Guide to Using the Article list

While adding glorious articles to your world you populate the article list.   On the article list page, you get an overview of all your articles. You can see how many likes and comments they have as well as change all the articles categories, public/private, published/draft status, as well as some other things.   The article list is nice to use if you want to do things to several articles in one go.  

How to go to the article list


You can use these two buttons to reach the article list.  


At the bottom of the right corner, you have your green hammer. Click it and you will see the article link, it's at the top of this image.    

The article list


This is how your article list should look if you have added a couple articles. If you haven't added any yet this list should be empty. Create some articles and then come back to read about the rest of this guide.   If you have a couple of articles here that don't have names, they were created when you clicked on a template but then clicked away. You can either delete them or click edit and fill them in.   But first, let's look at these...  
If you click any of the headers the list will be ordered after that header. For example, if you click title the article will be ordered in alphabetical order either decreasing or increasing.   The white box, if you click the white box all of your articles will be selected.
Title, this is the title that you have given your article.
Category, if you have created categories this is where the article's category will be listed.
Type, this is the template type that your articles have. Like generic, person or so on...
Words, this is how many words your article has.
Heart, this is how many likes the articles have.
Speechbubble, this lists how many comments your articles have.
Eye, this lists the articles that are published with a green eye and the articles that drafts with a red eye.
Lock, this lists the articles that are public with a green lock and the articles that are private with a red lock.
Update, the articles will show which dates that they were last updated.  
To the far right of the list all articles have these four icons.
The eye, clicking this icon will take you to view the article.
The wrench, clicking this icon will take you to the edit page of your article.
The clipboard, clicking this icon will save a link to the article in your clipboard. If you go to another article and click ctrl+c a text link to the article that you clicked on the icon for will appear.
The trashbin, clicking this icon will delete your article. The site will ask if you want to delete the article before it actually does, as a safety measure. Still treat this icon with caution, though.  


Select your articles by clicking the white boxes and let's move on to see what we can do with them.  


You will find this at the bottom of the article list.   If you haven't put your articles in your categories already you can put all of them in the categories from this place. Click the white boxes next to the articles you want to put in a category.  


Choose Set category and click on the other box and a list of your categories will appear that you can choose from. If you do not see the name of your category in the list then you can write the name of the category in the white box. Then click the blue make changes button.   You can also remove all your articles from their categories by clicking the white boxes of the articles you want to remove and then choosing Remove category. You only have to click the blue button after that.  


If you want to publish several articles at the same time or turn them back into drafts you can choose to do that by choosing the articles with their white boxes. Clicking either Set as Published or Set as Draft and then the blue button.  


You can make the articles private or public by clicking the white boxes of the articles and choosing either Set as private or Set as public and clicking the blue button. If they are public everybody and their cat can see the article. If it is set as private only you and your subscribers can see them.  


You can remove articles from the ToC on the main page by choosing Hide from table of contents and you can make them visible again by using Show in table of contents.  


At the metadata section under the meat of the article you can sometimes see this. It means that the content of the article is subject to change. Your articles automatically have this tag even when they are published. If you are completely finished with an article and you will never update it again you can click its little white box, choose Set as complete and click the blue button.   If you have set an article as complete and later come up with things you want to add or you are changing some elements of your world so you want to change an article, or a couple of articles, to "Work in progress" again you can click the white boxes as usual and choose Set as Work in progress before clicking your friend, the blue button.  


If you do not want to have comments on your articles you can remove them on some of your articles. Or put them back on again by choosing either Allow comments or Restrict comments.

Cover image: by Pixabay


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