The gates of Hattusa are guarded by the lions of glory and truth, passing them with a tainted soul will only make sure you never leave the city, ever. This is the main reason for the overpopulation we have - this and the wine
— Anonymous
  Hattusa stands as a great Free city in the heart of the lands of the HIttites. The city is build in the center of the loop of the Halys river. The lands surrounding the city include rich agricultural fields and hill lands for pastures. Rare woods are cropped and gathered from the surrounding forests. The excellent timber that can be found around the city is also the main source of trade for the settlement.


The population of Hattusa is almost exclusively human, the only exception to this rule is the centaur mercenaries group inhabiting the warriors district.


Hattusa is led by a council of warriors selected by the seven tribes of the Hiittites. Each elected warrior-king has a place in the council. Each year a warrior-king takes the role master of the keys which gives him executive powers and the ability to rule over the council.


Most of the city's economy is structured around the felling, preparation and manufacturing of timber. The red oak trees of Hattusa are prepared and then shipped across the lands to become the ships and palaces of the King-Gods of the world.   The city enjoys access to a great source of fresh water and transportation. The River of Halys and the great lake of Halysia serve as the gateway to the Black Sea and from there to the mighty city of Troy and the rest of the world.


Hattusa started as the meeting point for the 7 tribes of the Hittite people. As years passed by and the tribes grew and had to meet more often, people tend leave representatives there. The meetings soon became almost monthly and the location became a great hub for all diplomatic contacts and trade. as the city grew more people gathered to serve its needs and to grow its needed infrastructure.


Hattusa is the youngest of the great cities of the world but this only means that it was built following the most up-to-date civil engineering and infrastructure methodology. Most other cities grew slowly over time but Hattusa was completely designed before anyone build any stone building on its grounds - making the city a beautiful place for all its inhabitants.
Alternative Name(s)
The Empire-city, The Homeland of the Hittites, The never blinking lady of souls
Large city
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