Knight of the Order

The Knights of the Order are rank within the Order of Light and Shadow. They represent the fighting troops of the order and are often active in the field when the balance of the world is threatened.

Like the chronists, the Knights are accountable to the active Master of the Order and report to him. Currently, the knighthood of the order represents about half of its total number.


To become a Knight of the Order a completed novitiate is required. The noviciate lasts at least 2 years and usually begins at the end of military service. Few recruits decide to join the order while still in military service.


Novices are raised to the rank of knight or chronist in a special ceremony by the responsible Master of the Order. The ceremony always takes place during the summer solstice festivities at the Temple of the Dragon in Celestria. Members of the Order are required to attend the ceremony and it is one of the few occasions when the Order meets in full strength.


Knights of the Order have the task of defending and preserving the balance of the world. This requires certain moral flexibility since every now and then actions are required that are considered evil. For this reason, the ranks of the knighthood include members of every conviction and moral direction. In daily life on Andrawyn and especially in Celestria, the Knights of the Order also serve as the highest judicial authority. Their judgment is required when the courts' judgments are unjustifiably harsh or mild.

Nobility, Military
Form of Address
Equates to

A knight of the order is comparable to the rank of a paladin within a church.

Source of Authority
Master of the Order
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