Raven River

Local Portrait: Raven River

Raven River is the largest river in Celestria. It springs up in the Dragon Tooth Mountains and winds its way down to Maderast. Between Drachenruh and Maderast, the river serves as an important way of public transport and freight carrying.


The river is not shippable until it reaches Drachenruh. In the mountainous part of the river, there are too many dangerous creatures, river rapids, waterfalls and other difficulties, which make the cost of shipping these parts, even by boat, too high.

From Drachenruh on, all the way towards the coast, the river is wide, and deep, enough, even for large river ships, which carry wares from Drachenruh to the coast and the other way round. There also are river boats, which carry passengers between both cities for a fee of 1 Silver Dragon per person. While this method of transportation takes way longer than the Railway, it's also much cheaper, so many people and travelers with fewer funds use it frequently.

There are also some smaller side arms and smaller rivers, which meet the Raven River between these two cities. Smaller fishing boats and logging transport boats usually ship these side arms, which carry additional wood and wares to the larger cities on both ends of the route.

Treacherous Mists

In the early morning hours, dense fog covers one of the narrowest and most difficult to navigate parts of the river. This fog seems to swallow or amplify sounds as it - or the entity controlling it - pleases. This often leads to accidents, because the captains of the boats and ships on the river cannot even rely on the foghorns on board, and misjudge distances.

Over the last hundred years, the mists have claimed the lives of at least fifty people. However, it is probably considerably more, as some boats simply disappear without a trace. Nobody ever found them or their remains or their crew again.

An image of Raven River in Celestria
Raven River by Davina via Artbreeder

"Raven River may look peaceful and calm, but you should not underestimate how dangerous it is.

— Captain Samira Falls

The river mists are the reason the locals often call the Raven River the "River of Lost Souls". In the modern times that have dawned, captains avoid sailing this spot in the early morning hours, preferring to lie at anchor for a while. However, there are always inexperienced captains who throw all warnings to the wind and still venture into the mists.

River Fish & Fairies Grass

Although the river is busy with riverboats, it is rich in fish. However, this does not mean that these fish are harmless, or even edible. It is not advisable to swim in the Raven River, nor is it advisable for inexperienced anglers to pull out a fish they deem edible.

One of the fish that we must mention separately here is the Raven Trout. This fish, about 30 centimeters long, is very easy to confuse with the Night Fin, also native here. Unlike the latter, however, it is neither poisonous nor particularly dangerous. You find Raven Trout in taverns all along the river and it is a delicacy, especially when smoked.

Another delicacy you will not find anywhere else is the Fairies Grass. These silvery-green tangs have a soft, flowery taste to them and grow in bushes in the shallow waters of the river bank. The locals collect and dry them to conserve the taste. For serving the tangs, they cook them in a good amount of vegetable broth. This results in a delicious and healthy vegetable dish, served with the Raven Trout.

Places to Visit

While you travel the Raven River, we highly encourage you to take regular breaks, to visit some of the most beautiful villages and towns in the world. Starting with the capital of Celestria, Drachenruh, you will experience one of the most lively and colorful cities in any country. Especially the Market District should be high on your list.

Before reaching Maderast, take a break in Lindenburg, a small town at the river banks. They build this town around a castle that serves as an inn today. The view over the river and the surrounding lands is gorgeous, and you should stay a night or two while tasting the local dishes!


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