There is no place in the world where the land and sea come together in a sweet symfony of the white of the foam and the blue of the sea - no other place like Atlantis, the Jewel of the West - Plutarch
  The capital of the Kingdom of Poseidon, Atlantis is the jewel of the far-west.   Atlantis is a city of great spires rising tens of meters above anything else for miles. The great walls of Atlantis rise 20 feet high around the city on land and the half of the city districts submerged under the water of the shallows.   The highest of the spires, the Poseidonium, is the seat of the great God-King Poseidon, ruler of the Atlantic and all seas. The temple to Poseidon's mother Thalassa   The city is separated into the following districts:
  • The Spires, Seat of the Governmental building and the Temple of Thalassa
  • The Chrysion, The trade district and port (over and underwater)
  • The Cthonion, The underwater residential quarter of the city
  • The Altion, The overwater residential quarter of the city
  • The Gnosticon, The science and education quarter of the city (submerged)
  • The Filion, The cultural and entertainment quarter of the city (overwater)
  • The Akontinian Fortress, not a district but the mighty fortress overlooking and protecting the whole of the City
  • The city has various manufacturing sections and wide spread agriculture of both underwater kelp and over water golden grains on the valleys around the main settlement.


    65% Atlantian 30% Triton(species) 3% Octopodian(species) 2% Other, mixed


    The City of Atlantis is governed by the Council of the Blue under the constant and strict guidance and supervision of the Almighty God-King Poseidon


    The city of Atlantis is protected by two 20-feet concentric walls which span around both the underwater and over-water districts of the city. At its deepest the walls extend 50 feet underwater for a total of a 70 feet height.   The primary protection of the city comes from a system of 25 capped circular towers on each of the corners of the city. and the Akontinian Fortress. The Akontinian Fortress stands tall over the water gate of the city on its eastern most corner.   All ships in or out of the harbour have to pass through the fiercely guarded tunner which extends for 120 feet through the underbelly of the fortress.   In truth no enemy has ever reached even close to the walls of the city. The Atlantian Navy raises a palisade of wooden walls also known as Atlantian Trireme that guard the whole of the Atlantian territories.   On the far east the city and the kingdom is guarded by the Pillars of Hercules a Fortification system which contols all flow of water traffic in and out of the Mediterranean sea and in the Atlantic Ocean.


    Atlantis is a city of builders, makers and inventors. There are no precious stones, metals or wood in the island of Altantis. It's the people of the city that are its assets.   The Gnosticon is the center of all education research and experimentation in Atlantis. The brightest minds of the world come here to learn everything that there is to be learnt. The port of Atlantis is filled with ships ready to sail far and wide to the wildest and most dangerous of seas to discover new lands, new people and rejoice in the search for knowledge.   The wisest and the oldest might be finding refuge in the Great Library of Alexandria but it's here in the Gnosticon that young minds exchange ideas and thoughts, it's here that the future of the kingdom and the world is shaped.   On top of that the city, because of it's location is one of the most important trade hubs of the world. This is facilitated by a massive port which stands at the surface of the underwater districts. The port accommodates hundreds of ships from all the corners of the world in daily basis.


    The city is half built on the grasslands in the middle of the Island of Atlantida and half under the water. The swallows of the city go under the surface for about 50 feet. The terrain around the city is mostly meadows and grassland and the mountains of the island are a good days journey away.   Most of the land around the city is cultivated intensely and it's divided in three by three acres irrigated farmland. The irrigation canals are 12 feet wide allowing for easy transportation of good through the valley's manufacturing establishments and agricultural farms.
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