Soren/Parenna Magic System

Source & Distribution

The magics of Soren are hereditary, but they don't always get passed down if the child has one magical parent and one non-magical parent. If a child of one magical and one non-magical parent has children with a non-magical person, it has no effect on the strength of their child's potential powers, and the genes are passed down just as they would be in a "pureblood."  

Magic Types



Allures can sway people with their voices; they’re much like sirens. Those with this power are severely frowned upon in most places, and most try to avoid speaking whenever possible to allay people's concerns. For this reason, the Allures were the first to use sign language.  


Tremors have the ability to feel the history of a thing by touching it, and also the power to create minor earthquakes. Think Vibe from The Flash.  


Whispers can hear things on the breeze that tell them of things that are happening, sometimes a good ways off. They can also hear what’s not said in a conversation and are good at counteracting Allures.  


Seers are pretty generic. They see the future in dreams and visions.  


Redolents can smell feelings: fear, joy, sadness, etc. I have yet to determine whether they all smell emotions the same or have unique “palettes.”  


If magic-users from two different lines have a child, the result is usually a Mistwalker. How exactly a Mistwalker's powers work depends on what combination of magic genes they got, but all of them can enter others' dreams (including Seers visions), and even steal them. Generally a Mistwalkers strongest senses in these dreams are the two inherited from their parents (sight and touch for the child of a Seer and a Tremor, for instance), and other senses may be faint or entirely absent. Allure parents don't provide extra senses, but Mistwalker children of Allures may have an easier time stealing another's dream.  

Origin of the Name

The first Mistwalker was born to a Whisper and a Redolent. When he first found himself in someone else's dream he could hear the characters and smell their surroundings, but all he saw or felt was mist. When he described it to his parents, they dubbed him a Mistwalker, and the name stuck even after he discovered what the "mist" was.  


The magic began in Soren, but it started to grow in Parenna as well after King Julen married Saris Niarryn without knowing she was an Allure. Their daughter Onyx inherited the Allure traits, and it spread from there.

People of Interest:

Saris Niarryn   Onyx Andromeda   The Dream Thief


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