Gold Fever

It's a psychic illness caused by the hidden gold in the Wetlands .   The whole area around Nornes is spiked with a material which looks exactly like gold - except it isn't. When people carry a chunk of it over a short period of time, a deep greed awakens in them and they want to have more of it.

Transmission & Vectors

People who carry a chunk of Wetland-Gold over a short period of time will feel the urge to get more of the shiny metal.


Possessing Wetland-Gold leads to the urge of wanting more of it. This leads to possessing more of it, which leads to a greater urge. This goes on like a spiral, until someone can't move anymore for the weight of the gold. The urge to carry it around is so great that they are not able to leave it at home.


The people want more of the Wetland-Gold


Abstinence is the only way someone can recover. But even then there is some urge left. If the person has no great will, he will go back and start again collecting gold.


The greed forces people to get violent. Stealing, attacking, even murdering someone for Wetland-Gold are not an uncommon result.


There is no known protection from the Gold Fever.

Chronic, Acquired
Extremely Rare


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