Egean Reckoning (e-GAY-ya [Egea])

Egean Reckoning (abbreviated ER) is a system for counting the passage of time. It is used by all civilized nations of the Heartlands and surrounding areas. Egean Reckoning uses the Calendar of Harptos, also known as the imperial calendar, which was conceived by the ancient Egean sage named Harptos.   The Reckoning began with year 1 on the 1st day of the Moon of Autumn, marking the day on which Harptos's calendar was adopted into common use in the fledgling nation of Egea. Periods in the imperial calendar are based on the movements of Iona and Etro -- the sun and the moon -- across the sky.   The current imperial year is 2501 ER.
Year: 12 months and 5 days (365 days total)
Month: 3 tendays or weeks
Tenday: 10 days
Day: 24 hours


by CraniumBeaver
  Imperial holy days as shown in the image above:
  • Celebration of Tomes: A celebration of learning, knowledge and history. Characterized by rituals honoring Kal-Sebek and other Empyreal gods of knowledge.
  • Festival of Niala: A holy day dedicated entirely to the worship of each and every of the Empyreal Gods.
  • Shieldmeet: A midwinter feast in which great pyres are lit and casualties of past wars are remembered. Relevant deities include Amon-Shikaar and Aegir.
  • Aelfyn's Feast: A great feast day in late winter on which even the lowliest beggar eats like a king.
  • Greengrass: A holy day in the spring, characterized by the worship of the Triumvirate of Seasons.
  • Holy Day of the Sun: A holy day in which the sun goddess Iona is honored from dawn till dusk.
  • Week of Wizardry: A week of festivities held in honor of wizards and other spellcasters. Across the entire tenday, communities give thanks to their arcanely talented members but so too are spellcasters expected to go out of their way to aid their peers with magic.
  • Seventh Day: A day of weird occurences and superstition. A day for guarding one's soul, body, family and livelihood against the dark powers of the world.
  • High Harvest: A harvest celebration.
  • Fair of Roses: A feast held to mark the end of summer. Characterized by rituals honoring the Triumvirate of Seasons, especially Alar.
  • Ascension Day: A holy day for remembering the dead. Characterized by rituals honoring Anthos and Nyx.
  • Feast of the Moon: A night-time festival of magic and darkness.
  • Sacrament of Stones: A holy day on which forgotten ancestors, spirits of nature and nameless elder gods of the Empyreals are honored.
  • Eve of Stars: A celebration for the changing of years.


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