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Isabella De Luca

Isabella is a member of an ancient Bolognese family famed for its production of lawyers and lovers. She decided to break with one half of the family traditions by earning her doctorate in archaeology from the Università di Bologna. On the other hand, she's more than upheld the De Luca honor in relazioni extraconiugali, with rumors involving the son of a Duca, a Conte, and rather scandalously, the wife of a government minister. This last relationship caused enough trouble that Isabella decided to spend the last two years in Egyptian Sudan, exploring the ruins of Napata.   Having returned to Europe, she is conducting a series of lectures across Germany, while she waits to hear if passions have cooled enough in Italy.

I Don't Care What You Think
Only Fools Forget the Past
Kings and Peasants Are All the Same
There Is No Fire Without a Spark
Weakness for a Pretty Face
Legendary +8 Epic +7 Fantastic +6 Superb +5 Great +4 Good +3 Fair +2 Average +1 Mediocre +0 Poor -1 Terrible -2 Catastrophic -3 Horrific -4
Academics Great +4 Athletics Good +3 Engineering Mediocre 0 Fight Mediocre 0 Investigation Good +3 Might Mediocre 0 Mysteries Average +1 Notice Fair +2 Rapport Mediocre 0 Resolve Average +1 Science Fair +2 Shoot Fair +2 Sneak Mediocre 0 Vehicles Average +1 Wilderness Average +1


I Know Your Weak Spot
You instinctually figure out people’s soft spots, without even having exchanged a conversation with them. Just a quick once over will give you the ammo you need. You gain a +2 when assaulting a person verbally.
Eliminate the Impossible
Once per scene, you can convert a failed Investigation roll into the opportunity to eliminate a possibility. Using this stunt means that while you don’t learn the answer that you were seeking, you do discover that something that had been an option is not correct.
Ancient Scribe
You are an expert on the languages of the pre-Roman cultures of Egypt and the Middle East. You have a +2 on an Academics roll when reading any of these languages.

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