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A Cold Night's Feast

A traditional meal hosted by Daerlic at the Hollow Pine Tavern

Ah welcome Traveler! Please come in!   Make yourself at home, the food is just about ready to serve. You can hang your belongings up over there by the fire if you'd like and take a seat anywhere. Will you be needing a room for tonight, or are you just joining us for the evening meal?
We're serving one of my personal favorites, a recipe my momma taught me when I was a small lad before the war, Miltiades receive her soul. One of the best gifts I've ever been given.   Just smell those spices!
  I'm sure it's finished by now, it's a popular meal in these parts, spiced potatoes and rice served with fresh wild rice bread. Let me go grab you some!
  Here you go! I brought you a good tall mug of mead as well, just got a batch in this morning from Janis right down the road. He brews the best drinks in the areas, just be careful, they have a bit of a bite on the first sip!
  Delicious, isn't it!?
The recipe?
  Of course I'm willing to share it! My momma told me there's no point cooking food for someone if you aren't willing to share it all! Good food deserves to be passed around, besides if they really wanted it again they might try to figure it by themselves!
And we don't want them messing up perfection!

Wild Rice Bread

Take your rice flour and create a mound in your mixing bowl
Add a couple spoon fulls of oil and mix together (Make sure to get in there real good with your fingers, yes your fingers. My momma was very adamant that you can't make bread without your fingers, have to feel the dough to know it's ready.)
Next take some cold water and add it to the flour in small slashes, kneading it until it comes together to form a beautiful silky dough
Divide it into small palm sized pieces and gently pad each of them out until about a fourth of an inch thick
Cover with a cloth to prevent them from drying out
Heat your pan over your fire and add a couple inches of oil
Once smoking hot gently lay your one of your dough pieces into the oil, flipping every few seconds (I have been told multiple times that this is unnecessary by many people. I prefer to ignore them, flipping it makes me feel better.)
Once golden brown remove from oil and let drain
Repeat with the rest of your dough
  To keep them warm wrap them in a towel and lay them near the base of the fire while you cook the rest of your meal.

Spiced Potatoes

Heat pan over fire and add oil, once hot add in your mustard seed and stir for about a minute (No food is done right unless you toast your spices first, that's what my momma's momma taught her and that's what she taught me, and nothin's better than my momma's cooking.)
Add chopped potatoes and onions and let fry
Once golden add in the fresh green beans cut in half (Make sure you cut off the little stabby end too, nothing fun about having that stab you in the mouth if you ask me...)
Season with a generous helping of turmeric, cumin, salt, garlic powder, chili powder, and chili flakes (Believe me the spicier the better)
Fry until dark golden brown and crispy
Add in chopped tomatoes and their juice and cook until soft
Add a couple cups of water and cook until reduced to a thick creamy sauce
Cover and set aside until ready to serve


Rinse the rice thoroughly before use, water should drain clear (If it isn't clear that means there's still a ton of starch on it and that'll make it gross and pasty, you don't want nasty pasty rice under your potates. Believe me.)
Add two parts water to one part rice to a pot and cover
Let simmer over the fire until all water has been absorbed and the rice is tender
  Dish out your rice and top generously with the spiced potatoes, which have now had a little bit of time to sit and develop an even more intense flavor. Serve immediately and relish in the warmth of the spices, and don't forget to grab a piece of that freshly made bread to mop up the extra sauce. Additionally you can garnish your spiced potatoes with some extra finely diced onions if you're feeling fancy.   Once you've finished your meal we can indulge in a cup of the best milk you've never had! I finished this batch this yesterday afternoon, and my momma always told me it was the best on the second day.  

Pine Milk

Cover the pine nuts with water and leave them to soak overnight
Drain the water, rinse well, and add fresh water with a stick of cinnamon and turmeric (Some will tell you this is *optional*, no. It's not.)
Common ratios are two or four cups of water for every cup of nuts. (My momma always used the former of the two, it's just better that way she'd say.)
Lightly crush the nuts and spices
Leave to soak for an additional 4 to six hours
Grind the mixture with a large stone mortar and pestle until pulpy and thoroughly mashed
Pour into a container lined with a fine mesh milk cloth and gently squeeze until all the liquid is separated from the solids (Reserve the left over solids for use in other recipes such as cereal mixes, protein bars, breads, and pancakes. You'll thank me later.)   We can be enjoy it cold, which is super refreshing, or we can boil it until it's thick and creamy and have it with some freshly ground cinnamon dusted on top. The best comfort drink in the world hot or cold. If you like it sweeter you can always add a dab of honey that we got from one of the valleys, or some blended sweet grass from up north! Never thought you could make something that's perfect even better, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't add an extra touch of sweetness to my pine milk every now and again, and my momma didn't raise no liar!
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The Fire
Make sure that your cooking fire is well fed but controlled. You can't enjoy your meal if your home is on fire.
Additionally don't forget to place the metal stand for your pan before you light your fire, that is definitely a decision you'll regret.
Unless you happen to be fire proof...
  Cooking Tools
Well seasoned skillet
(Preferably carbon steel or iron with wide slopping sides and a round bottom)
Long wooden or metal spoon
Metal pot
Mixing Bowl
Long metal cooking sticks


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