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Z Corporation plays a huge role within Alyumia, being the mega-corporation that has the most influence on the daily life of billions of people.

Public Agenda

Their public agenda is to better human life as a whole. They've expanded their reaches to achieving immortality, awakening aberrations, and becoming the mega-corporation that controls nearly every market possible.


Credits: Unlimited. They possess the means to create and use any amount of money they want. They've surpassed the system.   Pharmesutical: The entire pharmaceutical industry on the planet Cynder.   Medical: The entire medical industry on the planet Cynder.   Technological: They own a good amount of the technology industries on the planet Cynder.   Ships: They have 100 star-fleet explorer class ships. They have 25 star-fleet destroyer class ships. They have 5 star-fleet colonization class ships.   Island: The Void. They have a private island for all of their experimenting needs. They've killed off most of the island, and it's a place of strange phenomena.


Z Corporation first showed up on Cynder as a pharmaceutical company that made many different kinds of pills, and started having a major hold on the medical industry.   After a few years of having a hold on the medical industry they began focusing on pills to slow/reverse the aging of humans. This was originally created to cure a disease that reversed the aging of babies, where they aged to 90-100 within years of being born. They had succeeded with creating the cure, but also had figured out a way to reverse the aging of humans. While being able to reverse the aging process, they are also able to fully pause the aging.   Once this pill hit the market for patients, it had become a major want by the public, so much to the point where it ended up becoming legal for non-medical reasons and highly marketed by the corp. This is what began the corporation’s rise to power. Within the next decade, they had amassed a net worth of 25 Trillion Credits, 2/7ths of the world’s economy.   They had begun delving more into genetics research along with other realms of science. They had started changing the world’s ecosystem by creating chimeras and modified species of animals. There are plenty of modified species out there, like the Umbra-Fox, which is a fox made out of what seems to be some form of shadowy substance, or perhaps dark matter.   Once they caught wind of a rumor going around that someone possessed the ability to alter reality, they began to pursue the myths of old. Rumors of ancient magics, and people with links to the being everyone calls “Reality”. They soon found out that while the old magics were common, it was really rare to find someone with a natural talent to alter reality in a specific way. They wanted access to these powers themselves and to uncover some of the world-altering ancient magics on the way.   Their goal was to find these humans and reverse engineer the abilities to harness them for themselves. This project of theirs was titled Project: Aberrations. The Project was titled after the name of the abilities written in the myths.   Within the next five years, they had tracked down a single person with an aberration. The person they had tracked down was a high stakes gambler whose name was Aryn Reid. Her ability was Probability Alteration. They had approached her and offered her a large sum of money in return for her to be experimented on, and she had accepted. She had nothing better to do. By experimenting on her, they had unlocked the key to how aberrations worked. They found that access to aberrations lies in the brain, which then from there it connects to the person’s soul, which then it connects to reality. It was a select portion of the brain that was normally locked away in normal people, and was linked to a dormant gene.   They had begun searching for a way to activate this dormant gene. They soon found out that this gene is not only in humans, but it is in all animals. It makes sense, as the ability not only links to the brain, but to a creature’s soul. After months of testing on both animals and humans, they found out they were able to activate this gene which lead to the test subjects to gain access to extraordinary abilities.   Z Corporation soon began releasing this information to the public, and many of the Natural Aberrationists started to show their faces in the world. More and more naturals were showing off their abilities. This had made the general public wonder if Z had a way to activate this ability in them, and it soon became a riot in the media.   Shortly after all of the media commotion, Z Corporation announced that within the next year, 2031, they would start marketing the aberration activating surgeries. This was the point where they became the rulers of the next major industry, aberrations.   With their hold on the medical industry, the biological science industry, and the Aberration industry, they became a major world power.   Soon, they began taking over many different industries, like the technology industry by releasing new and improved computers and many other things. They also hired an aberrationist who had the ability to enter a digital world, to become the world’s next musical sensation, and with that they ended up taking over the music industry along with the aberrationist, Drake Snow.   After another few decades, due to the overpopulation of Cynder due to the anti-aging pills, they also began to create a starfleet that primarily specialized in explorer ships to explore the known universe. They did this by utilizing some of the best engineers and aberrationists they could find. They also unlocked dimensional travel by “hiring” some of the people who can manipulate dimensional travel, and creating devices to amplify their ability.


Founding Date
1977 on the Planet Cynder.
Corporation, Conglomerate
Alternative Names
Z-Corp |
The Void

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