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Alfheim is the Plane of Order, situated at the exact opposite side of the Universe from Abyss, the Plane of Chaos, and the Nine Hells of Nidavellir that lie around it.   It is the homeworld and birthplace of Celestials, also known as angels, creatures born from the raw energy of Order. Celestials are lawful creatures with strong spirits that are constantly expanding their territory into the worlds of the Outer Planes outwards from Alfheim -- their capital world -- subjugating and conquering other races as they meet them. Their great interplanar empire is known as the Heavenly Adherence and it is one of the most significant powers in the Divine Conflict.   The world of Alfehim itself is a bubble of Matter in which each of the five elements -- earth, water, air, fire and frost -- is represented in equal measure. A gargantuan, cone-shaped mountain known as Mount Celestia rises from a circular sea towards a fiery conflagration in the sky. The celestials have covered every inch of the mountain slopes in architecture, creating a world-sized city of golden rooftops, diamond gates, and garden terraces. The sea at the root of the mountain is frozen and lifeless, but above the mountain a life-giving conflagration eternally burns -- the Heavenly Spark, a sentient and immortal force of nature that is worshipped by the celestials as a deity. The strict dogma of their religion, the Heavenly Truth, underlies the tyrannical and imperialistic politics of the celestials' interplanar empire.
Other names
Plane of Order, High Heavens, Mount Celestia, Ljusalfheim
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