceroy/Vicereine—Deputy ruler for a sovereign   Village Idiot—Homeless scapegoat cared for by the community   Villein—Wealthy peasant   Vintenar—Military officer in charge of twenty soldiers   Virginal Player—   Viscount—Noble greater than a baron but less than an earl or count   Volva—Scandinavian magic user women    


  Wafer Maker—Confectioner and cake maker or royal household officer   Wain House Proprietor—Rents out wagon storage   Wainwright (Wheelwright)—Cart builder or wagon builder   Wakeman—Member of town musical band part of town guard   Walking-Stick Filer (Cainer)—Makes walking sticks   Wall Painter—Paints walls   Waller (Dresser, Wall Mason)—He builds walls   Ward—Guardian or watchman   Warden—Top administrator in a guild royal officer forest officer head of a city ward   Warehouseman (Warehouser)—Oversees a warehouse   Watch Detective (Beadle)—   Watchman (City Watchman, Gater)—   Water Bailiff—Official on fishing rights on a stretch of water   Water Hauler (Aquarius, Loder, Water Carrier, Water Ewer, Water Hauler, Water Leader, Water Leder, Water Seller) —Transports and sells fresh drinking water   Waterfowl Trapper (Water Gilder)—   Wattle Hurdle Maker (Wattler)—Makes wattle fences for sheep enclosures   Wax Chandler (Candle Maker, Candler)—Makes and sells wax candles   Weapon/Armor Dealer—Buys and sells weapons & armor   Weaponsmith (Weaponeer)—Weapon maker   Weaver (Bravener, Textor, Wabster, Webb, Webber, Webster)—Weaves fabric on a loom   Weights & Measures Official (Ponderator, Troner)—Weighing official at market   Weir Keeper—Keeps fish traps   Well Master—Ensures clean water   Well Sinker—Digs wells   Well Wright—Makes winding equipment to raise bucket in well   Wet Martyr—One who bled while he died for his faith   Wet-nurse—Suckles the child of another woman   Whaler—   Wharf Owner (Wharfinger)—Owns and operates a wharf   Wheelwright (Qwylwryght, Wheel Maker, Wheeler)—Makes or repairs wagon wheels or stables official in royal household   Wherry Operator (Wherryman)—Operates a wherry   Whipcord Maker—Whip maker   White Cooper—Makes barrels from tin   White Leather Maker (Whittawer)—   White Limer—Plasters using lime-and-water plaster   Whitewasher—Whitewashes walls   Wig Maker (Nob Thatcher)—   Wine Crier—Combined town crier plus wine quality official   Wine Merchant (Wine Seller)—Wine merchant   Wire Maker—Wiredrawer   Wise Woman (Cunning Woman, Henwife)—Village woman who practices natural magic, sometimes mistaken for a witch   Witch—Pagan or folk sorceress belongs to a witch’s coven   Witch Hunter (Pricker)—Member of the inquisition   Wizard’s Apprentice (Famulus)—   Wolf Hunter—(Luparius)Officer in charge of hunting wolves   Wood Seller (Woodmonger)—   Woodcarver (Treen Maker, Whittler)—Wood worker makes domestic articles from wood   Woodcutter (Axeman, Board Hewer, Feller, Hewer, Jack. Logger, Lumberer, Lumberjack, Lumberman, Shanty Man) —Fells trees   Woodturner (Bodger, Turner)—Lathe worker and itinerant furniture maker uses green wood   Woodward (Woodreeve, Ranger)—Forest official who oversees trees and firewood   Woodwright—Carpenter who uses nails not glue   Wool Cleaner (Backwasher)—   Wool Comber (Combere, Kempster)—Combs wool   Wool Examiner (Ulnager)—Official who examines woolen goods quality   Wool Factor—Wool merchant’s agent   Wool Merchant—   Wool Merchant (Lotter, Wholesaler, Wool And Cloth, Merchant, Wool Driver)—Brings wool to market   Wool Sorter (Stapler)—Sorts wool into grades   Wool Spinner—Spins Wool   Wool Stapler (Riddler)—   Wool Teaser—Opens up matted wool for carding   Wool Walker (Walker)—Part of wool making process   Wool Weaver (Wool Webster)—   Wool Winder—Makes balls of wool   Worsted Man—Aka shearman makes worsted   Worsted Weaver (Tapicer, Tapiter)—   Wrestler—   Wright—General builder or repairer   Writer (Author)—Writes or researches original content  




  Yarn Comber (Cemmer)—Combs yarn before weaving   Yearman—Worker contracted to work for a year   Yeoman—Rural militiaman often archers and landowners   Yeoman Of The Guard—Archers who serve as bodyguards  



1547 Words.


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