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Standing resolute upon the dark waters of the Nirkana, Imenakhet stands in prime position upon its waters, the first and greatest city of Phryaxgia,it is the seat of power of the Pharahess and capital of the river kingdom. Veilnakhet is the epitome of Phyraxian civilisations opulence and grandeur, commanding a palpable aura of mystique and pharaonic authority. It's citizens pride themselves in their rich culture and heritage gives them a confidence that others mistake for arrogance, even by Dral'azie standards.   On the surface Imenakhet seems like a marvellous place to live, but behind its opulence and grandeur is an unsettling undercurrent of culture that would turn many's stomach.    

The Black Gardens of Imenakhet.

  The Black Gardens of Imenakhet are a sight to behold, a breathtaking display of exotic and highly deadly flora that thrived under the watchful eye of the Pharahess. These gardens, hidden within the heart of the royal palace, were a manifestation of Phyraxgia's opulence and grandeur. As beautiful as they were, there was an unsettling aura surrounding them. The vibrant blooms concealed a darker secret, for some of the flora possessed deadly toxins and insidious powers, reflecting the city's paradoxical nature—beauty intertwined with danger.   The Black Gardens are a source of fascination and dread among the people of Phyraxgia. The sinister allure of these gardens lies in the fact that each plant within its confines is a lethal marvel, designed to protect the rulers and their seat of power. Poisonous blooms, carnivorous plants, and thorny vines guard the secrets of the Pharahess, ensuring that no unauthorized intruder may approach without meeting a dreadful fate.   Despite the unsettling nature of these gardens, they hold a significant place in Phyraxgian culture and history. The Pharahess often uses the deadly flora as symbols of their power and dominion, proudly displaying them during grand ceremonies and important events. Such displays serve as a stark reminder to outsiders of the consequences of challenging Phyraxgian authority.
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