The Fyrias

Fyrias can best be described like little wind elementars with tiny, shiny wings. Sunlight breaks in it and let it sparkle like a million little diamonds. Their body seems to be a swirling mist without any limbs.

Basic Information


About 30 cm to 100 cm length, with a body full of wind curls and some shiny, sparkling wings. They could match the beauty of a butterfly, just that they are completely white or transparent. The Transparence gets higher with age.

Genetics and Reproduction

They are born out of flowers like a fruit

Growth Rate & Stages

Fyrias only die if killed. Otherwise they can get as old as the world. But that's not very common after all, since natural fiends, mostly The Dhorg or underworld-creatures are collecting them.

Ecology and Habitats

Green lands, wide fields, trees.

Dietary Needs and Habits

from time to time they bathe in rivers, but no one ever saw a fyria eating something.

Biological Cycle

They grow stronger in autumn and winter. Something like a cold rage rules them in winter, making them aggressive. But in spring and summer they are very peaceful and friendly creatures.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Wind Magic, Levitation, telepathy



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