An old Eskanian marriage feast

This is an old tradition that is no longer in use among the Eskanians, and I feel sad about it.
— Sven Foga, chef and author
In Eskana the marriage ceremony starts 24 hours before the vows are exchanged. The husband and wife-to-be used to sit in the marriage shrines during this time. The husband and wife-to-be fast from 12 hours before the vowes and the family members who wish them happiness are expected to fast together with them.   After the fasting, the husband and wife-to-be give their vows in the plaza of Nesta, witnessed by their friends and family and other people who happen to be around. After that, the husband, wife and all the invited guests will head over to the local where the guests have brought pots of stew with family recipes.   The husband and wife should provide their guests with bread baskets filled with breadsticks or bread buns. The guests, together with the married couple will feast on all the stews and soups with the bread as scoops. The new pair should also provide their guests and themselves with new warm and moist small towels that they can wipe their hands on. Hygiene is important after all. This feast will continue for as long as there is still food on the table.   The Stews The history of this tradition is a long one, back before the Eskanians lived where they do now. Back then you were raised on a farm if you weren't sent off to work as a soldier very early, and on that farm, two main vegetables were grown. When you grew up and were expected to marry kept one and joined it with your partners. Especially if you were a younger sibling moving out. These two vegetables are then the main ingredients in the family stew.

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