Titans are the ancient creators of Ambrosia and parents to all the supernatural creatures living in the world.   They were creatures of immense power and ingenuity. It is said that they came from the stars and uplifted humanity from a dark age of pain and suffering into a brilliant world filled with wonder and ... terrors.   The Titans might have left this world hundreds of years ago but their work and legacy lives on through the actions of their children and the cultural and technological heritage which sprouted from their teachings.    

Known Titans

  1. Coeus, Titan of Intelligence and Farsight
  2. Cronus, Titan of Time
  3. Crius, Titan of the Heavens and Air
  4. Hyperion, Titan of Light
  5. Iapetus, Titan of Life
  6. Mnemosyne, Titan of Memory
  7. Oceanus, Titan of the Ocean
  8. Tethys, Titaness of Water
  9. Rhea, Titaness of Fertility
  10. Helios, Titan of Sun and Light
  11. Atlas, Titan of Endurance and Earth
  The Titans, although all powerful being are not considered to hold any true divine power. They are not feared or loved by the people since none of the living for hundreds of years had anything to do with them.   The God-kings and legendary horrors of Ambrosia, consider them parents. The common people build their temples to the Primordial Deities of Ambrosia.


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