Etusai (Eh-tu-sa-hi)

The Etusai [E-tuh-sa-hi] is a carnivore found mainly in the north-east of Eivrune. Today, there are only seven wild herds left on the entire continent. All other specimens are now domesticated and live in villages in the region.

In the wild, the animals live in a herd of about 20 animals, led by a female. A herd usually comprises 15 females and 5 males who serve as protectors of the herd. They cast surplus males out of the herd at the onset of sexual maturity, which usually starts their own herd with a handful of females. At this stage, humans often capture and tame them.


Adult Etusai can reach a shoulder height of about 1.80m. Females are usually slightly smaller and slimmer than males. The Etusai is quadrupedal, with three-toed feet that have quite sharp claws. They mainly use the claws for defence. The shape of the body, neck and head are dragon like. The eyes are also dragon-like, golden with slit pupils.

The triangular head tapers to a delicate, delicate mouth, each equipped with three rows of pointed teeth. The tongue is long and forked, as known from snakes.

The animals seem to be more adapted to life in the higher altitudes of the mountains. Their bodies are covered with dense white fur, which is much shorter on the head. Each adult Etusai, eats up to 10 kilograms of meat per day. In the wild, its preferred prey includes rabbits and birds of prey. In captivity, the animals are fed on meat scraps and are used to protect fields from rooks which supplements the animals' diet.


Etusai are mainly used as draught animals. As they form a very close bond with humans and are extremely loyal, there is hardly any risk of a well-fed etusai attacking its owner. The animals are good-natured, eager to learn and intelligent, which makes them excellent companions also in livestock farming, where they take over the tasks of dogs on some farms.


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21 Aug, 2021 22:06

The etusai sound like interesting creatures - I like that they are kind of coded reptilian at first, but then there's mention of fur. Intriguing. I love that they form such close bonds with humans.

Fabled Legend Davina
Susanne Lamprecht
14 Dec, 2021 14:30

Creatures have never been my strong side, so this is really appreciated! I wanted the species to feel as strange and magical as the world as a whole is.

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