Mediterranean Sea

The life giving sea of the world of Ambrosia. The scene where all plays are performed. The theatre of all major military conflict and the greatest bounty for all God Kings and Queens. Enter the Mediterranean Sea.   The Mediterranean Sea is the focal point of Ambrosia. Most of the kingdoms of the world rely on free unobstructed trade and fair winds in order to keep this sensitive system or interconnected trade and cultural exchange working.


The Lands of Hellas l and the Rest of Europa lay at the north of the Mediterranean sea, in the west the Herculean Pillars separate it from the Great Atlantic Ocean and the Island chain of Atlantida islands. In the south the great continent of Ethiopia. Finally in the east the land of Babylonia span all the way to the edge of the Indus Valley

Fauna & Flora

The temperate environment of the Mediterranean makes it the perfect place for most of the species of the planet in one shape of form. Although the region might not have the biodiversity found in the newly discovered jungles of south Ethiopia, it is indeed a thriving habitat for thousands of species of plants and animals. Great flocks of birds soar the skies and great herds of animals graze the meadows of north Ethiopia and Babylonia.   The sea itself thrives with life, hundreds of fish, dolphins, seals, whales and predatory sharks call the Mediterranean their home.

Natural Resources

The Mediterranean is filled with a rich bounty of fish, pearls and all sorts of creatures including the underwater cities of the Triton tribes. The shores of the sea, provide salt, and golden sand. The shallows are rich with kelp.   Less commonly known the depths of the Mediterranean are a rich source of iron, tin and gold. which the Triton tribes exploit and vie over.
Alternative Name(s)
The Basic, The Inner Sea

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