The Librarian: Start

The door to the inner sanctum

The Beginning

    A great door arises in front of you. Where did it come from? You could swear, that it wasn't here when you entered this room. Strange things seem to happen here. As you were standing there, staring at the wooden portal, curiosity hits you. What's behind it? Shall I try to open the door? What if there's some monster behind it? Before you think any further, you feel the iron doorknob already under the palm of your hand. The cool metal feels promising, even if you have no idea, how metal could feel that way. Without hesitation, you shift the knob.   I greet you, my friend!   A thunderous voice welcomes you and you jump away from the door in surprise. Where did that come from? It has to be connected with the door for sure. Before you made any thoughts about it, the voice proceeds.   Before you enter, please help me out. Say, are you here for the first time or do I know you from somewhen?   Your mouth feels suddenly dry. Was I there before? Where is there? What is there? Clouds lay over your memories since you entered the room and now you really have to think about that question.   Was I?  
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4 Dec, 2018 19:08

Nice and short, gives a great view of how one could use the system for CYOA stories.   I feel the options are a tad verbrose for what we are given in the writing, but it's also been a while since I've read one of these. Is there a possibilty of more descriptors of the room? I feel like I don't have an image of the place besides this door.

PatheticBarrel, Logo by Sai
4 Dec, 2018 19:47

Thanks for your comment!   That was, to be honest supposed to be so, because the room equals the room, YOU are in right now. It's something that can't be described for everybody equally. :)   Feel welcome to play along to get a more descriptive vision of the game.   If you have further questions: please, feel free to ask!

Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
4 Dec, 2018 19:43

I love this idea. I didn't think of putting my adventures on here with spoilers marking decisions. I'm pretty dull like that so thanks for the inspiration. What options have you considered if someone does something different than what is prepared for?

4 Dec, 2018 19:49

Nice idea! The point is: you can't choose what's not there, so at this point I'm adding the options as far as I can imagine them. The only thing you can do besides what's offered is to go back to your own world. :)   Or did I misunderstood your question? If yes, please feel free to ask again!

Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
4 Dec, 2018 20:02

Se thats what i get for assuming. I was more on the tabletop RPG mindset my bad

4 Dec, 2018 22:05

This is very suspenseful! The theme of your world paired with the writing had me completely emerged! Short and amazing, it makes me want to know more!   You jump about around between present and past and such in the sentences, I think it would be good to write, "As you are standing there" instead of "As you were standing there"   But great work! :D

5 Dec, 2018 06:06

Yes, I DO have a pro Lem with the tenses and every time I thought, I had all faults removed, there's still one left. :D   Thanks a lot for your comment, that means a lot for me! Big love to you and feel free to have a further look!

5 Dec, 2018 13:55

You're welcome, you deserve the praise! I will look more into it when World Ember is over and I have more time!

5 Dec, 2018 07:52

Oh snap! I didn't realize this was a Choose Your Own Adventure. I LOVE IT.

5 Dec, 2018 08:34

Thanks! Have fun with it <3

6 Dec, 2018 08:40

This is a great idea! Also, I love the design you picked, it really set the mood :) now, please excuse me, while I proceed with a door conversation... ;D

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