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Stalu Trails

The Stalu Trails run through a set of rocky mountains and hills located in Cloddendale. This land is wild, overrun with bandits and thieves who lie in wait to steal from unsuspecting travelers who are not familiar with the area. As a result of this, even more crafty folk who wish to scheme will promise to help others pass through the mountains safely when, in actuality, they are the very robbers that will take advantage of you.


The mountains and hills stretch on from Cloddendale all the way up into Lytelcroft. A bit of them trail off near Dryhtenhaven as well.


This area adopts most of the weather that can be found in Cloddendale. Some of it is desertlike, but there are many areas with grasses, lush trees, and green plants. At certain points, the mountains reach high altitudes that cause climbers to become chilled by the colder air, but it does not snow or freeze unless Cloddendale is experiencing an icy winter season.

Fauna & Flora

Many large birds nest in the cliffs. Climbing goats, deer, and other hooved animals can be seen high up on the rocks. Many herbivorous beasts graze in the grassy areas, while snakes and lizards can be found in the sandy sections.


Many people familiar with the area try to avoid it at all costs or come prepared with weapons, armor, mounts, and people to aid in combat, vigilance, and escape if the party is ambushed. Only a person who is unaware of stories would dare to travel into the trails alone.
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