Before coming to Zihæt, we thought the gods were responsible for the shaking of the ground. Even I was surprised to find that it was a natural phenomenon.  

Dragonshome Island Adaptations

On the Dragonshome Islands, minor to moderate shaking of the ground occurs frequently. The peoples of the island chain have made several adaptations to building styles and land use.  

Traditional adaptations

This has resulted in damage to the stone buildings of the four major city states, and making repairs a quite common occurance. The size and frequency of windows, room directions and the presence of projections all have evolved to result in more resiliant architecture. Still, the more common approach is to rely on the services of a mage-architect or mage-smith to restore and reinforce the damaged buildings.  

Modern adaptations

On post-reconstruction Froúrio, construction has shifted away from stone to reinforced wooden buildings in a style gathered from the Eleusians. This style is more resilient and far easier to repair. Additional natural magic can be imbued in building materials to provide self-healing materials of hardness and tensile strength that far exceeds that of quarried stone.  

Cultural Impacts

The persistant threat of a quake has had theological impacts on the Drákos peoples and those that trade with them. Each culture has incorporated these natural occurances into its worldview and religious practices in different ways.  

Drákos Culture

The Drákos people, have associated the shaking of the earth with spiritual entities. Ceremonies are held to the nature spirits in order to reduce the frequency of shakes and prevent the truly severe shakes. Some classes of the population associate the severe shakes with the wrath of an ancient and powerful being.  

Human Cultures

In The Northern Peoples and Humanité populations of the Northern Continent the shaking of the earth is again associated with the displeasure of a god.   The L'église universelle, understanding the increased frequency in the Dragonshome Islands region, regales the faithful with tales of how Dieu punishes the unworthy, and how quakes will be part of his righteous wrath.


Froúrio nisí is extremely geothermally active, as it and the remaining Dragonshome Islands lie along a very large subduction zone.

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