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The Light Planet

Soros is the second largest planetary body in the Shyrofor System, and, like Serpentis, is a very bizarre planet. The most notable attribute of this planet is its layers of landmasses known as the Upper Cities, Midlands, and Lowlands. Soros is particularly known for being the home of the Light Supremacists (“High Seyrin”) and native species namely Vezdra, Fezsa, and a variant of Tysu.
  The name Soros is derivative of the Shyrven word soro meaning “light.”

Great King

The Great King of Soros is born of royal Seyrin blood and rules the entire planet. The current Great King goes by the name of Lucius after which his first born son is named: Lucian. The first Great King, regarded as First King Tivren, was the original leader of the Light Supremacists and declare he and his followers, the “High Seyrin.” He believed that all light core beings of Shyrofor were the purest beings and that anyone who didn’t fall in the category of Sefora or Light Core (which excluded any non-natives with light-oriented cores) were part of a blight that plagued the universe. Pateru, with their Passive-Neutral core types, were the only other tolerated species purely because Pateru-Seyrin hybrids were always Seyrin. That is until they discovered that as Seyrin blood is diluted by Pateru blood, they become more and more neutral. These beliefs they cherished resulted in years of bloodshed and defecting to Soros only sealed their fate. First King Tivren was slain during these years of bloodshed and a new Great King was appointed.


Soros is considered a hostile planet due to the presence and control of the Light Supremacists, a group of Seyrin who defected from their native planet, @Serpentis. Shortly after their arrival and total control of the entire planet, the Sorossian Great King instituted a series of strict laws and regulations that denied planetary access to much of the universe. Only specific trade vessels may enter the planet. These laws and regulations have also made it extremely difficult for inhabitants of Soros to leave the planet, effectively isolating the planet from the rest of the universe and the immediate system.


Soroxi are energized crystals formed from a concentration of planetary energy. Soroxis is derivative of the Shyrven words soro and xilo meaning “sharp” or “point,” loosely translating to “Light Point”. Soroxi are present on every planet in the Shyrofor System as well as other inhabited planets of the Shyrofor Galaxy. These energized crystals are heavily abundant on Soros and the energy that produced them plays a vital role in the formation of the floating layers of the planet’s crust.

Landmass Layers

Soros’ crust is divided into three layers: Upper Cities, Midlands, and Lowlands. The Upper Cities are at the highest land altitude of Soros and have been colonized by the Light Supremacists. The Midlands are a lower lying mass, beneath the Upper Cities, followed by the Lowlands which are not floating and are the immediate surface of the planet Soros. These large floating landmasses encircle the entire planet and are a result of low gravity combined with the concentration of light energy present on the planet.


The immediate surface of Soros is quite unforgiving. Large stretches of it is shaded by the above layers and therefore a sparse and shadowed world. There are some large pockets of sunshine which are considered oases because of the denser vegetation that support a wider variety of organisms. In addition to low light exposure, precipitation doesn’t always effectively reach the Lowlands. There are some freshwater rivers that fall from the Midlands and fill reservoirs and streams, but otherwise, the Lowlands has limited freshwater in addition to vast salt lakes and briny seas. Succulents are the dominating plant type of this arid world.
  A False Sefora species known as Vezdra is the apex predator of the Lowlands and they are also the dominant predator of the entire planet thanks to their ravenous appetite and ambush tactics. While the Lowlands are their preferred habitat, they can be found throughout the Midlands and are occasionally observed basking in the Upper Cities.


In a word, the Midlands would be considered lush. A wide array of life flourishes on this fertile land. The Midlands is made up of large stretches of floating land making up moderate to large continents and pockets of densely packed islands and rock. The climate is less unforgiving in much of this layer than the Lowlands. It rains frequently across much of the Midlands as evaporation of the Lowland oceans fuel thick cloud formation in the above atmosphere. This rain collects in vast pools on the Midlands and much drains down into the seas and freshwater Lowland reservoirs.
  Some areas of the Midlands are ever-changing worlds however. As pockets of light energy concentration fluctuates, landmasses tend to rise and fall. Chunks fo land occasionally breaks from the Lowlands and collides into the Midlands, breaking apart continental stretches or merging with them. Sometimes, Midland masses will sink back to the Lowlands and later rise. All this however is often a very slow process which offers new soil and fresh materials to replenish the fertile floating landscape.

Upper Cities

The Upper Cities consist of higher floating stretches of land above the Midlands where inhabitants can enjoy land stability. The Seyrin of Soros have claimed the Upper Cities as their home and built cities from which the Upper Cities gets its name. Technology here is not nearly as advanced as the rest of the immediate universe due to isolation. The highest point of the Upper Cities is considered the High Cities which is strictly for the royal family and those they allow there such as friends and those employed there.
Current Great King
Lucius   Heir


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