The Eskana - Oskad conflict

Long ago Eskana was located on the west side of the continent of Amfli and the country's leader were expanding it. The royal family of Eskana attacked the country of Oskad and the conflict started.  


The Oskanian government watched as the Eskanian royals kept growing their budding empire. They didn't think that the Eskanians would attack them because that would just be stupid. As Oskad was the strongest country on the continent. The Oskanian government prepared anyway.  


The royal family of Eskana had sent a large part of their military on a mission to take the city of Nom from Oskad together with two of the Eskana princes. Most of the platoons sieged the city of Nom while the other platoons pressed deeper into Oskad.  


The Oskanians were fighting on home ground and they had been preparing to protect themselves. The Eskanian army was not on home territory but they were used to fighting. They were used to sieging. They also had a part of their royal family with them on this crusade, their morale was high.  

The outcome

While the sieges happened in Oskad the royal palace in Eskana was attacked and burned to the ground and all the royal family was presumed to be dead. The Oskad managed to fend off the Eskanian army and chase them towards the mountains. The Oskad military stopped the chase when they heard what had happened to the royal family. It is still unclear who attacked and razed the palace.  

The Aftermath

The Eskanian prince that survived settled down in Nesta, the city-in-the-mountain, in the Grim mountains together with what was left of the Eskanian military. The Eskanians and the Oskadians ignored each other for a generation or two until people from the two other continents started coming and trading with the Eskanian people, as they were now the people who lived closest to them. The Oskad government decided that they had to enter into a relationship, it was very hostile in the beginning but it slowly softened and now the two countries are allies towards the rest of the world. The capital city of Eskana, Nesta, is even shared between the countries.
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The Eskana - Oskad conflict
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