Ode to a Lady

Pirate loves Admiral?

Almost ten years ago, the Madarast Mail published a letter allegedly written by the well-known pirate Kerran Cirocal and addressed to Admiral Raissa Nadeira. This letter became famous under the title "Ode to a Lady" and is one of the most romantic works of modern poetry.

There was the question present, whether the "Scourge of the Sapphire Sea" wrote this letter and whether this unscrupulous pirate really only agreed to make peace with Celestria because he loves the admiral.

For a long time, both parties have remained silent on this question. An analysis of the speech patterns and other written documents should now shed light on whether Cirocal can be the author.

A messenger travelling between the Sapphire Island and Maderast transported the original letter. This messenger belongs to Cirocal, which makes the rumours credible at first sight.

"How could I see the sea without thinking of your eyes? How could I look at the stars without having your silky hair before my eyes? My mistress, my lady, in every breath of wind I hear your voice, everywhere around me I see only you."

However, this story is contradicted because ships always deliver messages between the islands and Maderast. Only when the waters of the coast become unnavigable because of storms do the ships go ashore further north and the messenger travels over land. At the time someone supposedly intercepted the letter, there was no such storm. This is proved because Admiral Nadeira received Cirocal only one day later.

Other writings by Cirocal are concise and show precise writing. Especially when in contact with the other pirates involved in the pact, he calls Admiral Nadeira "the mermaid", to which his bow figure also fits. Other characteristics he refers to in his communication can also be found in the published letter.

While the language itself is different, the designations for Admiral Nadeira are identical. He always refers to her eyes as sea blue, her hair as silver. When he compares her as a whole, he always calls her a mermaid, never a siren. According to some specialists, this suggests a deep affection and admiration for the woman.

Another clue to the authenticity of the letter is the fact that he did not enter the pact with Celestria until Admiral Nadeira was promoted to her current position. Whether the affection is mutual is not known, but Cirocal is completely devoted to the admiral.

Who else could tame the most ferocious pirate if not the admiral of the Celestial Navy? Whether or not the letter is genuine, the fact remains that Admiral Nadeira has him completely under control.

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Really fascinating. I love the doubts and rumours that the letter is not genuine.

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