There is nothing more peaceful and reassuring than watching the ribbons of color thread their way through the moons lit night.
— Dorothea (4702)
  Zihæt's bright aurora can be perceived from the northern Dragonshome Islands and across the Northern Continent. Shades of green, purple, and yellow form rivers across the sky, between the moons.  

Cultural Differences

The northern tribes of the Norjord and the Rus view the aurora as a gift from benevolent gods. It is the light and warmth shining down on the north. Another legend suggests that the lights are reflections from the shields and armor of the Valkyrie. Sometimes the aurora is referred to as the Bifrost bridge.   The Holy Empire of Humanité refers to the aurora as the light of Dieu, shielding the faithful from evil in the night.   The Drákos peoples view the streams of light as the spirits protecting the world from outside evils. It is considered a good omen.  


When the aurora is powerful, practitioners of Bloodline magic and Natural Magic report more substantial but less predictable effects. Scholars believe these fluctuations to be the result of the interaction between the native background magic of Zihæt and the heavens.

The Solar System of Zihæt

Several elements of the Planetary System Inspiration drive the behavior and characteristics of the Aurora. Check out the inspiration article to understand more.


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