The Marriage shrines

The marriage shrines are two separate but identical shrines.
  Nesta is partly a city inside a mountain. There are two exits to this mountain city and next to these exits sit one shrine each.   As other people than those who built the city are currently living in the city, the knowledge of what these shrines represented is lost.  
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Back when the “deities” were alive and walked the earth as regular people they built the city-in-the-mountain for their people and the people built these shrines for the deities. The deities slept in these shrines as they were traveling through the mountain to visit the rest of the continent.


The ancestors of the people who are currently living in Nesta used these shrines as part of their marriage ceremonies. 24 hours before the wedding ceremony the wife-to-be should settle down in one of the shrines while the husband-to-be settled down in the other. They were to sit in these shrines clothed in shrouds and receive gifts while not being spoken to and not being allowed to speak to anyone else. After this “seclusion” the husband and wife were to meet for a marriage ceremony in the plaza in the middle of the mountain city.   Now in modern time, very few people use this tradition in their marriage ceremonies.  


The shrines are protruding alcoves with what looks like a bench with a hole and a bowl in one end. A chamber pot is usually placed in this bowl. The alcove is 260cm wide, 100cm deep and 300cm high. The protruding ceilings have many carvings in them but nobody has figured out what the carvings mean. Some say that they are just carvings by wife and husbands-to-be made through the millennia when this tradition was active.  
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The bowl used to hold pure water where the deities could wash their faces after sleeping. The carvings were made by the people of the deities in the language that the deities spoke.

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