The condition / state of someone with Ambrosia in them.   It is not exactly known how Ambrosia works, but what is fairly certain is that people under the shroud of divinity have their lifespans extended and generally enjoy a sickness free existence.   Judging from the God-Kings and God-Queens of Ambrosia a person with ambrosia coursing through their veins can be over 500 years old and not seem to be a day older than the day they received their blessing or reached the apogee of their vitality and prowess.   In addition to good health and longevity divinity seemingly randomly grants its subjects supernatural abilities which can span from supernatural strength and agility to instantaneous healing, telepathic abilities or the ability to create fire out of thin air or set things ablaze at a distance.

Transmission & Vectors

Divinity can be given to someone by consuming Ambrosia. Alternatively the children of those carrying the condition also inherit it but the effects can manifest completely different to the offspring.

Nanite / Mechanical
Chronic, Acquired & Congenital
Extremely Rare


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