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The Abyss is the Plane of Chaos, situated at the exact opposite side of the Universe from Alfheim, the Plane of Order.   It is the original homeworld and birthplace of Demons, creatures born from the raw energy of Chaos. The fallen angel Asmodeus has sealed off the Abyss from the rest of the Universe, constructing atop and around it the layered world of Nidavellir, also known as the Nine Hells.   An endless, teeming horde of demons lies trapped within the Abyss -- deranged creatures of the basest impulses that slaughter each other in petty struggles for power. The release of these abyssal demons from their prison would surely have catastrophical consequences for the cosmos.
Other names
Plane of Chaos, Hel, Mörkheim, Svartalfheim
World (planet)
Various elder Demons
Location under


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