The old man's eys wander through the room. Pure love is speaking out of his eyes, while he thinks about a proper answer.   This is the Inner Sanctum. This is the heart of Andara, although only a few people know about this place. Here lay secrets, lies, hopes, legends, destinies... you can find the past, the present and the future here. It's a sacred place full of magic and knowledge.   For me it is hard to remember all of it at once, but I promise you, that every single word you can read in here is somewhere in my mind.   He twinkles at you, while he drew his arms open, als if he wants to hug the whole room.   This all is me and I am this.   You can't resist to be impressed. The room is huge. If the librarian really knows all this stuff, he must have a really good memory. Thinking about yourself forgetting what you have eaten yesterday. But then a question comes to your mind.   That's very impressive. But where exactly is this?, you ask curious, moving a bit closer to the old man.   I am not allowed to tell you the exact position of this place, but I can promise you, that it's somewhere in Andara.   His eyes meets yours and a stern expression glimmer in his eyes. As you stay silent, he sighed and moved his eyes to the top of the room.   Alright. I can tell you a little bit more. The Inner Sanctum is, as the name may tell, part of something bigger. Something called Mananthena. Mananthena is a forsaken place somewhere in Andara, where it's said that unknown wonders lie within a strange wall of magic. Some may call this kind of magic as an advanced technology from another species from outside of heaven. But most people just think of it of a myth. They scare their children with stories from Mananthena, where unexplainable things happen and unknown danger awaits.   As you follow his eyes to the ceiling, you see an old, darknened fresco, which shows something large, shimmering shoven into an mountain with a strenght, you can't imagine. A huge power was needed to force something so deep into solid rock, that's something you're certain.   May I satisfy your curiosity with something else?, he cuts your thoughts and you realize, that you just sat there several minutes, deep in thoughts without speaking nor listening.   I ... erm... you take a second to collect your thoughts and think about other questions you have.


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27 Dec, 2018 14:19

where exactly is this?" <- I suspect that you forgot to remove the " while reformatting. A format I quite enjoyed, it was easy to read and it has made me wonder how many have ever been in the inner sanctum. As for the question I have: Why are you showing me this?

27 Dec, 2018 16:01

Oh, thanks! Yes, I forgot to remove it! Why am I showing you this.... tricky question. It's part of the CYOA. And I guess it's important to get an idea about what to see around. Or to understand what to find here.

27 Dec, 2018 16:22

I meant it more in the sense of asking the librarian, why he wants to show it to me. What is the adventure that is bout to happen

27 Dec, 2018 16:55

That shall be delivered in another article. :)

27 Dec, 2018 19:54

"Pure love is speaking out of his eyes, while he thinks about a proper answer."   I'm left wondering what it is the old man's answering. Perhaps you could add a simple line to the beginning, just above this, that has nothing more than the question that was asked? I can see that this looks to be a CYOA style, but having a reminder of what you chose at the top of each article would most definitely help - Especially for people coming across the article without having followed the normal path, i.e. when coming from #article-critique   "als if he wants to hug the whole room"   You have a rogue 'l' in there :P   There's a few grammar and spelling mistakes, especially in the section describing an object shoved into a mountain.   I do like this article - It's a unique way of describing a location compared to what I usually see on WorldAnvil (And how I personally write).

27 Dec, 2018 19:55

Did not mean to submit that comment just yet. Regarding that mountain - Is it anything of significance? Does that mountain exist somewhere? What's the object that's been forced into it? Or is it just a mural or painting on the ceiling?

27 Dec, 2018 20:42

Thanks a lot, much helping! <3 That mountain exists. Some more information may be read alongside the cyoa in the "normal" articles, but most of them are still WIP.   For what I can tell you now: The description of Mananthena will follow here as soon as I did the article. <3   Thanks a lot!

28 Dec, 2018 02:21

I've never seen a CYOA on World Anvil before, I'm very impressed at the thought of it and just how large and limitless you're able to make it. Is Andara a country or is it the name of the planet? I saw the map and Andara looked like it could be the size of a country. Also when he says "This all is me and I am this." Not only would I rephrase it to something to the effect of "I am this place and this place is me" (only so it sounds better) but I would also include a question to ask the librarian what he meant when he said that.

28 Dec, 2018 04:29

At first I thought this was just a generic tale. Then I saw that the link linked into all other articles (intro articles, I assume). How creative! As for questions, does he know how he got to this inner sanctum, at all?

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