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Oxi Repulsion Force

Still being written...   Dark and light energy repel one another. Inherently, this is true for beroxi and soroxi which results in an interesting phenomenon.   Soros is an extreme example. Soros' crust is not one solid mass like other planets. Instead, it has entire continental shelves floating several kilometers above sea level. This is due to large swathes of soroxi in the outer crust pushing against the large deposits of beroxi beneath it. Some of these masses rise higher than others. The planet is divided into three elevations: the lowlands attached to the rest of the planet, the midlands, and the highlands. Because of the large collections of either form of oxi covering thousands of kilometers, the floating continents remain securely locked in the atmosphere.   Beross has very little soroxi and is predominantly occupied by dark energy. Its crust is firmly attached but the snowy landscape is rittled with occasional hills produced by small pockets of soroxi gently pushing against the beroxi beneath it. Inherently, beneath these hills are subterranean caves rife with oxi crystals.   Serpentis is a mix. The energy flowing through the planet is particularly turbulent. Its crust has two layers: the upper shelf exposed to the elements and the subterranean shelf abundant with masses of oxi crystals and strange life. Both layers are still attached to one another in areas where repulsion forces are not at play. Serpentis is also rife with floating islands, isles, boulders, and even floating mountains in some areas. These are ever changing as the seasonal wind storms push the floating rock and land out of balance, sending them crashing to the ground. The largest of these are more stable, but as erosion wears them down, they are gradually destabilizing with time. Every year, cartographers develop a new map of these floating islands, mountains, and chunks of rock as new ones appear and old ones shift or are felled from the sky.   Oxi also has a direct influence on Serpentis' High Moutain Ridge along the planet's circumference. The substellar face generally has more soroxi and an especially high concentration at the substellar point. The same is true with the antistellar face regarding beroxi. As result, the two hemispheres push away from one another causing a makeshift divergent boundary. Serpentis does not have tectonic plates. The colossal mountain range that separates the planet's hemispheres was built by pressure from oxi repulsion continuously forcing magma upward.   Fortunately, this replusion force doesn't affect organisms.         ..... Talk about - Elevators (most famously those of the Divo Tree)


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