Padurea (Pa-du-re-ah) was the capital of the Padura Valley. It was located in the south of Eivrune. During the Invasion of Chaos, the valley and with it the city remained destroyed and the surrounding land was transformed into a magically distorted desert, the Twisted Lands.


The city of Padurea is one of the oldest known settlements on Eivrune. It was founded by the family of Padurovich in the time of the gods and ruled by loyal vassals of the family. The fertile mountain valley and the surrounding meadows ensured that the settlement achieved some prosperity through trade. However, it was this fertile land that also aroused desires, which is why there were repeated wars over the valley.

In the course of history, the valley changed hands again and again but was regularly reconquered by the founding family, as invaders often could not cope with the pitfalls of the surrounding mountains.

The Invasion of Chaos

When the elves on the present-day Isles of Fate opened the portal into the void and thus let the chaos creatures in, there was a sudden and devastating blast wave that shattered the continent of Irasad and thus created the islands. From there it spread further and hit the east coast of Eivrune and the mountains, leaving nothing but destruction. The Padura valley was also hit and distorted by the blast, killing most of its inhabitants. Only a few managed to escape to the north.

At that time the valley was ruled by two scalebearers, Niniane and Sirad von Padurovich. Both fought in a different place and took the destruction of the valley and the settlement very personally. So when the gods asked to create a plain on which the chaos would be temporarily confined and guarded, Niniane agreed. Sirad was appointed by the Order to be the guardian who would live in this plane, while Niniane would accompany him only for a while and then return. With a heavy heart, the couple agreed, provided that all souls that had died in the valley would be brought to this new plane.

However, the creation of a new plane of this size and stability required more sacrifices than all those involved had been aware of. Over thirty wizards gave their lives in the course of the ritual, each god placed an aspect of his essence into creation, and Niniane herself gave up the memories of her childhood and home forever - condemned to remain uprooted and homeless. This was the price to be paid to undo the destruction for some souls - and so Padurea was re-created.

Padurea Today

Today the chaos in the created plane is considered destroyed, but the original valley is still distorted and cannot be repopulated. A stable portal ensures that the inhabitants can also go to Andrawyn - and visitors from Andrawyn can reach the valley. But the wounds inflicted by chaos still run deep.

Sirad, the scalebearer who was used as a prison guard for the creatures, was corrupted by chaos over the centuries and one day he was killed by his son who now rules the valley. Niniane, the elf who saved the valley, is long forgotten. Not even in the children's stories of the settlement does the elf still appear - even if everyone who meets her today feels a strange feeling of recognition and connection - and of compassion.

The corruption that chaos has brought about, distorted and twisted creatures, undead and land more intelligent than it should be are still there and will be forever. But the settlement survives and grows - as it has since this plane was created.

1580 (95% human, 5% others)
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Padura Valley


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