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Her journey to divinity would not be one that Nemiisae ever had intended herself. In many ways, Nemiisae became a deity out of misadventure.
  Revered mother and saviour, arch-heretic and heathen, Archon and paragon of the seven. Behind the manuscripts and dogma is a woman of forbidden beauty wreathed in mysticism and propaganda as a living divine. In true, she was but a mortal woman. Once the leader of an ancient forgotten people, she once had known the caress of the sun, and whole heartedly loved the world above. But then the sundering came. She would live throughout some of the most tumultuous events that brought ruin and devastation to her homeland, witnessing the cataclysmic end of her peoples way of life. Accursed and banished, she would help lead the Dark Aelfaune to a haven far below. Away from the cursed torment of the sunlight she once loved, into the underworld where she would spend the rest of her days lamenting about the future of her and her followers would build before disappearing into legend.   Much of her life has been greatly exaggerated by early chroniclers, making it difficult to separate the woman from myth. While fragrantly fantastic and inaccurate, these chroniclers are the most creditable sources of Nemiisaes' life away from the dogmatic scriptures and religious texts of the cults that would later build up around her. Burdened with the responsibility of leadership, while no god, Nemiisae was a very intuitive person who lead her people during their exodus from the would above. Those exiles that followed her came to see Nemiisae as a hero and their saviour. It was this admiration for her that would lead to the gradual development of a cult of personality, , that would later develop into a religious sect after her sudden disappearance.  
Nemiisae longed to return to the surface, desperate to go back. She saw what the underworld was slowly doing to her and her children and feared losing herself to the endless dark.
Founded Settlements

Archon of the true faith.

While Nemiisae worship as a divine has been scorn and outlawed in wider Dral'azie society. The Archon cult that surrounds Nemiisae within The Temple of the Seven Signs. venerates her as the Archon of wayfarers and travellers, bestowing good luck and fortune to those that beseech her name on a journey. To this day it is common, despite the diminishing stigmata, for Dral to offer a prayer to the Archon for safe passage through the underworld.   The cult also believes her to take the guise of an Arachne whom will hunt down and punish those that bring death to the faithful that have beseeched her protection.


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Aug 25, 2022 16:54

I just love how you just leave so many open ended questions that may never be answered for this character and having people make her a god because just vanishes without a traces. It is simply wonderful.

May you forever find your way on the journey you set out on and make yourself greater.
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