AH! WE WON! WE SAVED NESTA! ...well, at least we got Bracken out of town.
— Child playing Bracken
  A famous Nestian fable is the The golden dagger. Everyone in Nesta knew the story by heart and many thought that the ending was unsatisfying and when The Spring family created a game that let the players help the boy save his town the game became popular. So popular that it spread through the rest of Eskana and the rest of the world.   You and your friends and/or family is playing Bracken and his friends. Bracken and his friends must take the golden dagger out of the town of Nesta.  


In your box of the original game you should have:
    • 1 board
    • 7 character cards
    • 7 character game pieces
    • 20 item cards
    • 50 spirit cards
    • 5 d6 spirit dice
    • 1 d20 damage die


    • Pick as many character cards as there are players. Bracken has to be one of them. Shuffle the cards and hand them out to the players.
    • Hand the golden dagger item over to whoever plays as Bracken. Pick one item for each of the other players, shuffle them and hand them out to the other players.
    • The rest of the item cards are shuffled and placed in a pile next to the board. (face down)
    • Shuffle the spirit cards and place them in a pile next to the item deck. (face down)
    • The player who plays Bracken places the Bracken player game piece on Bracken's house. The other players can place their character game pieces anywhere that they want on the board.
    • If you want the game to be hard use more spirit dice.


The goal of the game is to get Bracken and the golden dagger to either of the two cave exits so he can flee and find the merchants.  


Each player turn is divided into 3 major parts.
    • 1. Do one action.
    • 2. Roll your amount of spirit dice.
    • 3. If spirits appear, fight or flee. (Items can be used)


There are 3 actions you can do.
    • Take your step(s)
    • Search for items (if you're in a house)
    • Use items you are in control of.

Spirit attacks

At the end of each player turn the player rolls the spirit dice. Pick spirit cards from the deck corresponding to the number of spirits on the dice. If spirits appear the player (and players within 6 squares) have to either fight or flee the spirits. The players can flee if they have the characters that can flee (read on the character cards how many steps or which direction they flee) or if they have items they can distract the spirits with (read the item cards for how to use them). There are also spirits that cannot be fled from.   If the spirits are attacked the damage die is rolled and character cards are read to know how to distribute the damage. If a character dies the player is out and the items they held are removed from the game. If Bracken dies the game is over. If the spirit dies, pick the card on top of the item pile and decide together which character should hold the item.

Players 1-5
Age 8 and over
Game type Family game
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