Hidden between a pond-like riverarm called Riverlake, soft hills and trees lies the small village of Loos.   Loos is a special place, because it's said that it's not existing. Magic hides the place from all eyes - except them who knows, what they should see.   Many Fyrias are living here as well as Nymphs.   Since time goes by in another speed, it's a mystery for the people who walks in for just a few minutes. Time inbetween changed by years.


The number of Nymphs are quite small. They don't reproduce like other creatures, they just grow inside of the water of the Riverlake. The Fyrias are a growing species as well. The small Wind Elementals are born by wind and sunshine between the leaves of a flower or in a tree.   The whole ground is pounding with life and magic.


There is no such thing as Government in Loos.


The magic Bubble which surrounds the whole area camouflage the whole hamlet. Only when you know what to look for, you may see a glimpse of what's here and only then there's a possibility to enter. Except someone leads you in, of course.


In Loos there are no buildings. Big leaves built a roof in case of rain, besides that everybody lives under the light of the sun or the stars. Fruits are growing here, more sweet than anywhere else on Andara and feed all creatures living here.


This is the initial birthplace of the Fyrias and the Nymphs. The magic pulses through the soft floods of the Riverlake, making all of this possible.


Loos is hidden in Vidar's Shoe, right between the floods of Riverlake.

Alternative Name(s)
Gan Andor
15 Nymphs, 150 Fyrias
Location under
Vidar's Shoe


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