Pankration was a sporting event introduced during the first Olympic games. Pankration is a mix of wrestling and boxing with hardly any rules. Pankration started as the harshest and least organized form of hand to hand combat as a form of entertainment for solders around the camps of Ambrosia but soon developed into a fully fledged martial art which employs a variety of grapples and force redirection in order to subdue one's opponent.   The martial art is nowadays practised and taught through Gymnasiums all over the free city states of Hellas.   In addition to grapples the artists of Pankration use a series of locking, choking, throwing and take-down techniques which are optimised for combat in the muddy conditions of a military camp. In civil society the mud is replaced by oil applied to the naked martial artists by young boys and girls before the battle as they make their "honours" to Apollo and Ares.


Pankration is a hand to hand combat between two participants. The conduct of the participants is observed by their trainers and 3 judges during official games or a host of soldiers around the mud lakes the combat creates.


The sport is taking place in Gymnasiums and military camps around Hellas but the true celebration of Pankration takes place once every four years in Olympia during the Olympic Games.


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