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  SWOOSH. Something weird had happened just a second ago, as soon as you thought about leaving. In an instant you had felt a tugging on your elbow. In the very same moment you fell through a universe of colors, glittering stars and a thousand planets. It seemed to took ages, until you felt something like solid ground under your feet. Now, that you are back in the real world - a bit puzzled but fine, you look into the corner where you found the door initially. A small gleam is shimmering in the place, where it just appeared.   A thousand questions flew through your mind Where did it come from? Where the hell was that? What is Andara? As you think, a single word comes into your mind... "zarazandra". The moment you speak it out loud, to test the sound of it, the door appeared again. This word seems to be some kind of spell, you assume. And as you feel the power over an unknown univers in reach of your fingertips, you smile.   Wherever you are, whoever you are. You can summon the door of zarazandra any time. Still smiling, you reach for your hammer. Time to go wordbuilding.


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