Demon Guard

The Demon Guard is the first formation of military developed in the universe. Formed after the Serpentians went into hiding several millennia ago, the Demon Guard is a group of elite combat soldiers deployed throughout Serpentis exclusively to fight the demon menace. For a very brief time they were used to combat the Light Supremacists after a hostile takeover. Their sole purpose is to safeguard the Serpentian people from corruption and the creatures that come of it.   The Intergalactic Convoy, an organization originating from Ethiea, was inspired by the Demon Guard but on a grand scale. Serpentis is the first location IGC recruits go to train and many train alongside the Demon Guard or are stationed there long term.   Stations are located in great numbers along the Dark Zone border where demons enter during the winters. And while a comparative few do breach the border from time to time, many Demon Guards are on-call during the relatively peaceful Summers. They begin to regroup at the first sign of Fall when Ciloenth begins to creep across the sky. By Winter, the Demon Guard is at full force and ready to take on the overflow of demons that break from the mountainous rim.   Other stations are located around all major cities, lesser cities, and most other established civilizations. Guards are stationed heavily in Thess and the Spaceport City especially where greater populations are at risk of attack. They can be observed patrolling the city, standing guard within and just beyond the immediate city UV barriers.   The Demon Guard acts in association with the IGC and the Ny’kor kingdom.
Military, Armed Forces


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