The Doeveiga

Written by Regulus_Vaikyn

Doeveiga is a term that describes what is commonly referred to as demon hybrids, beings that possess the body of a demon, yet possesses a mind uncorrupted by demonic influence. This duality of form and mind commonly results in outcast beings wishing to either retain or join some manner of Alorean society. This is most often the case in beings unfortunate enough to find their bodies corrupted by forces outside of their control, thus originating the term. However, due to their demonic abilities, propensity to mimic true demons, and the chance of becoming fully corrupted, the Doeveiga are often feared just as much as true demons are, even when they pose no threat to society, thus causing exorbitant amounts of often unfounded mistreatment, even in the case of countries that have accepted them as rightful citizens.


Author's Notes

As with every writing endeavor, I would deeply appreciate constructive feedback, be it in the form of grammar corrections, naming ideas (which I have the most trouble with), or general questions or feedback about the world or anything within it. I thank you for your dedication of time to reading this article.

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