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Fast, faster, and faster.
— Unknown
  The Hyper-Drifter is a top-tier speed vehicle on the planet Cynder. They're super-fast vehicles with the learning curve of a masters degree from most universities in other universes. They're used for all kinds of purposes ranging from business, military, and primarily racing. Hyper-drifter racing events are major events year-round. People of all kinds gather around their screens to watch hyper-drifter races.   They're a sleek vehicle with a hover-device on the bottom and a large thruster in the back. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. They normally consist of a glass pod encased in an aerodynamic metal shell on the front and around the back. Within the glass shell is a pilots chair, coolant system, top of the line music control system, customizable RGB lights, and a thruster/joy-stick combination for the piloting device.

Power Generation

Fusion Core PowerCell, or FCPC for short.   The Fusion Core PowerCell is a high-powered energy source that lies at the heart of the hovercraft.   A single Fusion-Core PowerCell generates an immense amount of power, with the ability to power to sustain enough charge for an entire home for the span of ten years. That estimate is only based on the FCPC's lowest power output. The average Hyper-Drifter uses the max settings of the FCPC, and it only lasts around a year. Higher-tiered Hyper-Drifters can burn out the entire charge of an FCPC within the span of six months.   The replacement cost of the FCPCs is fairly cheap, and puts the Pilot back only around 100,000 credits per replacement.   These cells are normally created in mass-production at one of the many factories that Zyndrax Corporation owns.


RealityCell Propulsion System, or RCPS for short.   The RealityCell Propulsion System is a intricate device created


They have a high-tech sensor system which shows a layout of the land. Built into this map is a layout of other vehicles in the surrounding area.

Speed Class
"Boom, Boom, Vroom, Vroom."
1,000,000 - 100,000,000 Credits | Depends on Model
Medium-Rare | Depends on Model
Mach 7 to Mach 12 Max Speed | Depends on Model
Cargo & Passengers Capacity
1 - 2 Passengers | 500 lb - 1000 lb Cargo Capacity | Depends on Model

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