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A world to (eventually) immerse yourself into and explore the various lands, planes and wonder this world has to offer.

EverMoore News!

Update (31/05/2020)
Issue 01-GM
As you may see, there is little to see; but do not worry as this world is a massive project which is currently in its early stages of writing and development. The world's Populations are working hard to build this world for you to explore soon, so make sure to wear your hard hats and high visibility jackets! Alternatively, you can click the Follow button and watch for the notifications of new article releases for you to read.

Scholars Announcement!

Update (03/06/2020)
Issue 02-GM
The Royal Creation Research Society have uncovered a fascinating artefact, which they have identified to be written in a crude early expression of the common tongue written in the form of runes. We here at the Scholar are pleased to bring you an exclusive into the insight and discovery so far, revealing the fruits of the dedicated scholars work. The Scholars have been working on understanding what they identify as Old Common and translate it to today common tongue, and we are pleased to say they have succeeded! This rare artefact reveals more about our blessed deities from what is titled ‘The Scrolls of The Word’, detailing the creation story and Gods of EveerMoore.

Festival for Summer!

Update (06/07/2020)
Issue 03-GM
The world of EverMoore is ever-evolving and filled with dedicated, hard-working people. The officials of the Kingdom of Koultrék for the festival of summer have recently been working hard. Take a look at some of the latest work.Summer Camp 2020

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