Church of the Mother

The mother, the Dragon, and the Kraken.
  The Church of the Mother used to be the state religion of Oskad with around 12 million followers. Now only around 95 800 people follow this religion. Most of the followers live in Oskad as the place is sacred in the religion. Being the birthplace of life, but there are around 1080 people with this religion living across the rest of the world either because of work or because of family.   The followers of say that the origin of the religion started when life was created. While The Church of the Mother is historically believed to have originated in a small naval community that settled down close to Oskad and later merged with the larger culture there around 150 BF.  


While the Church of the Mother was a state religion it was led by a group of high priests that were seated at the large Chapel in the capital of Nam. The High priests were appointed by the president of the country and also acted as that person's advisors. The high priests appointed the priests from the apprentices and these priests were seated in the chapels spread across Oskad were they led the flocks living there.   Today the Church of the Mother has a small group of high priests that are appointed by the members of the religion. The high priests are still situated in the capital however there are now even fewer chapels where the regular priests are situated. Now many regular priests are also situated in the capital chapel. Being a priest is no longer sustainable as a job so many priests also have a part-time job.  


Do unto others as you wish that they will do to you.
— The main moral teaching of this religion.
They believe in 2 deities, a Kraken that is the God of water, a dragon that is a Goddess of air and fire. The earth is the Mother and the two deities are the bringers of life. This is the holy trinity of existence.   They also believe that they and their offspring will get a happy afterlife if they follow the teachings of the religion that was written down by the first child of the Mother that was born. The book of the child.

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