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Jorgus Ronson

Immortal dictator of the Ronson Republic on Terra.   One of the first Methuselahs to be created, he was born into a life of privilege and power among the Terran elite of the time. As he grew older he amassed a fortune which continued to grow since he never had to worry about a natural death, eventually reaching the point where he was able to co-opt laws and governments to his favor. At one point he was the richest person alive, and eventually purchased the Antarctic continent as his own private nation, the Ronson Republic.   Jorgus Ronson is a sociopath whose sole driving motive is self-interest. If something benefits him he considers it good, regardless of how much harm it causes others—he abandoned empathy in his early days as a speed bump on the road to riches. While in previous centuries he was much more social, in the present he has become a recluse on his vast estate, carefully guarded to prevent assassination attempts. There are also rumors he may not be as immortal as he'd like people to believe: entropy is unyielding, and even a tiny bit of aging would build up over his centuries of life to the point where even frequent regeneration treatments would face diminishing returns. Some consider it likely he already uses cybernetic brain implants in order to maintain control over his body. But whatever the case may be, he still carefully maintains his image as one of the fixed pillars in Terran and Starweb politics.
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