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428th Year of the 10th Thousand

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The 10th era dawns in Agora, industrial revolutions, magical epiphanies, spiritual awakenings. The scientist build great engines harnessing the raw power of magic for cities, vehicles, and weapons. The wizards look over these devices, maintaining and refueling them with magic straight from the world itself. The clerics and priest hold tight to the ways of the old Gods while masses of new faithful create their own.


In all the chaos and advancement there is opportunity for untold wonders, but also, untold dangers. In the dark just out of sight forces work tirelessly to bring upon destruction. Nations gear up for war over technology or ideologies, and few begin noticing that magic may not be an infinite resource.


Agora is a world encompassing multiple fantasy tropes and varying degrees of magic or technology. The world is always changing and evolving and influenced heavily by campaigns and characters that other real people interject. The goal is to have a collaborative world that others can use for campaigns as well and to help fill in the edges of the map and the timelines as well.