Over the entrance to the temple at Delphi the inscription reads: KNOW THYSELF! It reminds its visitors that man must never believe himself to be more than mortal - and that no man can escape his destiny. - Anonymous
  Delphi is the seat of the Oracle of Pythia and the capital city of Apollo's realm. A city that is visited by every man seeking to understand the world around them and the importance of art and culture in their lives.


90% Humans, 4% Centaurs, 2% Fauns, 2% Dryads, 2% all other


Delphi is ruled by the Gerontia of Delphi. A body consisting of twelve elders priests of the Temple of Apollo. The council is led by the never-present Apollo who, in general has little to no time to spare for non cultural matters.


Delphi is defended by a 12 feet high wall called the Polygonal wall. The polygonal wall not only raises the city's defences but also creates a series of terraces used as the support for housing the Great temple of Apollo.

Industry & Trade

Delphi's economy is based on trade. Olive oil, wine might not be as important as it's great cultural scene, but ensure that Delphi will be able to continue operating. The income gained by trade is used by the rich and the powerful of Delphi to produce great works of drama, song and other forms of entertainment, all in the name of culture and Apollo.


The Delphi is known for it's Theatre, Tholos, Gymnasium, Hippodromos, the Castallan Spring and of course the Great temple of Apollo. In addition to that the city is decorated by an impressive array of coloured statues that lead all visitors to the Stoa of the Athenians.


Delphi is known as the "Vault of Athens". The treasury of Delphi is the most well guarded vault in the Kingdoms of Hellas. Gold, Silver, gems and artefacts of innumerable value are hidden deep in its vaults.

Guilds and Factions

By far the most important organization in Delphi is the headquarters of the Amphictyonic League (also known as the League of neighbors), an ancient semi-religious organization which formed when the great free cities of Hellas were still tribes roamins the grasslands and mountains of Greece.


The headquarters of the Amphictryonic League are one of the jewels of Delphi. Standing 5 stories high and completely constructed of white marble was built on purpose three terraces lower than the Great Temple of Apollo so it doesn't cast its impressive shadow onto the temple, the building of the oracles of the Theatre which are located on the first and second terraces of the city.


Delphi is built on the slopes of Mount Parnasus the whole of the city is built on a 30 degrees inclined mountain side. The architects of the city created a series of nine terraces each dedicated to one of the nine Muses.   The lands around Delphi are filled with olive tress and vineyards hanging by the edge of the cliffs around the city.   It was the geographic location of Delphi that makes it the best place for the free city of Athens to keep their treasury there. Delphi might not be impregnable like Troy but any army would have a very hard time laying a siege to the city due to the precarious terrain.

Natural Resources

All the white marble that was used to build Delphi was excavated about an hour away as the crow flies from Delphi. This white marble quarry is one of the least exploited industries of Delphi but provides the city with its unique architecture which makes it shine bright in the midst of the Mediterranean summer.
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