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The Celestrian Dragons are a currency that is widespread and accepted today in large parts of the eastern Eivrune. It is coined in the Protectorate of Celestria and the other countries of the Confederation. Today it functions as the official currency of the Celestrian Confederation and is the best-known and most important currency on Eivrune after the Nynarian Thaler.

The currency was introduced to Celestria 7000 years ago, replacing the Aurian Auris. 300 years ago Arfordas and Mynad adopted the currency from where it spread throughout the eastern Eivrune. Today Celestrian Dragons are the official currency in 16 countries of Eivrune.

The coins are minted in the respective countries of the Celestrian Confederation and carry a World Dragon on one side and the coat of arms of the country in which the coin was made on the other.



Physical Description

Celestrian dragons are shaped in such a way that the value of a coin can be seen without having to look at it. The shapes of the coins are fixed and do not differ from each other in the different countries of the Celestrian Confederation.

  • Copperdragons are made of 5 grams of copper and have four sides.
  • Silverdragons are made of 5 grams of silver and have five sides.
  • Electrumdragons are made of 5 grams of electrum and have six sides.
  • Golddragons are made of 5 grams of gold and have eight sides.
  • Platinumdragons are made of 5 grams of platinum and have ten sides.

Economic Consequences

During a conversion phase, the old currency was still accepted in every country that today uses the Celestrian Dragon as a means of payment. Today, only Celestrian Dragons are considered to be the accepted currency, while other coins have to be exchanged at the exchange offices of the cities. This makes it very easy to trade within the Celestrian Confederation, while it seals the alliance off to the outside world, especially against Nynarios.

The use of the single currency also strengthens the unity of the Confederation, which opposes the conquest efforts of Nynarios. It will also make it easier within the Confederation to compare prices and ensure a more or less uniform standard. This also makes it easier to exchange aid in the form of financial resources, which further strengthens the Confederation.


In the year 535 ToH a group of adventurers from Auria founded the Protectorate of Celestria. Five years later they replaced the previously valid Auris with their own currency, the Celestrian Dragons. The new currency was based on the previously known currencies on Eivrune so as not to make it too difficult for travelers and immigrants to get used to the new money.

In order to consolidate the value of the coins, 50 years later the exact composition of the coins was defined. The value of the Celestrian Dragon is therefore measured by the value of the metals it is made of. Each coin consists of 5 grams of the pure metal it bears in its name. Today this also results in the value of an ingot of the respective metal, which is determined on the basis of its weight.

These simple rules of coin composition are still valid today. Just like the minting of the world dragon on one side of the coin, which is supplemented by the coat of arms on the other. Finally, 300 years ago, when the trading alliances with Mynad and Arfordas were formed, the currency began to spread across the eastern continent. More and more countries joined the Confederation, which soon became known as the Celestrian Confederation.

Cultural Influence

Especially for the countries within the Celestrian Confederation it is the visible and tangible sign of resistance against the empire of Nynario, which is constantly expanding and conquering more and more of the continent.

To pay with dragons is to remember that the empire has not yet succeeded, and the power of the alliance is still unbroken. This has led to a high level of acceptance of the dragons and mistrust of foreign currencies.

Item type
Currency & Deeds
5 grams


Celestrian Dragon US-Dollar
1 Copperdragon $0.20
1 Silverdragon $2.00
1 Electrumdragon $10.00
1 Golddragon $20.00
1 Platinumdragon $200.00

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