The Drachenruh Auditorium is one of the largest public buildings in the city. It was built in black marble at the beginning of the re-colonization and has a total of thirty columns, each dedicated to a god of the Pantheon. The Ascended and the foreign gods worshipped within Drachenruh do not have columns but statues representing the respective god.

Purpose / Function

The building was mainly built to celebrate the introduction of the city council, the raising of new nobles and the consecration of new priests in a larger scale before the gods.

In addition to this, the building serves as a courthouse for important lawsuits and as an assembly building where everyone can speak freely. The building also serves as a cultural and ceremonial centre of life in Drachenruh.


Over the millennia, the building was demolished and rebuilt three times during wars. Today the Columns of the Gods are renewed at regular intervals when they have been damaged by the weather and the external circumstances of the city.

However, even during the new construction, the old shape and layout of the building was retained, which is why it still looks as it did at the time it was built.


The auditorium is one of the largest buildings in the city and has three floors. Each floor is divided into ten rooms, giving a total of thirty rooms that can serve the purpose of the building. The marble columns on the outside of the building extend from the floor to the beautifully decorated roof of the auditorium. The layout of the building is rectangular and covers an area of 375m².

Manor house / Meeting hall
Parent Location
Owning Organization
Celestria (Protectorate)


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