Guide to Ingots

Written by ChaosTearKitsune

Ingots are a Venerable Grandmaster Feature! This means it's only available to old World Anvil users that have been Grandmasters for a long time.
  Ingots are an item within World Anvil that allow you to gift apprenticeships1. They are gained by being a Venerable Grandmaster Worldsmith and above.     They are currently not implemented officially on World Anvil. This page will be updated to reflect changes.  


Q: What the heck are Ingots?
A: ingots are a 'currency' within WA that can be used for various things across the website to unlock features.
Currently ingots are not released on site. This will change the more the site grows and develops.
Q: How many do I get?
A: If you are a Venerable Grandmaster Worldsmith and above, you get a set amount of ingots a month:
  • Venerable Grandmaster Worldsmith: 30 ingots
  • Exalted Grandmaster Worldsmith of the Inner Sanctum: 60 ingots
  • Fabled Legend Worldsmith : 120 ingots
  • Eternal Deity of Creation: 180 ingots
  • Imperious Titan: 300 ingots
Ingots are not carried over once the month ends.  
Q: What can I buy with them?
A: Currently, ingots can be used to gift other users an apprenticeship.
More options will become available as the feature becomes implemented within WA.
Q: What's an apprenticeship?
A: An apprenticeship is the role of Apprentice Worldsmith which is equivalent to the Patreon role of Journeyman Worldsmith. This will unlock Guildmember features for users you have apprenticed, costing 30 ingots a month.
Q: How can I apprentice other users?
A: Currently, contact Dimitris in a private message via Discord to discuss apprenticeships.

1 Ingots are currently in development and are not yet implemented on site. Features and more information will be added to this page as things develop.   2 Ingots DO NOT accumulate currently. This function will be available once the ingots systems is in production.     Ingots have been voted on to be worked on as of 2018/06/22
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