Guide to Templates

Templates exist primarily to get your creative juices flowing. Each one is full of numerous fields, each one a prompt asking you about details related to what you're writing about. Not all fields are required, at all. Whatever you don't fill out won't appear on the page, simple as that.   Templates have the secondary effect of cross-association. For example, character articles can be set as the parents of other character articles, or as the owners of organizations, and so forth. For this reason, it behooves you to consider which template is right for the job.
Click the title of each to jump to its section, or hover it for a quick brief.


This template isn't specifically for something man-made. It can be for landmarks, like a tree, a rock formation, or even a coin embedded in the center of a cross road. Is it a ruin, and if so, what was it like beforehand?  
Perhaps your characters use this important location to figure out where they are or want to go next. An abandoned structure suddenly becomes a place of refuge to a notorious fugitive. A message inscribed on the walls of an ancient cave unveils an ominous prophecy. The skull of a legendary behemoth marks the grounds of a hunting challenge held once a century, inspiring countless ballads.
  The uses of this Template are limited only by your imagination. Complete List of Location Types
  • Abbey
  • Acropolis / Citadel
  • Airport
  • Alleyway
  • Allotment
  • Amphitheatre
  • Apartment
  • Apartment building / Tenament
  • Aqueduct
  • Arcade
  • Architectural Element, Catwalk
  • Architectural Element, Dungeon
  • Architectural Element, Entrance / Entryway
  • Architectural Element, Gallery
  • Architectural Element, Rooftop
  • Archway / Triumphal Arch
  • Arcology / Residential Complex
  • Arsenal
  • Art gallery
  • Aviary
  • Bank / Treasury
  • Barber / Dentist / Surgery
  • Barracks
  • Barrow / Burial ground
  • Bathhouse
  • Battlesite / Battlefield
  • Bench
  • Blacksmith / Smithy
  • Boathouse / Wharf
  • Brewery / Winery
  • Bridge
  • Brothel / Whorehouse
  • Bunker
  • Cafe / Tearoom
  • Cairn
  • Canal
  • Canal lock
  • Casino
  • Castle
  • Catacomb
  • Cathedral / Great temple
  • Cemetery
  • Chapel
  • Circus
  • Clinic
  • College / Academy
  • Consulate
  • Courthouse
  • Cowshed
  • Crypt
  • Customs house
  • Dam
  • Dance club
  • Datacenter
  • Dungeon
  • Embassy
  • Estate
  • Factory
  • Farm
  • Fishery
  • Footpath
  • Fort
  • Fortress
  • Foundry
  • Fountain
  • Garage
  • Garden
  • Gatehouse
  • Gazebo / Bandstand
  • Geographic Feature
  • Government complex
  • Graveyard
  • Great hall
  • Guard post / house
  • Guildhall
  • Gym
  • Hangar, Massive
  • Hideout
  • Highway
  • Hospital
  • Hospitality, Hotel
  • Hospitality, Motel
  • Hospitality, Resort
  • Hospitality, Spa
  • House
  • House, Large
  • Hut
  • Hydroponics / Agricultural complex
  • Inn
  • Jeweler
  • Keep
  • Kiosk / Small store
  • Laboratory
  • Lair
  • Landing Pad
  • Library
  • Lighthouse
  • Manor house / Meeting hall
  • Mansion / Villa
  • Manufactory
  • Market square
  • Market stall
  • Megastructure, Dyson Sphere
  • Megastructure, Land based
  • Megastructure, Orbital scale
  • Megastructure, Planetary scale
  • Megastructure, Stellar scale
  • Megastructure, Trans-orbital
  • Military base / complex
  • Mill
  • Mine
  • Ministry / City hall
  • Missile launch facility
  • Monastery
  • Monument / Statue, Large
  • Monument, Large
  • Museum
  • Natural Wonder
  • Observatory / Telescope
  • Office
  • Opera house
  • Orbital, Beacon / Buoy
  • Orbital, Halo / Ringworld
  • Orbital, Outpost
  • Orbital, Satelite
  • Orbital, Shipyard
  • Orbital, Space elevator
  • Orbital, Station
  • Orbital, Way/ Refueling station
  • Orbital, Weapons platform
  • Orphanage
  • Palace
  • Park
  • Parliament
  • Pier
  • Pigsty
  • Police/Fire station
  • Portal
  • Post office
  • Power plant
  • Prison
  • Prison camps
  • Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
  • Public hall / house
  • Quarry
  • Racing track / Hippodrome
  • Railroad
  • Refinery / Industrial complex
  • Reservoir
  • Retirement home
  • Road
  • Room, Animal, Apiary
  • Room, Animal, Aquarium
  • Room, Animal, Aviary
  • Room, Animal, Dovecot
  • Room, Animal, Enclosure
  • Room, Animal, Insect Room
  • Room, Animal, Menagerie
  • Room, Animal, Pen
  • Room, Animal, Stable
  • Room, Animal, Tackroom
  • Room, Chamber, Council
  • Room, Chamber, Execution
  • Room, Chamber, Teleportation
  • Room, Chamber, Torture
  • Room, Common, Antechamber
  • Room, Common, Attic
  • Room, Common, Balcony
  • Room, Common, Basement
  • Room, Common, Bathroom
  • Room, Common, Bedroom
  • Room, Common, Boiler room
  • Room, Common, Boudoir
  • Room, Common, Broom Closet
  • Room, Common, Cellar
  • Room, Common, Cloak room
  • Room, Common, Closet / Wardrobe
  • Room, Common, Conservatory
  • Room, Common, Dining Room
  • Room, Common, Dressing room
  • Room, Common, Elevator / Lift
  • Room, Common, Family Room
  • Room, Common, Gameroom
  • Room, Common, Garage
  • Room, Common, Garderobe
  • Room, Common, Green Room
  • Room, Common, Hall
  • Room, Common, Kitchen
  • Room, Common, Living Room
  • Room, Common, Office
  • Room, Common, Pantry
  • Room, Common, Parlour
  • Room, Common, Reception
  • Room, Common, Sauna
  • Room, Common, Smoking Room
  • Room, Common, Solar
  • Room, Common, Spa
  • Room, Common, Stairwell/Staircase
  • Room, Common, Study
  • Room, Common, Swimming Pool
  • Room, Common, Tea Room
  • Room, Common, Toilet / WC
  • Room, Common, Undercroft
  • Room, Common, Utility Closet
  • Room, Common, Waiting room
  • Room, Common, Washing room / Laundry
  • Room, Common, Workshop
  • Room, Conference / Meeting Room
  • Room, Corridor, Junction
  • Room, Corridor, Section
  • Room, Corridor. Fork
  • Room, Court, Legal
  • Room, Dome, Living
  • Room, Dome, Terrarium
  • Room, Education, Auditorium
  • Room, Education, Classroom
  • Room, Education, Lecture Hall
  • Room, Education, Library
  • Room, Entertainment, Arcade
  • Room, Entertainment, Games court
  • Room, Entertainment, Holodeck
  • Room, Entertainment, Ice Ring
  • Room, Entertainment, Playroom
  • Room, Hall, Banquet
  • Room, Hall, Dance
  • Room, Hall, Mead
  • Room, Hall, Throne Room
  • Room, Lab, Alchemical
  • Room, Lab, Chemistry
  • Room, Lab, Scientific
  • Room, Medical, Apothecary
  • Room, Medical, Delivery Room
  • Room, Medical, Diagnostic / Imaging
  • Room, Medical, ER
  • Room, Medical, Examination
  • Room, Medical, ICU
  • Room, Medical, Laboratory
  • Room, Medical, Nursery
  • Room, Medical, Recovery Room
  • Room, Medical, Surgery Theatre
  • Room, Medical, Ward
  • Room, Military, Armoury
  • Room, Military, Command
  • Room, Military, Gatehouse
  • Room, Military, Guardhouse
  • Room, Military, Mess hall
  • Room, Military, Wall section
  • Room, Military, War Room
  • Room, Natural, Cavern
  • Room, Outdoors, Alleyway
  • Room, Outdoors, Allotment
  • Room, Outdoors, Court
  • Room, Outdoors, Courtyard
  • Room, Outdoors, Garden
  • Room, Outdoors, Greenhouse
  • Room, Outdoors, Swimming pool
  • Room, Religious, Aisles
  • Room, Religious, Apse
  • Room, Religious, Chancel
  • Room, Religious, Chapel
  • Room, Religious, Choir stalls
  • Room, Religious, Clerestory
  • Room, Religious, Loft
  • Room, Religious, Mausoleum
  • Room, Religious, Monastic Cell
  • Room, Religious, Nave
  • Room, Religious, Pulpit
  • Room, Religious, Sanctuary
  • Room, Religious, Sanctum / Septum
  • Room, Religious, Shrine
  • Room, Religious, Steeple
  • Room, Religious, Tomb
  • Room, Religious, Transept
  • Room, Religious, Triforium
  • Room, Religious, Vestry
  • Room, Scientific, Laboratory
  • Room, Secret, Chamber
  • Room, Secret, Entry
  • Room, Secret, Passage
  • Room, Security, Cell
  • Room, Security, Safe
  • Room, Security, Saferoom
  • Room, Security, Treasury / Treasure Room
  • Room, Security, Vault
  • Room, Ship, Armourer Citadel
  • Room, Ship, Armoury
  • Room, Ship, Bilge
  • Room, Ship, Bridge
  • Room, Ship, Cabin
  • Room, Ship, Caboose
  • Room, Ship, Cannon / Gun deck
  • Room, Ship, Deck
  • Room, Ship, Engine Room
  • Room, Ship, Fire room
  • Room, Ship, Flying Bridge
  • Room, Ship, Forecastle
  • Room, Ship, Galley
  • Room, Ship, Gangway
  • Room, Ship, Gunroom
  • Room, Ship, Hold
  • Room, Ship, Magazine
  • Room, Ship, Maproom
  • Room, Ship, Navigation
  • Room, Ship, Operations
  • Room, Ship, Orlop
  • Room, Ship, Prominade
  • Room, Ship, Quarters, Captain
  • Room, Ship, Quarters, Crew
  • Room, Ship, Quarters, Officer
  • Room, Ship, Saferoom
  • Room, Ship, Sick bay
  • Room, Ship, Steerage
  • Room, Ship, Wardroom
  • Room, Special, Buttery
  • Room, Special, Catacomb
  • Room, Special, Counting House
  • Room, Special, Crawlspace / Jefferies tube
  • Room, Special, Crypt
  • Room, Special, Engineering
  • Room, Special, Factory Floor
  • Room, Special, Forge
  • Room, Special, Furnace / incinerator
  • Room, Special, Ice house
  • Room, Special, Observatory
  • Room, Special, Oratory / Solar
  • Room, Special, Postroom
  • Room, Special, Scullery
  • Room, Special, Server Room
  • Room, Special, Trophies room
  • Room, Storage, Freezer
  • Room, Storage, Loading Bay
  • Room, Storage, Other
  • Room, Storage, Warehouse
  • Room, Studio, Art
  • Room, Studio, Film
  • Room, Studio, Music
  • Room, Studio, Other
  • Room, Theatre, Box
  • Room, Theatre, Hall
  • Room, Theatre, Home
  • Room, Theatre, Stage
  • Room, Tower, Clock
  • Room, Tower, Other
  • Room, Tower, Wizard
  • Room, Training, Gym
  • Room, Training, Sparring
  • School
  • Seaport
  • Sewer, network
  • Sewer, section
  • Shed
  • Sheepfold
  • Shop, Cobbler
  • Shop, Generic
  • Shop, Magic
  • Shop, Tailor
  • Shopping mall / Commercial Complex
  • Shrine
  • Skyscraper
  • Slaughterhouse
  • Smelter
  • Spaceport
  • Spot
  • Stables
  • Stadium
  • Statue
  • Storage house / Silo
  • Street
  • Supermarket / Megastore
  • Tattoo Parlor
  • Technology Complex
  • Temple / Church
  • Temple / Religious complex
  • Theatre / Concert hall
  • Theme park / Entertainment complex
  • Timberyard
  • Tolls
  • Tomb
  • Tower, Guard
  • Tower, Mage
  • Tower, Telecomms
  • Tower, Wall
  • Tower, Water
  • Transportation hub
  • Transportation station
  • Tree
  • Tree house
  • Tunnel
  • University / Educational complex
  • Viewpoint
  • Vineyard / Orchard
  • Wall section
  • Warehouse / Granary
  • Warehouse, Massive / Storage complex
  • Water pump / Well, Large
  • Well
  • Workshop
  • World wonder
Notable Examples of Building/Landmarks    


This is for noteworthy characters in your world. The beloved boy king who rules as the definition of Justice & Mercy, but later in Adult life become the most terrifying & evil Tyrant the world has ever known. Or maybe a kid who would later bring down a giant using slingshot & a single pebble? A Woman who becomes prominent in history and the symbol for Women's Rights in a country. The Son of a Lord who loses his father to murder and later become a servant of the people, robbing the rich & giving to the poor.   Or maybe this character is one of those unremarkable people, who was unlucky enough to be at castle at just the wrong time cause it would later become under siege. His people are losing, the person laying siege is a king. He grabs a crossbow of a soldier who was recently killed, loads a bolt into it, aims, fires, and with remarkable luck, hits that king in the throat, killing him. In real life, that person was a cook, he fired a crossbow bolt at King Richard The Lionheart, hit him in the neck, and the king died shortly after.   Is your character mortal, immortal, dead, a deity, what? Who are they? what they are? Are they important or completely unimportant in any sense of the word - you decide. Tell us their tale  


This is for diseases, pathogens, illnesses, mutations, transformations, and they can be natural or magical. Is it deadly? Is it just merely a nuisance? Is there a cure? Can you be born with it? Is it contagious, and if so, how does it get around & infect anything? Does it affect certain species? Can it infect EVERYTHING?? Can it be controlled? How do you treat it or is it treatable at all?   Just in case when selecting "Cycle":
  • Short Term is Acute, which simply means it is short lived, however it will quickly show symptoms.
  • Chronic is longer lasting, but also takes longer to show symptoms.
  • Acquired means you weren't born with it, you caught the disease, illness, or pathogen through various other listed means of transmissions.
  • Congenital means you were either born with it or it existed before you were born (genetic or because the parent was infected, the fetus is also infected).
  • Both means that it can be transmittable & can be born with. For instance, STDs are transmittable & children can be born with the disease. It should however be noted that you can't be infected with something later on if you already were born with it, it is impossible.


  Click here for complete view of Document Types
  • Certificate, Civil
  • Certificate, Professional
  • Certificate, Education (Degree)
  • Contract, Private
  • Contract, Civil
  • Decree, Royal
  • Decree, Religious
  • Decree, Governmental
  • Guide, Generic
  • Guide, Survival
  • Guide, How-to
  • Identification, Private
  • Identification, Civil (Passport/ID Card)
  • Imagery, Artistic
  • Imagery, Religious
  • Imagery, Graphic Novel / Comic Book
  • Journal, Personal
  • Journal, Scientific
  • Journal, Medical
  • Licence, Civil
  • Licence, Professional
  • Licence, Private (Letter of Marque)
  • Manual, Professional Skills
  • Manual, Military
  • Manual, Artistic
  • Manual, Martial Art / Combat
  • Manual, Culinary
  • Manual, Magical / Occult
  • Manual, Scientific
  • Manual, Technical / Blueprint
  • Manual, Musical
  • Manual, Linguistic (Lexicon)
  • Manuscript, Religious
  • Manuscript, Historical
  • Manuscript, Legal
  • Manuscript, Magical (Tome/Scroll)
  • Manuscript, Musical
  • Manuscript, Artistic
  • Manuscript, Literature
  • Record, Patent
  • Record, Culinary (Menu)
  • Record, Judicial
  • Record, Public
  • Record, Financial (Bill, Invoice, Fine etc)
  • Record, Deed
  • Record, Title
  • Record, Employment
  • Record, Historical
  • Record, Musical (Music, Sheet)
  • Record, Memo
  • Record, Transcript (Communication)
  • Report, Civil
  • Report, Military
  • Report, Scientific
  • Report, Intelligence
  • Report, Financial
  • Report, Manifest
  • Report, Incident
  • Statement, Political (Manifesto)
  • Statement, Political (Manifesto)
  • Statement, Financial
  • Statement, Inscription / Graffiti
  • Statement, Artistic
  • Study, Scientific
  • Study, Artistic
  • Text, Religious
  • Text, Philosophical
  • Text, Literary (Novel/Poetry)
  • Text, Legislative
  • Text, Letter
  • Text, Literature
  • Text, Newspaper
  • Text, Magazine
  • Treaty, Diplomatic
  • Treaty, Trade
  • Warrant, Royal
  • Warrant, Civil
  • n
  • Warrant, Arrest
  • Warrant, Wanted / Search
  A document is a written, drawn, printed or electronic record that provides information. This template may be used for more than "traditional" documents, however. Types include:   Academia: documents related to research, education, or scholarship (manuscript, thesis, paper, journal, etc.)   Art: a work or piece of art (sketch, drawing, painting, etc.)   Business: documents related to business (bill, contract, invoice, financial statements, etc.)   Literary/Musical: a work or piece of literature/music (book, poem, ballad, sheet music, etc.)   Goverment/Legal: a government or legal document (constitution, treaty, subpoena, court order, etc.)   Personal: a document usually handwritten containing personal thoughts (diary, journal, letter, note, etc.)    


What's the difference between Species, Ethnicity, and Race?
— Frequently Asked Question
  An ethnicity is a group of people who identify with each other based on similarities such as common ancestry, language, history, society, culture, nation or faith.   Ethnic groups can be divided further into ethnic subgroups. For example, the ethnicity of Javanese can be broken down into subgroups   Javanese - Cirebonese, Osing, Tenggerese, Boyanese, Samin, etc.   French - Walloons, Romands, Arpitans, Pieds-Noirs, Waldensians, Quebecers, and Acadians   Jews - Ashkenazim, Sephardim, Mizrahim, Teimanim, Beta Israel, Italkim, Romaniotes, Juhurim, Krymchaks, Bene Israel, Cochin and so on.             Other variables that play a role in ethnicity, though not in all cases, include a geographical connection to a particular place, common foods and diets, and perhaps a common faith.    




This can be used for absolutely anything. If you feel the other template article options don't have something you need or you want to simply customize it the way you want, then this is your best bet. However, unlike the other template options, this will only have Title & Vignette/Freeform Prose. If you want to this like type, rules, laws, requirements, ranks, etc, then you'll want to use --Key::Value--   Example:   Key is for the something like "Material Type:" and Value is for whatever that material type is like Metallic. If say you use -- Material Type::Metallic-- then it will show up like this
Type Value Example


This is for where your countries, cities, species, stars, planets, mountains, etc exist in. You can make something as grand as a Galaxy Cluster to something as small as a Tiny Island. Mountains, regions, planets, stars/suns, asteroids, continents, moons, this is the foundation for where your world exists.   You can't have a city without a state without a country without a continent without a planet without a solar system with a galaxy and so on. How grand or small you choose to make is limited by the scope of your imagination and how big/small you intend to make it.  


Use this to create any item that exists in your world, typically you'll want it to stand out, like if you pick "Artifact" then it will be something legendary like Bag of Infinite Gold or Ring of Teleport without Fail/Delay. Maybe even make a certain item that every soldier or king must have? What about a tool that certain professions require to perform their duties more effectively & efficiently? Or maybe it is something utterly useless, shouldn't exist, has no place in the world or universe, but for some reason it exists. The choice is yours.  


This should say "(Natural/Metaphysical)" since those are the available options when selecting the type. Use this to create Laws for your world.   Example: Natural Law - Cats always land on their feet. Fire Melts Ice. All spacial bodies such as Planets, Stars,   Moons, Singularities as well as Asteroids & Comets have a gravitational pull but it varies greatly between them. Metaphysical, Arcane - Magic is a powerful force that can be manipulated through the use of spells & other creatures that have inate abilities. Deities can grant powers to their subjects as well as those they find worthy.   Metaphysical, Divine - Deities cannot interfere with the Mortal plane, but their celestial/dark servants can but only under special circumstances. Attaining Godhood requires thousands of people to believe in you & worship you, and if their belief is strong enough, then you may become a Deity. You can set those laws & rules however you please. You can also include laws based on real life & other fiction as well, and modify them to your liking if you wanted. The Laws of your world, universe, and/or realm is entirely up to you.  


Allah, Zot, Dēbatā, Bog, Theós, and God. All these words are in different languages all meaning the same thing: God. Sure you can just have everyone speak in a globally common tongue that everyone from every species & culture can understand, but sometimes you may not want that. What if there's a people that cannot hope to speak in the same language because their vocal cords are designed vastly different than the others? Can Dogs speak english? What is their natural tongue? What is it called? How do you pronounce their words? Is it hard to learn or easy to learn?  


Wood, Stone, Wool, Paper, Ectoplasmic Sheets, Singularity Ice, Cold Lava, etc. You design it here, how strong it is, what it is used for, if it's a component for something else, maybe it's used to make a table, a building, a bomb, a mechanized asteroid, or maybe it can make an undead skeleton breath? If you're making an armor, weapon, literally anything, you're gonna need to make it from something. Even if you say a Deity made it, it still needs to be made of something.  


Countries at war? Wanna tell about the battles between them? This is the place to start.   Some examples of documented battles: The Battle of Tours: Battle of Gettysburg, 1863:   And some fictional: Battle of the Bastards: First Battle of Beruna: Did both sides lose? Did the victor take territory as their spoils of war? What were the losses on both sides? What was the deciding factor of the battle? Was it looking very grim and then a miracle happened? "We had lost at least 75% of our forces, our escape routes were cut off, the enemy was just toying with us, they knew we had lost and sought humiliate us, but in their arrogance they left themselves wide open to our reinforcements - a small battalion of soldiers snuck in behind them, reduced their numbers so quietly & decisively that the enemy had no idea of their impending doom. And just as the enemy was finally gonna attempt to finish us off, their general was captured, they saw the fires in the distance, and in their shame retreated from the battle. We were lucky."  


Think of real life legends, myths, and other superstitions. Example: King Midas and the golden touch Excalibur The Fountain of Youth or maybe a legend/myth made up about real historical figures like: Vlad The Impaler, legends of him is what made Vampires Mary Tudor, daughter of Henry VIII of England & Catherine of Aragon, she is who people remember as "Bloody Mary" Does your world legends & myths like the ones in real life? What created the myth/legend? Why do people believe it? Is it widely known or is it shrouded in mystery? Or could it be a ridiculous tale spun by an old man? "I came to a ruin south of Megili City, it was covered by a strange rock formation, in it I found all this wondrous treasure! Then as I was gathering it & stuff as much as I could in my bag, I heard the most guttural roar, it felt like my soul left my body cause it brought such horror. I turned and saw this monster, it had 8 human arms, it's head looked like a cross between a snake's head but had the face of a cat, it's body had scales, its legs like spider legs, and it's eyes... those eyes... I was filled with such horror that I frantically & desperately ran away. I left the ruin screaming for help, but then after a while, I realized the monster wasn't following me. So I went back, hoping maybe I could come back when it is asleep. But no matter how hard I looked, I couldn't find it. I swear! It was real!"  


This is possibly one of the most expansive Templates on World Anvil. You use this when making Governments, Judicial/Courts, Congress, Police Agencies, Military Agencies, Companies, Civilian Groups, Countries, a Group designed for Countries (Like The UN & NATO), Factions/Guilds, Secret Societies, Alien Civilizations, etc.   There is a ton of options you can utilize from this template, if you're making a country or maybe an empire or a even a galactic federation, you start here.   However, as a suggestion, if the Organization is on a planet, then should start there first then come here, that way you won't have to pop in & out multiple times when trying to decide where this organization is located.  






Kings, Generals, CEO, Slave Owner, Lord, Mistress, Duke/Duchess, Count/Countess, and even something as silly as Noodly Knight of His Noodly Apendage (Google Spaghetti Monster if you're unfamilar) can be made in to a Rank and/or Title. Is this Title earned? Inherited? Is there some process you have to trek through in order to possess it? Oh it's royalty, what gives the person who has this title/rank the authority to rule over all in his/her kingdom/nation/country? Are the prerequisites (pre-existing requirements) to acquiring this rank/title?  




Plants, Animals, Humanoids, Fantastical creatures, Demons, Angels, etc. Maybe your species is something New? Old? It is a myth to other species but are real (like Unicorns are to Humans IRL)? Not sure, but I think you can even classify Robotic, Cybernetic, and other automatons that are not biological to be considered a Species. If there is a lot of this thing and they have an impact on your world (or universe), then may want to add them as a Species. And just because they exist in planes of existence where the dead go, doesn't mean you can't make them a species, as even Angels & Demons can be classified as a Species.  




I was born, my infancy was like this..., I am now 30, my golden years were like this..., and now my story ends, or does it? No story is pointless, they all have a meaning, a point, and/or a purpose. What if this is a biography of a distant relative that you wanted to know about? You have a deity, how did he/she become a Deity and what was their life like before then (if of course they existed as a mortal first, then later achieved godhood)? A Dog that left a family and through it's struggles and life lessons found a new family, was it hard, was it easy, was it a little of both, and what kind of new family did the dog find (could be new owners and it could be another dog whom he/she had pups with)? How your story (or stories) begin & end, depends entirely on how you tell it. And what if that isn't the end? Who says it has to end there? Even if the main character dies, you could explain it's existence in an afterlife, or even tell us the story (or stories) of the children. Legends, Myths, Ancient Civilization, Famous Heroes, Evil Tyrants, etc. They all have a story, and only you can tell their story, otherwise how will we know what they went through, how they survived, how they lived, and how they died? Even a writer who tells the stories of others has a story of their own to tell.  


Oh cool, you just developed a time machine! Tell us, how does it work? How did you make it? What fields of study were involved in it's creation? What is it made of? Does it have a manual? Does it have a means of moving to other locations without moving through time, and if so how, but if not why not?   Oh it's not a time machine.... just a regular clock - still though, my questions still stand. From the First Club to a Death Star, everyone has technology, no matter how primitive or unbelievably advanced, it is technology that they made that needs explanations of how it was made, why it was made, and what helped in it's creation.  


  Use this template to describe the tradition of a culture. This can range from small customs and specific rituals to major holidays and religious observances.   While Custom, Ritual, and Tradition are fairly synonymous. There are key differences.   Custom - A belief or behavior that has been practiced by an individual or group for a long time, often requiring etiquette. When a custom has been transferred from generations to generations than it becomes a tradition (today's custom is tomorrow's tradition). Custom refers to the specific way things are done and can be thought of as social norms.   Handshakes are a common custom that varies according to country. For example, in Switzerland it is customary to shake the woman's hand first.   Tradition - A belief or behavior passed down within a group or society with symbolic meaning or special significance with origins in the past. Tradition refers to the way things have been done for throughout history and can be considered cultural norms.   For example, In India, it is tradition to greet someone with the Namaste gesture as opposed to the custom of shaking hands.   Ritual - A religious or solemn ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order. It can also refer to an individual's personal habits.  


A vehicle is a machine that transports people or cargo. Vehicles can be divided into categories and further divided into classes. For example, a submarine is categorized as a type of watercraft, but the largest submarines ever built are classified as Typhoon Class. Some of the major categories are described below.   Aircraft - A vehicle that is able to fly by gaining support from the air such as airplanes, helicopters, airships, and gliders. Notable Examples   Amphibian/Amphibious Vehicles - A vehicle that is a means of transport, viable on land as well as on (or under) water. This includes amphibious bicycles, ATVs, cars, buses, trucks, military vehicles, boats and hovercraft. Examples Pending.   Motor/Motorized/Automative Vehicle - A vehicle that is self-propelled by an engine or motor and commonly wheeled. This includes motorcycles, cars, trucks and buses. Notable Examples   Railed Vehicle - A vehicle that travels along a railway such as trains or trams. Notable Examples   Watercraft/Marine Vessels - A waterborne vehicle with propulsive capability whether by sail, oar, paddle, or engine. This includes ships, boats, hovercraft and submarines. Notable Examples   Spacecraft - A vehicle, manned or unmanned, designed to fly in outer space. Existing spacecraft includes probes, satellites, and shuttles while hypothetical spacecraft includes dyson spheres, generation or seed ships, and UFOs. Notable Examples   Other - bicycles, wagons, chariots, shopping carts, etc.   It's possible that your vehicle may belong to more than one or even none of these categories. The train from Polar Express became airborne based on the magic of belief. Sky Captain's jet could self-propel underwater. These categories are guidelines to help you identify vehicles based on their design and function. Do not limit yourself exclusively to them.

Important Definitions

The header and name of the article. You should never use ( ) or [ ] inside the title of your articles.
When you add the below text into an article a placeholder is created. This creates an item in the ToDo-List as well. You can use any template specifier you whish in the brackets.
An article under 50 words. This is important for contests such as World Ember. In the Articles & Categories Manager you can filter for stub articles.
A draft article is only visible to the author and co-owners. Article links to a draft article are bolded for viewers.
Private articles are only visible to people with access.
An indicator for the author and for viewers. Adds a small gear & WIP label at the bottom of the article.
Public articles are visible to anyone (Note: This does not apply in private worlds).
A published article is visible to anyone who as access to it. You can publish an article by pressing the Draft button.
A indicator for the author only. Does not affect the article in any way.
Reset Date
Only appears on stubs. Click to reset creation date.

Other guides


Can I make my own templates?
Yes. But this is a feature restricted to Grandmasters.
Which template is the best for the job?
Ask yourself what the most important aspect is. Or look at the prompst and decide which ones are most fitting.
Do I have to use every field?
No. Empty fields are simply ignored.
How do I add a field?
It is not possible to add fields at the moment. Even with custom templates.
How do I request a dropdown be added?
With the request a feature tool here.
How do I ask for something to be added to a dropdown?
Same as above.
Can I change the type of an existing article?
No. You will have to create a new article.

Using the quick buttons

The green button (bottom right corner) has quick links to every default template so that you can get creating articles faster. The purple button include article creation on the fly, and it supports custom templates as well.


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Master Madame Vera
Verita Raizel
15 Apr, 2020 13:16

I'm not sure if this is the correct place to put it, so I apologise for the trouble if I'm wrong, but if I may;   I know this years' update goals are all worked out, but when you start on next years may we please have a new template for food and cuisine? The closest I can find for them are the general article and item templates but neither really do it. The general one is too limited and the item one is simply difficult to amend. I can use the general one for basic things like recipes, vignettes and the like but that's about it. The item template has some relevant things, but very few. It's mainly for objects. I could put dishes in it, perhaps, or ingredients, but that's it.   If possible I would like it if there was a cuisine template where i could talk about the food of an ethnic community or nation, the historical, economic, geographic and cultural influences, dishes, ingredients, location, origin, popularity, outside reputation/recognition and the like. I would like to be able to connect it to organisations like countries as well, simply because cultures tend to blend and evolve into one, or close to, when together, like with a nation or race. If I could link in specific dishes or ingredients, that's even better.   I'm not sure if it's relevant, but just in case, I'm currently using world anvil on a masters worldbuilding guild membership.   Thank you kindly for your time and consideration.

15 Apr, 2020 19:43

Hey there. Just acknowledging I've read this! Quite a few people have asked for a culinary template—I have a meeting with Dimi this week and I'll add it to the docket. It may end up as additional fields on the Item template.   I can't make promises but I'll let you know the outcome at least!

Admin of the WA Codex & Discord

Ethnis | Ko-Fi | Twitter

Master Madame Vera
Verita Raizel
15 Apr, 2020 20:30

Thank you. If it winds up as a few extra specifications on the item template that's fine, but if possible I would really rather it be a separate template since it's so involved. But I'm well aware that's a huge undertaking and thus quite unlikely, so I apologise for the trouble, but even so I do hope for it.   Either way, thank you for your consideration.

Master Madame Vera
Verita Raizel
10 May, 2020 07:18

Can we have a n option in the country organisation template to have it double up as a location, just so you can link it as a location in other template. I'm aware the government of a nation isn't a location, but it would be a useful function when linking customs and traditions and other localised articles. If not, can nation or country be added as an option in the location templates? I made one using the region option but it's really just a placeholder to reroute readers to the organisation anyway, so I's really rather the first option. Even just a tick box that has it come up in the location options in other articles would do. Thank you.

26 Apr, 2022 15:00

I'd love this feature as well, because whenever I want to link a city to a country, it never shows because countries are made in organisations rather than locations. It would also be useful if the country used a location template rather than an organisation, while still keeping the same fields. Thanks for your time.

13 Aug, 2020 21:27

Is there a method of uploading article information? A problem that i can highlight which may make the issue more understandable, if i were to move from say a spreadsheet campaign database (1000s of records)of items, flora, fauna, materials to input into WorldAnvil...does each individual record have to be manually input?

14 Aug, 2020 01:38

That might be somewhat achievable using API Endpoints but otherwise, no.

Admin of the WA Codex & Discord

Ethnis | Ko-Fi | Twitter

2 Sep, 2020 14:29

I hope this is the right question for this, sorry in advance. What category is correct for a historic event that ISN'T a conflict? For example, a natural catastrophe or special natural happening, a ritual, a crowning where something irregular happened or just...anything, really, other than conflict. Would that fall under Myth/Legend, Plot even, should I use a general article, or am I missing another option that is the ovious and correct solution?

2 Sep, 2020 20:51

For historic events, I suggest making a timeline event with a summary leading to a generic article with the entire story.

Admin of the WA Codex & Discord

Ethnis | Ko-Fi | Twitter

28 Oct, 2020 00:06

I am a writer, should I write my story in Plot or Prose?

28 Oct, 2020 13:54

Nobody will help me?

29 Oct, 2020 13:33


29 Oct, 2020 19:48

Plot is good for outlining, prose is good for content! Sorry for the delay, didn't get a notification.

Admin of the WA Codex & Discord

Ethnis | Ko-Fi | Twitter

30 Oct, 2020 01:39

Thank you, wise Ademal.

16 Nov, 2020 19:43

skittering in from the Discord Help channel
The information about stub articles in the sidebar may need to be updated a bit, as the button has moved and now looks different.

Lyraine, Consumer of Lore, She/Her, primary project: Corive
17 Nov, 2020 19:41

Soullink has fixed. Thankies!

Admin of the WA Codex & Discord

Ethnis | Ko-Fi | Twitter

18 Nov, 2020 01:06

Thanks for the update!

Lyraine, Consumer of Lore, She/Her, primary project: Corive
24 Nov, 2020 03:48

I would love to see a sub-template for the species article template that was specific for plants/flora as there are many parts of the species template that aren't quite right for a flora entry

6 Jan, 2021 02:53

What would be the best template for a Skill?

12 Jan, 2021 09:25

I would suggest a generic article for skills as there is nothing that specifically covers it as far as I am aware

5 Apr, 2021 00:35

Totally new to WA, and I can't even find the place to ask this question, so please forgive me: I'm wanting to customize the LOCATION template so that it includes blocks for data such as a nation's general Alignment tendencies, government details like Judicial/Executive/Legislative organization, popular religion, etc. I realize this info could just be filled in in the appropriate "sections" but I'd like to have a block statistic.   I fiddled with the Article Template section in the Studio, but I'm having problems figuring it out (and haven't been able to locate a handy guide for it yet.)   Can anyone steer me in the right direction on this, if it's possible to do these things?

5 Apr, 2021 00:43

If you want it as a standalone statblock, you probably want to create is as a statblock, which is its own mechanic within WA. If you want to set it as a template to make other articles from, then you're on the right path by looking into article templates.   Both of these require learning TWIG, a scripting language, to create the template of what you're looking to make. If you want more help with that, I'd suggest jumping into the Discord server, where we have a community channel dedicated to it.

Admin of the WA Codex & Discord

Ethnis | Ko-Fi | Twitter

17 Jan, 2022 01:00

How do I delete an article?

19 Jan, 2022 18:31

Under the preferences tab.

Admin of the WA Codex & Discord

Ethnis | Ko-Fi | Twitter

29 Mar, 2022 19:23

Is there a page that goes over making your own custom templates?